My Subjects, WILW, and {Healthy} Breakfast Cookie!

So, what happens when you get a big girl DSLR camera?
Naturally, you take pictures of everything in sight...
aka what I call, my loyal subjects. ;)
Take these for example: 

{a no brainer}

{healthy dinners}

{tilapia and butternut squash}

{spinach salad}

hubby + Rocky
{again, no brainer here. they are too cute to pass up, don't you think?}


when all else fails?

my wine.
{see how the glass is in focus and the bottle out of focus? fancy pants I tell ya' ;)}

The trick to good photography that I'm struggling with is actually having the time to LEARN the camera and different settings! I haven't had much time to explore the camera and play around with it, but I'm hoping I will get to this weekend.
 Cool pictures to come peeps :)

Now for the good stuff...

It's time to share the infamous healthy breakfast cookie with you all. I cannot and will not take credit for this genius recipe as it's from the ever so awesome Fitnessista's blog. She has wonderful healthy recipes {eats very similar to myself} and shares awesome workouts.

I've been making variations of this breakfast cookie recipe for a while now, but never got around to sharing. It must be your lucky day if you haven't seen this recipe yet.

Breakfast Cookie

*1/3 cup oats
*1 tbs nut butter of choice (typically I use almond)
*1/2 scoop protein powder (you can use white or chocolate. I like chocolate best)

*Stir to combine in a small bowl. Use a spoon to break up the nut butter.
*Add 1/8 cup milk (I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk) and mix.
*Add any mixins: 1/2 mashed banana, chocolate chips, raisins, dried berries, the list goes on. Get creative with it!
*Stir. Sweeten with Stevia or cinnamon.
 I almost ALWAYS use cinnamon..delish.
*Put mixture on a small appetizer sized plate and flatten with a spoon
*Refrigerate overnight and then enjoy in the morning with a spoon!

Super easy and soo good!

Are you hungry now?!

*if you're interested in seeing food pictures and posts of what I eat, leave me a comment
or shoot me an email, so I know it's something you want to see.

Make it a great day, everyone :)


  1. Yay for awesome pictures :) what a pro you are already! Isn't it amazing how much of a difference it makes? Enjoy!

  2. I LOVE the fitnessistas blog like whoa!!!

    I have been eating the bfast cookie since last winter, love it soooo much! So delish and healthy!


  3. Your 'subjects' look very similar to the ones I shoot around my house too! I agree there are a LOT of settings...Im hoping I figure them out soon! I purchased the Canon Rebel T2i for Dummies book and it is great!

  4. Looks like you are learning your camera quick! And I love to see any meals/recipes you make!

  5. Rocky is so adorable! and that cookie looks delicious!

  6. when i got my SLR i think i took pics of like my toe..and kurts ear...and random objects around my house..hahah LOVE it and your pics look fantastic!

    i take pics of alll my food too. When I was in Texas visiting shay and sabrina, we met up with jenni (story of my life) for lunch and in a matter of 5 seconds after getting our food, we had our cameras out taking pics as if we'd never seen food before. Shay got a pic hahah its freakin amazing!!

    making this breakfast cookie..where does one acquire powder!?!


  7. would love to see more recipes especially if they are yeast free since I am on Stephanie's program now!

  8. Great pics! I've been meaning to try one of those breakfast cookies. Might make one for tomorrow.

  9. I don't know how I haven't seen this breakfast idea, but it looks awesome! Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. Love your new camera! Well, your skills with your new camera. Rocky is so cute. Maybe him and Bear can be besties???? I wish I had a camera like that soooooo bad. waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh this is me whining because I'm so jealous

  11. Girl, I got a Nikon for Christmas, and yes, it is like learning to see all over again. Was takin random pics of EVERYthang. Check out the documentation if bored:


    Have fun with it! :D

  12. i love food pictures!!

    i take pics of all the tasty sandwiches i come across. i am kinda a sandwich connoisseur. lol.

  13. that breakfast cookie looks amazing!

  14. trying that cookie for reals!!! yummy! and cute photos! I want your dog. To be friends with my dog. The end.

  15. I love those cookies too, found them on her blog too. yummers. Amazing. Your pup photos are adorbs.

  16. A BREAKFAST COOKIE!? YUM!!!! Cute pictures of your family! Your camera is turning out awesome!

  17. Okay, that breakfast cookie sounds divine. Yes, more healthy recipes please!

  18. Wow, that definitely wasn't what I expected when I heard "breakfast cookie"... looks and sounds amazing though! I for sure love reading and seeing what you eat :) Keep it up!!

  19. That breakfast cookie sounds sooo good! I also am in love with Rocky.. cutest pup I think I've ever seen!

  20. Yes I am in fact starving now! That looks goooood. Totally making one!

  21. jelly of your camera, love all the pics and that fish looks really yummy!

  22. I love this recipe!! I definitely want to see more food posts :]

  23. My family still calls me a picture taking whore and I got my DSLR in August. The love of taking pictures with that thing never gets old! Doesn't it take the most amazing pics? You are so much better at it than I was at first!

  24. Look at you! So fancy with your fab camera & delish/healthy recipes! I love that you have so many dog pics. True life- 90% of my pics on my camera & phone are of our animals.

  25. Look at your with the fancy new camera! How cute is Rocky?? Precious. Can't wait to try that recipe- anything with oatmeal and I'm sold!

  26. i must try the breakfast cookie asap. i am curious...what kind of protein powder do you use?

    I feel ya on the camera crazyness. i be taking photos of everrrrrything, but mostly of my 4 legged child. looks like you are getting the hang of it :-)

  27. you are so fancy with that camera!

    ok i am definitely trying this breakfast concoction...looks so yummy! i've given up meat recently....next step, a detox/shred veggie only (barf) trial! haha ;)

  28. Um I totally want to make that breakfast cookie now! I cannot wait to try it.

    I also love your pup!


  29. I would absolutely love some recipes. I don't know why I don't cook, but I've been eating the same four or five veggie meals for 20+ years. Its getting old. Help a girl out :)

  30. you have the most adorable subjects! I am trying to learn my DSLR - but there just never seems to be enough time. I have considered scheduling in homework sessions because I feel like there is so much to learn. Good luck.

  31. That cookie is so unbelievably good looking! Yum-O!

  32. Wow, I can't believe how good that cookie looks. Might be stealing that recipe.

  33. Look at you being a snazzy photo girl!

    Do you have the cal/carb/protein details for those cookies by chance? I might have to give them a try! :)

  34. I can't wait to try this cookie. It sounds delicious! I'll just have to get the ingredients at the store...yummy.


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