Some WOW Moments.

Do small things with great love. ♥ Mother Teresa
this just spoke to me and made me smile.

It's finally Friday. If you didn't notice this then...
I don't know. But I guarantee you DID.

This week was awesome, but I'm tired and can't wait to get some sleep and have some fun this weekend.
I just wanted to say WOW, I loved all of your comments on my "Where You Reside" post the other day. I read every single one-trust me. Billy did too, actually. I loved seeing everyone's opinion and finding out where in the heck you live! Fun stuff.

Also, thank you to those who linked up yesterday and commented on the shelves!
We have gotten so much great feedback from those who have linked up saying they have made new friends and new favorite blogs from our link-up and that is AWESOME. Couldn't be happier.

I feel like I need to mention this.
I've decided to participate in NO BUY February.
What it means for me is no shopping for myself the entire month.
(technically, until March 2nd because I did buy one thing on Feb.1st)
Outside of "absolute necessities", that is.
I'm not going to not buy tampons or anything folks (sorry to any men reading). Those are a must have.

I really want to do this and I know I can do it.
If I succeed (err-when I succeed) I want to implement it a couple other months out of the year.
Join me if you want! I'll let you know how I do the beginning of March. 

While I'm off catching up on your posts-
I'd like to point you in the general direction of these posts/bloggers that I enjoyed this week:

Katie made this cute, easy Valentine's day craft and I like that it involves flowers instead of a candle!
Go say hi to her and check it out.

Erin finally bit the bullet (after much convincing from myself) and got a juicer. 
She also shared some of her favorite juicing combinations.

Kristen talks about her progress with the yeast free diet. She has done so well!
I love a good health post.

Jessica and her husband made this awesome wood wall in their bedroom. 
This is my kind of project (as you know from our wood plank wall, our love headboard, and our shelves yesterday. Wow, maybe I need to take it easy with the wood projects...ha)

The other week Shay shared her office makeover that may or may not include a gold chevron wall. If you haven't seen this yet-you're missing out. Plain and simple. So awesome!

{have I told you I get to meet Kristen, Shay & DDHP when we go to TX next month? AH! So.much.excitement.}

There ya go...some reading material for your weekend!
If I didn't list your name-I loved so many posts this week that I might share yours in the future.

I'm off to make the most of this weekend...
Sleeping in, good eats, and family time (aka really low key) is what I'm envisioning!
 Winter is perfect for that, no?

BTW, you still have time to enter my Red Lobster giveaway. Yum yum!

How are you spending your weekend?


  1. Good for you for a no-buy February! I am actually doing the same!

  2. I'm doing a no buy February too! It's been easier than I thought, granted I haven't stepped foot inside a Target or mall yet.

    1. woo! we can all do this together :) Target.....yes, I don't think I will be able to go there!

  3. Oh sweet Rocky I can never get enough of him!! Love that quote too. Happy weekend!

  4. i'm doing the same thing ... not buying anything (want related) until March 2nd ... i think a month freeze will do me and the wallet good :)

  5. This is really inspiring! Maybe I could start now!? :)

  6. No buy February is an AWESOME idea! I think I'm going to join. :)

  7. Good luck with the "no-spend" month! That would be a big challenge for me, ha. Sad? Yes. But totally true!!!!

  8. The no buy for a whole month would be SO hard for me. I might try it someday but I'm sure I would just make up for it the next month by buying twice as much. Ha! Have a great weekend.

  9. Isn't Shay's office to die for? I'm so in love with it. Good luck not buying anything for February!

  10. I'm doing No Buy February too and it's actually alot easier than I thought it would be. Who knew that I could make it without buying anything from Target.

  11. Ive been doing no buy since January and have only slipped up twice now (oops!) Good luck!


  12. ooooh such a cute dog!


  13. Thanks for putting my lil name on here today ;)

    Jared and I are doing a no-eating-out this month!!! We ate out on Feb 1st, and plan to celebrate on the 28th if we make it that far haha!!

  14. Your couch, just so you know, looks amazing. It looks not only freaking comfy as ever, but it also looks super cute. Love the pillow.

    -- dysfunctionaleverafter.com

  15. I'm also attempting a no-spend February. It was supposed to be no-spend January, but I just couldn't resist all the after Christmas sales! Plus, February is a shorter month so it should be easier right?

  16. Good luck with the no buy thing...Not sure I could ever do it but I will keep my fingers crossed for you! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  17. Ha! I have been SO thrifty for the past several months I'm about to break and go on a shopping spree - don't worry, I'll spend enough to make up for all my thriftiness and your month off, I'm sure!

  18. good luck with your no buy february!! i know that's going to be hard. make sure you're ready for the heat down here in TX! do you have cowboy boots? you NEED them for the rodeo!

  19. I'm also doing the no buy thing and it's soooo hard!! Especially when going to Target, best of luck to you!!

  20. I didn't know about the No Buy February. I've bought a few things here and there, so I think I'm going to do it for March. That is going to be so hard. My goodness good luck!

  21. not shopping for a month is a great idea! best of luck to you!!

  22. Love your no buy February idea! So smart...I should try this (even though I'm a little late in the month). Better late than never!


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