For your man

Girls-how impossible are men (sometimes) to shop for?
Men (Dad's you are even harder)-why are you so hard to shop for? 

With Valentine's day coming up, I wanted to share some ideas on what to get the man in your life. 
Some items that you can buy, but also ideas of things you can make. 
The more thoughtful the gift... the better (imo).

Anniversary balloons tied with love notes

You're probably wondering why I have a random picture of balloons up there in that collage.
It's not because of the cute zebra print...I can tell you that much ;)
Have you thought of attaching reasons why you love him on the ends and putting them in your bedroom, or really anywhere in your home? I saw this idea on Pinterest (are we really surprised at this point?) and thought it was really cute and fun!

As for the other crafts I have listed above-I included the beer 'basket' that you might remember me making for Billy last Easter. This craft works for any holiday though and would be perfect for Valentine's Day! You could even decorate it and personalize it a bit more. All you do is fill it up with your man's favorite things!

Personalized Coffee mugs is another cute idea, especially if you just got married and got your pictures back. You could have one of your wedding pictures put on it for him with your wedding date.
Lastly, the shop FlytrapOnE on Etsy has some seriously adorable (and pretty naughty ones as well...) cards and love notes. As most of you know, I'm a big fan of little love notes and I think it would be nice to make a little personalized box for him. Check out the shop here

 What are you planning on getting or making your man for Valentine's Day?
Have any other awesome ideas I need to know about?

See you tomorrow for SPD!
Hope YOU will be linking up for it. :)

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  1. love all your ideas! last year I made my husband a personalized mouse pad for his office! still trying to brain storm what to do this year and a gift for him from our little man!

  2. Love your ideas!!

    I'm planning on giving J a son by then! (We can hope...oh please let's hope!)

    Oh and I got him a sports bag full of different sports memorabilia. My husband is actually pretty easy to shop for-he likes sports, beer, and movies. Bam bam bam. I love it! hahaha

  3. Great ideas! I love gifts that you have to put some thought behind!

  4. I love the balloons idea!! Really cute

  5. I totally searched through your blog yesterday for the "beer basket" post for my husband for Valentine's Day haha, my husband is gluten intolerant, so I plan on packing his "basket" full of some new gluten-free beer we found and some GF goodies!

  6. I must get Joe that coffee phone charger. GENIUS!! And a little nightie never hurts either :)

  7. These are some great ideas Im always puzzled what to get the hubbs for Vday bc I want it to be a surprise not what he is expecting

  8. THANK YOU for this! I have been on struggle street trying to figure out what in the world to do for fiance for valentines, I am loving that Express shirt for him!

  9. Love these ideas! I'm planning on making the 52 reasons why I love you deck of cards AND making a chocolate bar for him. I found this website where you pick the base and then add different fillers. So you can do dark chocolate with like oreos and swedish fish or milk chocolate with gushers and spinkles. They have like 800 combinations. I'll be posting it on my blog so make sure to follow and check it out!!


  10. I think I'm gonna steal that beer basket idea! I remember loving it when you posted it awhile ago-- the perfect gift for any guy. :)

  11. I love all your ideas :) We are getting a juicer haha so thats the only 'gift' but we'll just do a nice dinner and nice wine at home. I might have to throw some balloons in though.. they make everything more fun!!

  12. Hahaha those cards from Flytrap one are hilarious!! These are great ides because men are tough to shop for!

  13. LOVE the beer basket idea. I might have to steal it for our anniversary/Valentines day. He'd get a kick out of it.

  14. You read my mind, I am totally struggling with what to get my bf for Valentine's Day. I may be stealing one (or two!) of your ideas!

  15. These are all so cute! I love the balloon idea! I usually end up just making a nice dinner and a card bc I can't think of anything...Maybe I'll try one of these!

  16. I'm going to make a card with a zombie on it that says "I Love Your Guts!" with two tickets to see the film Warm Bodies. I might make some anatomically correct heart cookies as well. we're not like creepy/undead lovers, I just thought the movie looked fun and wanted to shake it up for V-day.

  17. These are fabulous ideas!! And I just love the beer box...that would suit my husband perfectly! Just went back to the post where you did one for Billy. Awesome! I'm so glad I saw this because I'm totally thinking of doing if for Wes for Valentine's!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  18. Really like the balloon idea! I'm getting my husband a coupon book (seems like that's the newest thing this year) and I'm making a printed canvas of a photo of his old motorcycle. He works for Harley and I know he will just die over it (I hope...lol :))

  19. Hey! So I was going to post about the chocolately gift I got my BF, but he's been rading my blog lately. I'll post after valentine's day. Until then, here's the website if you want to check it out! http://www.chocomize.com/
    Let me know what you think!!

    Kate :)


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