Hello friends!
Our internet at our house has been terrible...slow and barely working. 
Gotta love when that happens, right? It sucks actually. A lot. But you knew this.

I still got my post in today for SPD and I decided to switch it up a bit!

Last week it seemed like everywhere I looked (aka read on blogs) there were awesome organizing ideas that made me feel extremely unorganized in our house. I felt like I needed to step up my game a bit ever since I decided I would stay more organized this year (I will keep it, I will keep it...) 

So, I did what any logical woman would do....
I went to World Market to stock up on some baskets that I had big plans for.

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In our master bedroom we have a walk-in closet, but it is not nearly enough for all my clothes,
and let's not even talk about my poor shoes. I'm 97% sure I have them in our other two guest bedroom closets as well (#girlproblems). I wanted to use the baskets I got to clear up some space in it so not only I could feel more organized, but allow Billy to have more than one teeny tiny section in it! 

My inspiration for one basket came from this pin:

Storing flats in a basket...why didn't I think of that?!
Easy and such a cute display!

Obviously there isn't much to this project, but I can't tell you how much better it works for me.

First of all, I ended up throwing out a few pairs of flats that were old and just taking up space because I wasn't wearing them. So I scored some extra space and got rid of some things...progress my friends.

Now-I keep this basket with the flats I wear the most often in a corner in our room by our mirror and I can see/find all of them so easily! It's much easier when pairing outfits and saves time because I don't have to search through our closet (or closets) for that certain pair.

 I also kinda sorta love the chalkboard sign (it's always the little details, right?) 

Another idea I had when I saw a wire hanging shelf in World Market was to use it to store my lightweight scarves. Scarves don't take up a whole lot of room, but when you have an out of control collection it starts to add up. I love the look of this basket in our room (goes with our decor well) and it helped clear up even more space in our closet. Double win.

Since I was on a roll, I decided to clean up my nightstand a bit.
I always like to switch up what I keep on my nightstand...makes it more pretty and fun!
So here's what it looks like at the moment...


The sign is pretty fitting, don't you think? :)

We also have this sunburst mirror (from Target) nearby...

I plan on sharing more of our bedroom (you can see more like the wood plank wall we did: here!) 
once we get new bedding, but I'm saving that for the spring!

I've noticed a theme that keeps popping up in my mind after organizing (especially closet related items) is that if I can't see it, I tend to forget I have it. That's how I know both of these baskets and how I'm using them is going to work for me. Sadly I just wish I would've figured this out sooner! I'm sure Billy does too so that he could've had more room all along. ;)

How do you keep your closet/room more organized?
 Share your tips!

You know the drill ladies....
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  1. Such a cute idea on how to store your flats! I have all my sandals in a basket like that

  2. I love this idea! I really need to be better about organizing! And this is my first time linking up (finally!!)

  3. Mmmm- I love a good organizing project!! Our closet is in DESPERATE need of an organization overhaul, I think I'll def do the 'flats in a basket' method once we get on it. I've got shoes in every closet of our house too! LOL

  4. Come to my house next! I have several old gym locker baskets that now will have a purpose! This is one of my favorite pinterest projects that I've seen.

  5. Love the basket organization idea! I have a ton of crap that I really need to get off the floor in my closet! This post makes me wish we had a World Market nearby with a cute selection of baskets. Ahh...blogs make me need to buy so much stuff :P

  6. That looks great! I love all of your storage ideas and the materials you used. Such cute baskets!

  7. I have to get baskets for my flats ... that would leave me so much more room in my closet. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love the basket for your scarves! I have the same problem - we have a walk-in closet but it's waaay too small! One of our guest rooms is my "dress" closet and my husband doesn't think that's normal, ha!

  9. Where do you buy your ballet flats? They are all freakin' adorable!

  10. Love the storage ideas!!!! I may have to try them too!

  11. Organizing makes me feel SO much better about things!!!

  12. Love the basket idea! Where did you get the chalkboard label?

  13. I wrote about closet organization today, too! If I am going to not shop for a whole year, an organized closet is a must! I should try the flats in a basket idea bc I have that same exact basket, but having all my shoes laid out so I can see them works better for me...I think! Ha! I am willing to give the basket a go!

    PS: LOVE Emily Giffin books! I have read all of them way too many times :)

    Have a wonderful day :)

  14. I love the basket idea. So perfect for flats. I wish I had more room to store it. Maybe I can find some room in our bedroom. Definitely pinning this one. Thanks for sharing! :)

  15. What a great idea! and I love the chalkboard label! so cute!

  16. I need a serious storage solution for my scarves...this is great! And I love the ballet flat basket!

  17. I definitely need all of your baskets! :) SO cute!
    Also, I finally linked up for the first time! YAY!
    Happy Thursday! :)

  18. We're so like twins! I have that same basket that you have your scarves in (but using it for scarves is pure genius)! I also have that little heart jewelry box that you have on your nightstand! And we have the same sunburst mirror in our room! :) Great minds think alike!

  19. I have that same chalkboard basket as you! We store our corks in it :) You're an organization genius!

  20. I love the scarf basket! Genious idea! I'm always looking for good organization for the clothes and accessories...we have very minimal closet space...

  21. What great ideas! I feel like I have too many shoes to do in one basket...but I'm thinking it would be a start for flip flops or belts maybe?!

    -Brittany of @suburbchicblog

  22. Love your scarf idea. Mine are in a plastic tub in my closet right now [I have a ton]. But I like that it's not only for storage, but it makes 'art' as well.


  23. Okay I was just staring at all the flats that I now need in my life because of you. Especially the Hunters. I mean obviously...

  24. I love how you are organizing your flats. I actually keep the majority of my shoes in their original boxes (weird obsession of mine), but sometimes flats don't come in boxes, so this would be an awesome idea. I also like your scarf box. It's practical, but also decorative.

  25. i love it, katie! so do this when i move to my new house. my flats are outta control!

  26. Brilliant idea, really.
    I always forget about a lot of my flats because the poor little guys always drown to the bottom of my closet.

  27. Loveee the Sunburst. Now Im gonna want to buy it since its at Target. Shit! lol

  28. I too store my flats and flip flips in baskets in my closet and you are right it makes life so much simpler. I also store shoes by season in an under-bed storage box.

  29. I love this idea! Might be stealing! I currently have my scarves in a wire basket. :)

    Sucks for the small closet, I feel your pain!

  30. I love this!! I get so frustrated with my haphazard way of storing my shoes (even though it's totally my fault). This is a great solution for me to try today, thanks for sharing!

  31. OOOOO katie!!!!! this idea is perfect! so simple yet so efficient! i never even thought to do something like this. All my flats are strewn all over the apartment and I legit have temper tantrums trying to find them!

    you are a gem for sharing this :-)


  32. Wow, I absolutely love that shoe basket idea! I'm definitely going to have to go basket shopping this weekend.

  33. I love your nightstand. It makes me want to completely redo mine! I can't wait to see your bedroom. And I mean that in a totally non-creepy way.

  34. Love the way you used your baskets and so sad I don't have a World Market nearby to get some wire ones!

    I'm borderline obsessed with baskets! I seriously give almost every gift I give in one :) I have the chalkboard one from Target and love it!

  35. What a great idea! Love the chalkboard labels too. :)

  36. That's such a great way to store flats!! i currently have all my flats thrown on the floor of my closet lol

  37. I love wire baskets! Time to stuff my scarves in one!

  38. Love that idea!!! I think it's time for me to buy some more ballet flats and a basket ;)

  39. can i come play dress up in your very organized shoe and scarf bins ;)

  40. That basket of scarves on the wall is such a smart idea! I may have to steal it :)

  41. That nightstand? Could be mine. I own both of those books and I love the details! You look so pretty!

  42. Love this storage, especially the flats and scarves. Why did I not think of that, this would have been so helpful growing up.


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