Outfit Details: Blazer: Kiki La' Rue (on sale!), Blouse: H&M, old (similar), Jeans: H&M (similar)Shoes: UrbanOG (similar-love!)

Dear friends reading this, a good striped blazer is a must in your closet. One with gold buttons are just an added extra that I really, really like. I'm kinda sorta 9 shades of obsessed with this fancy one and when I posted it to instagram I noticed you guys did too, right? You're in luck because this one is on sale AND Kiki La' Rue added another similar striped blazer to their collection...which is pictured below.

*Kiki La' Rue just received the popular (and amazing) piko tops and they are only $35. Check them out here! They seem to be a big hit this season and are so soft!!

....I also know that I was having one the worst hair days ever which is why you only see my neck down.
It happens. 

Dear Billy and this week, It has been an extremely long week. In fact, it felt like you were a turtle in a race and you were never going to cross that finish line. The truth is I felt drained this week, the word busy doesn't even begin to describe it and my sleep has suffered. Me without sleep is not a pretty picture...I don't function well and right now I'm just hoping to catch back up on it this weekend.

However, coming home to flowers and then going out for mexican food is a really good way to be cheered up quickly. Thank you Billy.

What is it about beer, 2 baskets of chips and queso, and fajitas that is so damn good?
I know...beer, 2 baskets of chips and queso, and fajitas. That's what.

Dear striped wall, we have become to love you. I want to take my time decorating you, so that you will be really pretty, but I think you are going to get a mirror hung on you. What do you guys think? We have a lot going on in other areas around this wall therefore I'd like to keep it more simple. 

Also, you look more brown in this picture, but I promise you are gray (and the best shade of gray that I've found). I got some questions about the color of the stripes - it is Silver Spoon by Olympic (from Lowe's). 

Dear trim in the above pictures, I have a feeling you will be replaced soon. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Dear hair, remember that one time I got highlights put in just to cover it up a week later with my normal brown shade? You don't? Well, that will be happening tonight. #indecisive.

This is besides those times in high school when I insisted on bleaching my hair blonde and then forcing my Dad to take me to the grocery store to cover it up with box color. 

...who else is guilty of this? anyone?

Dear Rocky, you have been the best snuggle bug this week and I just love you so much. You gave us a scare this week when your back leg started hurting and you refused to walk, but within 5 minutes you were back to your normal self again. Phew. You are the cutest in all the land.

Dear baby shower I'm hosting tomorrow, I hope that the mommy and daddy to-be really enjoy you. I'm excited to see all of our work come together and to spend time with all our loved ones! I may or may not have baby fever now...little shoes, little onesies, ahhh. 

But if you're thinking it-no, this won't be happening for a bit. ;) 

Dear all 47 of you who left me comments on yesterday's post or linked up for Saw It. Pinned It. Did It, thank you. It makes me feel good knowing you guys like or want to glitterfy (not a word) your shoes too. Glam.it.up. Your projects or recipes that you linked up were AWESOME. 

Goodness. I think that's it.
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Happiest of Friday's to all of you!


  1. You need to know that I'm sitting here feeling accomplished because I do have a striped blazer in my closet that looks identical to the one on the mannequin. Snaps for Whitney.

  2. Boxed color is my worst enemy! I was blonde, went dark, hated it, so went blonde again and it left me with orange hair with pink streaks! Yikes! Not pretty...

    I love your striped wall, it's actually identical to my duvet cover with accents of yellow and blue.

  3. I love that outfit so much! Love the color combo. The wall looks great. I'm redecorating my room in all greys, whites, and a pop of yellow. So awesome.

  4. i love this outfit. i need that blazer and shirt! so cute.

  5. I love your brown hair - so get that covered. Although I'm sure you will look beautiful no matter what ; ) Love that striped blazer. Need. Also need someone like Billy. Can you send me one? Please.

  6. Your posts are always filled with so much good info :) I love the striped wall! and loving your outfit as well... HAPPY FRIDAY lets do something soooooon!!!

  7. I am in love with that blazer. I love me a good blazer.
    And you look amaze. #indecision is normal - guilty of it too.

    Happy weekend!

    Oh and the stripe wall - fierce.


  8. That blazer is so cute!! :) And so is that wall! And so is that Pom! And so are you! :) Hope your weekend is better than your week was! Take some lazy time with the hubs and the pup. That always helps me!!

  9. I'm obsessed with stripes anyway. (on the blazer and on the wall). I think the stripes on the wall is a major statement in and of itself. I think I would keep it simple with a mirror that's sort of large (relative to the space) and maybe a few items in a flat black or white. VERY cute!

  10. I vote mirror! I have been on the hunt for one for our striped wall so if you find a cute one let me know! Then we can be striped kitchen wall mirror twins, haha!

  11. Yeah, nbd that you work that blazer like a rockstar Why are you so cool, I want a grey striped wall!

  12. LOVE LOVE that outfit! I might have pinned the first picture under 10 minutes ago and you already have 13 repins. Can't wait to replicate it and hopefully look maybe 1/4 as good! :) Happy Friday!

  13. I feel ya on the bad hair days & indecisive hair color choices...I've been known to flip flop from real real light to real real dark...oh well! I'll probably be bald by 50!!

    PS- Did you catch Nashville this week?? Sheez is about to go down!! So addicted to that show...

  14. Seriously an adorable outfit! :) I am in love with your striped wall and your kitchen!

    I'm a new follower from the link up! Hope you can stop by and say hi sometime!


  15. new[est] follower. loving this post and loving your blog! can't wait to keep following along! LOVE your letters! that outfit is to die for!

    stop by sometime!

  16. SO in love with the striped wall! I think a simple mirror would be the perfect addition and agree with you that it's such a statement in its own that you don't need to do too much to it. I am sure you've already scoured all the usual suspects for the perfect mirror but thought this was cute AND affordable: http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?SKU=18951509&RN=762&

    Not sure if you are fancy for wall decals (monograms, or inspirational quotes) but Etsy has the best and are completely customizable & would just make the mirror pop by being placed above it on the wall. Your kitchen makeover is super inspirational! I can't wait to move out of DC so we can actually buy a HOME versus an apartment :)

    1. Chelsi--that mirror is amazing! Thank you for showing me :) I haven't seen that one..may have t go check it out at our BB&B. I do love monograms, I'm just thinking I need to keep it very simple b/c of the stripes! Have a good weekend girl!

    2. You too, Katie! You have to post pics once you figure out the deco for the wall. Love your blog :)

  17. New follower... I ADORE your blog! I love the gray and white wall pattern; we want to do something similar on a focal wall in our house.

  18. I love this outfit! The blazer is perfect xx


  19. Totally agree about the striped blazer

    and LOVINGGG that wall!!

  20. loving that outfit so much! and of course, your adorable pooch :)

  21. What an amazing outfit! You are extremely beautiful and I love your blog!! :-)

    I started to follow you, you can follow me back if you want? ;-)


  22. love that outfit and the new striped wall!!


  23. I want that blazer! And again, I adore the striped wall.

    Brandi @ californiagrownblog.blogspot.com

  24. Loving the teal with the stripes! What an adorable combo!



  25. Your outfit is amazing. I love the green top. I saw one very similar that I almost bought from LOFT. I hesitated and now wish I'd gotten it. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  26. Very cute outfit. Where did you get your watch, I have been looking for a cute one.

  27. I just love that little puppies face! So cute

  28. Such a great outfit! You look awesome!

  29. OMG... that's you in the blazer and green shirt! You've been blowing up all over pinterest!


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