Oooohhh...Monday, Monday.

Who is ready for a short work week with an amazing holiday towards the end of it?

I can't even think about eating another Thanksgiving meal at the moment because this past weekend I had two Thanksgiving celebrations already. My stomach isn't feeling so hot and later tonight I have a feeling my legs won't either because I have a hot date with Mr. Treadmill.

On Saturday, we celebrated my niece's (step-niece if you want to get technical or if some of you are confused) birthday, and it was also our first Thanksgiving meal with my step mom's side of the family. Since I haven't fully recovered from our Friendsgiving yesterday, that post will be tomorrow.

Mara turned 8 and if you've seen me post pictures of her before, you'd know she has gotten so big and it is crazy how much of a young lady she is now!

Look at the cake my stepmom made...it was adorable.

{my stepsister Mandy, her husband Sean, Mara, Lia, and Brady..they are the cutest.}

Here are some other pictures from the day...
Billy is always a big hit with the kids and that makes my heart happy. ;)

karaoke sessions are a must...

{don't worry-the glasses are fake}

 a pink guitar is a really good look for Billy, no?

{adorable little Jude}

We watched the Buckeyes stay undefeated with a big win over Wisconsin!! The game was intense!
{speaking of-it's I hate Michigan WEEK! Lets Go Bucks!}

 {Mara holding up the sweater we got her}

I was in charge of bringing an appetizer to the party and I chose to make this recipe for pizza rolls {a detailed post to come later}. They were so good and were gone quickly! Perfect for kids and adults.

Oh, and my step-sister Mandy made the most amazing holiday cocktail that I thought I would share with you guys. It would be perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or just to have with girlfriends on the weekends!

Cranberry Holiday Cocktail:

All equal parts of:

+Grapefruit vodka
+Cranberry juice
+Black cherry juice

Frozen cranberries on top. 

This drink is delicious and so refreshing!
I'm looking forward to having it again, but not for at least a couple weeks, this girl needs a break. ;)

1st annual Friendsgiving details to come tomorrow.....

How did you spend your weekend?

happy short week!


  1. You are the prettiest peach ever. And that cake is adorable. And I love me some themed cocktails : )

  2. Looks like you guys had fun! That cake was cute! I nominated you for an award! You can check it here.

  3. Looks like soo much fun! We had a Thanksgiving celebration this weekend too. Full belly!!!

    Must make that cocktail!

    Happy quick week girl!
    And happy Turkey day x3.


  4. I love your plaid shirt with the gold necklace, so cute! Looks like you had fun!

  5. Uh, I can't get over that cake. I want to stick my face in it, but it's soooo pretty! Those cocktails sound like something I will need (a few of) on Thanksgiving! MUAH!

  6. Oh, so sweet pics! <3
    You seem to have enjoyed each others company!

  7. Looks like a fun party!! :) I totally think a pink guitar should be added to Billy's Christmas list! :)

  8. Thanks for sharing the recipe for the cranberry drink! Love trying new drinks and this will be great for my little girl holiday gift exchange in a few weeks!!!

  9. That cake looks amazing & now I want to wash it down with that cocktail!!

    Can't wait to hear about Friendsgiving!

  10. That cake looks so good!


  11. Looks like you had a great weekend! I love spending time with my niece and nephew. Thanks for sharing that cocktail recipe. I am actually looking for something fun for Thursday, so I might have to try this out! :)

  12. Too fun! Nothing better than hanging w/ the fam :) I love the cute little sweater you picked out for your niece!!

  13. That cocktail looks super yummy! I think I'll try that with the fam for Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love your fake glasses! I have really been wanting some and try them on every time I'm in Urban. I really need to just bite the bullet and get some!

  15. That birthday cake is SO pretty and colorful! I spent a bunch of time hanging out with friends this weekend. Eating and drinking on Friday night, and crafting on Saturday night! Woo! :)

  16. My obsession with my 4 nieces looks similar to yours!! They are my life (and much easier than your own kids at this point). Your mini thanksgiving looks amazeballs... as does that ridiculous cake!!

  17. im in love with that cake!! that came out AWESOME!!

    this looks so much fun! i am loving billy with the kids :-) FORESHADOWING!?!?!?

    and those glasses look so flippin cute on you k-dog!

    cant wait to hear your friendsgiving recap! You can save my place at the table for next year ;-)


  18. I will definitely be borrowing that cocktail recipe for our neighborhood Christmas party! Sounds delicious!

  19. Ahh that cake! AMAZING!

    The girls are so cute! Looks like you had such a fun weekend!

  20. What a cute cake! We had a similar weekend, lady! Lots of good eats... and Thanksgivings :)


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