{Outfit details: Top: c/o Kiki La' Rue (hurry-almost gone!), Jeans: Macy's (old), Boots: DSW (similar-love these too), Sunnies: Ray Ban.}

Happy hump day everyone!

I'm pretty excited today (I know this happens a lot, but I am). For the next couple of Wednesday's, I'm going to be featuring some super cute boutique items from the lovely Kiki La' Rue, and how to pair them with department store items. Shopping at boutiques is awesome because they are always coming out with new arrivals, so you know that you won't see 20 other girls in your area walking around wearing the same thing, but yet they are easy to mix with items in your closet. This does mean though you have to be on your A game and if you see something you like-jump on it because it may not be around for long! 

This grey poncho top is a new favorite in my closet. It's perfect for a night in, but can also be dressed up when going out with friends. It's warm, comfortable, and trendy. This fall I pretty much go crazy over the whole poncho look...who's with me?

Anyway, here's what you might see me wearing in the weeks to come.
 I will also instagram pics as well (@katiewkrysh) like the grey poncho up top that I got a ton of comments/questions on.

Kiki la rue

And just because I feel like you all need to see these adorable numbers, here are some items from Kiki La' Rue that just became available and have my heart going pitter-patter:..

Need Love them all.

Want to save some moolah on these items? 
Well, Becka (the owner of Kiki) is really sweet and great to work with, so use the code "KATIEWORE"

happy shopping!

*If you missed my post on Monday-you can honor a loved one who has passed or is still currently battling Breast Cancer and $5 will be donated to the cause! Read about it here



  1. you are SUCH a fashion blogger. But I love you anyway...

    You're a pretty pretty princess!

  2. i like the poncho on you but im not sure if i like the ponchos in general. i remember when they were huge back in college and i love how your poncho is a solid color and not looking like it should be a throw rug that belong on a couch

  3. You look great in that! I have been eyeing it! I love the sweater to come! LOVE kiki la rue! Excited for Wednesdays!!

  4. You look beautiful in that top! I love it!!!
    I am DYING to own that black lace dress and have been eying the "Fall in love" sweater.
    I am on a path to spending all my money....


  5. I need that poncho, it rains here!


  6. Love Becka and love Kiki La Rue!!
    Oh, and those boots. Love those boots, girlfriend!

  7. Lovely post and blog! follow u

  8. Such a cute poncho! And I love both sweaters you posted at the end...might need to snatch up both!!

  9. Hmmm...that poncho with red skinnies....I see game day attire!!!!

  10. I've had my eye on the gray poncho since they posted it! Might have to snag one before they are gone! And loving the new Aly sweater too!

  11. Sweet Poncho!

    Billy is lefty and you are now poncho!

    The day they lay poor Poncho low
    Lefty split for Ohio
    Where he got the bread to go
    There ain't nobody knows

    All the Federales they say
    We could have had him any day
    We only let him slip away
    Out of kindness I suppose

  12. Love that black and white aztec sweater and the Fall in Love top! I haven't shopped at Kiki la Rue but looks like I need to get on it :)

  13. I love the poncho look! Can't wait to see your other outfits in the weeks to come. :)

  14. i die. love it! you look fab :)
    happy wednesday!

  15. I never would think that ponchos would come back in style! But you are ROCKING it, girl! I neeeed that gold cross necklace!

  16. Love love loove that top!! Kiki La'Rue has some of the best tops and dresses!

  17. I love Becca and KiKiLaRue I just got my order in and I have that grey poncho on my wishlist Im loving it and getting it next.
    Came across your blog and I love it so much that Im your newest follower

  18. I really like that outfit, I haven't seem a top like that in a while now!! It looks awesome on you.

  19. Love the poncho look. I have one and swear by it because #1 its warm #2 you can wear it on a "i feel fat day" and #3 on cinco de mayo it's festive ;)

  20. i was totally side-eying that fall in love sweater!! might have to snag that too (and by "snag" i mean copy b/c I totally copied that gray poncho) ;)

  21. Love your poncho! Super cute on you! I am your newest follower! Check my blog out at:bridgettenicole.blogspot.com


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