Why Did I Think This Was Cool Again?

If you and your friends are anything like my group of friends (all girls do this - I know it!), then you often go through old pictures, proceed to crack up at the ridiculous outfits you were wearing and say,  "what in the hell was I thinking wearing that?" or in my case, "why did no one tell me I had a unibrow?" 
(it's somewhat true-they were bushy, ok?)

I have laughed until I've cried just looking at my pictures from middle school and high school. I had no flippin' idea what a hair straightener was, nor did I know how to put on an ounce of makeup, so I let my best friend who wore purple lipstick and white eyeliner teach me. That was a smart idea..

What I did learn to perfect in my teenage years was how to cut my own bangs and embarass myself when they were all different lengths, how to cover up nasty orange highlights with a box color from the store, and rip my jeans up the sides because "everyone did it". 

One of my fabulous sponsors, and friend, Sami from Sami Shenanigans (she just got an awesome blog makeover-go check it out!) posted about this and I knew I had to jump on the train. There are just too many funny things to contribute. 

Did any of you think you were the coolest cat on the block with these things?

1. White Skechers

I went teenager cah-crazy for these bad boys. 
They had to be the platform ones and if you could find them with any silver glitter or rhinestones on them...
you hit Skechers gold. 
They looked especially good with jeans that were cut up the side so that you could show them off.

Also, another shoe that deserves a mention are sambas. 
You know, the adidas shoes with stripes.

2. Glitter Belts

I can hear my Dad now while looking into our washer and dryer after doing the laundry: 
"Where is all this GLITTER coming from?! Katie, I demand you stop wearing those glitter belts, glitter is everywhere!!!!!"
Me: "Noooooooo! My life is over!"

Glitter belts definitely had their A list moment in my life.
I had a silver, gold, and an extra fancy black/leopard print one.
They paired best with any tight, short shirt that showed off their beauty, of course.

3. Rocketdog platform flip flops

OMGoodness! OBSESSED is the only way to explain these.
My best friend Lindsay and I got into a fight over them!
"No! I have that color! You copied!" "No! But I want to wear that color tonight!"

What in the world were we thinking? 


If camel toes are your thing, run out and buy a pair of gauchos. 
I'm gonna go ahead and make the assumption that we wore these for comfort reasons, but something is telling me that isn't the truth.

*If you didn't wear gauchos, you might as well just go to a movie with your parents on a Friday night (because that was the worst possible thing to ever have to do, right?).

5. Adidas jackets 

No words.
They had to be extra puffy. 
Worn with anything and everything!

7. Taking 2 hours to perfect an AIM away message

I'm literally laughing out loud right now.
I could NEVER leave my house without putting up an away message.
I would take hours perfecting my "buddy info" where I'd have cheesy quotes, "NSYNC4LIFE", and little nicknames for myself on it.

I know you did this, too.

10. Cutting my own bangs and using a round brush to style

Here's where things get personal.

I looked GOOD..real good.

I'm sure Billy with his frosted tips could relate... ;)

Your turn.
What things did you 'think" were the bomb.com?


  1. hahaha my frosted tips were sweet! love the last pic of you babe, your still beautiful in a wierd kind of way lol. love you!

  2. Hahaha Katie yours is so much better! I am dying! The AIM thing is too much! I just remembered that for Christmas one year I begged and begged my parents for this little AIM gadget that let you talk on AIM without being at the computer and I was the coolest kid ever! Also, I didn't have the Skechers, I had the Adidas tennis shoes with the different colored stripes. Those were HUGE when I was in middle school! And sadly I wore gauchos, I'm so ashamed! Glad you did this and thanks for my shoutout :)

  3. White sketchers weren't as cool as K Swiss at my school. I just HAD to have a pair! I think I actually owned two pairs! haha. Now I wouldn't be caught dead in them.
    I owned glitter belts, for sure!
    I still have my gauchos! Don't judge me! haha. They are very comfy!

    P.S. NSYNC was the bomb!

  4. This is hilarious!! We all used to put Sun-In in our hair in the summer so it would turn this lovely shade of orange. I had kinda bushy eyebrows in middle school too, glad we got that cleared up!

  5. OMG memories! I too feel victim to the white Sketchers, curled under bangs, gauchos- the worst trend ever, and the Adidas jacket (mine was blue and orange). AIM was the coolest thing ever along with my Nokia cell phone. I definitely played around with hair dye more than I shoul've too. I'm not meant to be a blonde or have chunky blonde highlights- those photos make me cringe so bad!

  6. I'm DYING right now. Seriously DYING. I had the white Adidas with the colored stripes on the side... I thought I was SO COOL. And seriously... The AIM away message? That rainbow one was pretty much the highlight of my younger years. You know, aside from being the first of my friends to get a Furby.

  7. This post has perfect timing as my 10 year high school reunion is tomorrow! Crazy! I was just looking through some pictures last night and laughing so hard my sides hurt. I went to an all girls school so you can imagine how lax my clothing choices were, hahaha!

  8. Dying!! Hahahah let's not forget about the Adidas shoes w/the different colored stripes either! I had to have them..and I was super pissed when my dad didn't understand why I didn't just need any kind of blue stripes...I needed baby blue AND regular blue AND navy blue, please and thank you.

    And the Nokia phones that you could buy the different face plates for.

    We used MSN too...and you could change your name on MSN. "OMG so-and-so's name is "Sad". Did they break up?!?!!?!"

    Oh 2000's. You rock like boy bands, bubble gum pop, and yes...even Adidas shoes.


  9. lol - you are brave for putting this out there, and I can totally relate! I think gauchos were the worst!

  10. Omg gauchos. Why did we think those were okay?!?

    How about, I had these awesome (at least I thought so) flared Gap jeans with cargo pockets on the sides. I wore them on my first date with the hubs. I though they were SO cool.

  11. awww billy said you still look beautiful in the last pic :) how cute lol ... it must be a reminiscing kinda day, the title of my post is, "we laughed until we cried" (JA) .. love him! anyways, have a good rainy thursday!! xoxoxo

  12. YES!!! Sambas, those damn rocket dogs and gauchos ... yeah, that was college for me. You are clearly a tad younger than I. (Or maybe I was that behind? Ha!) I remember my mama talkin about when everybody wore gauchos the first go round in like the 70s. I wrote a post about middle school fashion, the music, the embarrassment, a while back if you're interested.


    tomorrow is fridayyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

  13. Hilarious, Katie!! :) These were some of my favorite things - I definitely rocked an adidas jacket, and those poofed out bangs.

    As a matter of fact, I have a very similar picture to your last one. It's us going to an NSYNC concert, with my mom's car painted "Honk if you love Nsync" and our homemade posters (AND my hair in the same style - not kidding)

  14. Hahaha! Omg this made my morning! I remember the gauchos and AIM! I owned about 7 gauchos, lol. Too much! :)

  15. Oh I can totally get on board with this! My must haves when I was SUPER cool: Starter jacket, anything with tie dye/ying yangs/peace signs on it, huge curled bangs, Adidas soccer sandals, and my usual attire in 6th grade was soccer shorts and an oversized soccer t-shirt. Obviously I RULED at soccer. hahaha

  16. Haha I am dying over here. Rocket Dog platform flips, and glitter belts were a given. But the AIM profile and away messages. Oh. My. God. I spent hours and hours and was convinced that I had the coolest one ever. I also caught my then boyfriend hanging out with another girl via away messages. Oh those were the days.


    every single thing on here I did or had....the away message things I AM DYING!!

    i loved when you could get different color fonts that faded into different colors to make an away message

    omg once i had an away message that said:
    "hot and steamy....in the shower!" i thought i was like so sexy adn cool

    you are ADORABLE in that last pic katie!!

    xoxox this was awesome...might have to steal yours/sami idea to do next week!! I have some hideous pics that are downright HIDEOUS

  18. I am dyyyyying over your homemade "I heart NSYNC" tshirt! DYING!

    I totally rocked the majority of those "trends" at one time or another. Great post!

  19. hahahahha I can't stop laughing right now. The art of the perfect away message was crucial. That Nsync shirt, no worries I'm sure I rocked the same one!

  20. The away messages! I definitely spent too much time on my buddy info- had to have the perfect quote, an inside joke, etc.

    I missed out on the gauchos b/c I was too short & they looked like pants on me- thank goodness for that. Platform flip flops I definitely rocked though!

  21. Hahahaha I am laughing so hard now! I remember when my best friend got sambas and my parents wouldn't get them for me. Middle school social suicide. Sigh...and the buddy info was so important! You had to have the perfect quote so your crush (who OBVIOUSLY checked your info regularly) would know how you were feeling but you could pretend to be breezy and nonchalant. Ha! The good old days.

  22. This was such a good idea from Sami. I about died laughing when I read her post yesterday. Oh platform flip flops....why the hell did you ever exist?

    I should ask Sami if I can jump on the bandwagon and do a post like this too.

  23. I confess: I commited ALL OF THE ABOVE sins. And the NSYNC thing... yeah I totally had everything possible for them and Britney Spears. Now looking back I'm like, "really?!?!?!"
    haha gotta love the 90's!

  24. Wow! So many memories came rushing back. I liked to wear my glitter belts with jean skirts and the occasional animal print pant. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  25. I was totally right there with you! The AIM away message and buddy info was so very important! Is it really, really sad that I still have my gouchos? They're really comfy and I don't wear them out of the house!

    ...maybe I shouldn't admit that. Oops. hahaha

  26. haha, i absolutely loved this! i'm pretty sure i did/wore almost all of these things. especially the away messages...wow!

  27. Haha. This is too good. Thank you for bringing me back. :)

  28. Oh my gosh, that doesn't even look like you!! I was totally obsessed with NSYNC. Remember those triangle looking head scarves? Ugh! And AIM... oh AIM... the memories! haha

  29. OMG! I am dying because I have a similar pic before a BSB concerts ... legit had the car all done up with posters taped to it. I will instagram and tag you! It is soooooo bad.

    So guilty of most of those things and I'm ashamed to say I wore gauchos in college to class. HIDEOUS. But they were probably the most comfortable things on EARTH.

  30. Ohhhh girl, that picture- AWESOME!!!! Hahaha wow, this brought back so many ridiculous memories! Especially the long hours on AIM- ASL anyone?? Ridic.

  31. i'm guilty of all of these! and much more...so much more.

    college was all about perfecting your AIM away message and profile. i remember asking one of my friends in college "what are we gonna do when we graduate? will we stop using AIM? NOOOOO! NEVER!!!!" then came facebook status'. I can't say enough about my love for AIM in college.

  32. So basically what you're saying here is that we were middle school twins. From the shoes to the glitter belts....and don't forget limited too makeup/jewelry/clothes/practically everything....gah seriously what the heck were we thinking?!

  33. Whyyyyy weren't we friends back then??? I want to know what your buddy info looked like!! Hahaha. These posts are always my favorite to do because they are the funniest thing EVER. I rocked platform flip flops like there was no tomorrow. And the puffy Adidas jackets? Had one in every color. Along with the Adidas shoes... not the Sambas [only the cool soccer kids could wear those] but the shell tops. EMBARRASSING.

    K newayz g2g see u at ur locker 2mrw

  34. OMG, I totally had those skechers and a maroon puffy Adidas jacket! I never had a pair of gauchos, but my friend did. Camel toe city!

  35. Omg i totally wore all those things you listed! Ahhhh I was such a weirdo back then. I think we all were haha. I had quite the bushy eyebrows too! They looked like caterpillars on my face hahah

    I love looking back at middle school pictures and freshman year pictures. They're so ridiculous and so funny!

  36. OH MY GOD. Laughed out loud at all of these...and totally reminded me of high school haha.


  37. Oh wow... kswiss and the addidas sandals with the white socks were huuugge in jr. high. And you had me with the AIM thing. Oh my gosh, spent hours collecting quotes for the profile and then the perfect away message. Oh gah... it was bad, lol!

  38. This was hilarious!! I might need to do this!!

  39. hahaha omg, i love this! i totally owned the platform sketcher shoes in white. i bought them immediately after seeing spice world. like legitimately 5 minutes after the movie was over i begged my mom for them so we went to sketchers and bought them.

    xo brie

  40. OHHHHH man! I just love everything about this post. I miss the days of AIM. How fun was that? Does it even exist still? Love your bangs. So hot.

  41. I am SO guilty of wearing the adidas!!! I think I had every color available for the stripes LOL

  42. Oh my goshhh, this post had me cracking up!! Especially the AIM one... it would seriously take an hour to craft the perfect away message. How I miss those days... NOT :)

  43. oh my i'm dying. esp about the glitter belts!!

  44. omg! my AIM profile was THE BOMB!!!! And I loved looking from my friends computer at how long I was idle ... like I was important and had a big social life so I was away for 1 day 2 hours 8 minutes. Ya ... I'm cool! Hhaha!

  45. i remember posting statuses on AIM like out for the night with my gurlzZz and we would really be watching a movie in the next room and checking to see if anyone messaged us.
    so cool. haha

  46. I had a glitter belt that I thought was the bomb.com! I'm pretty sure my parents wanted to use that belt to give me a whippin' haha! They hated it. (yet, hello---who bought it for me to begin with?! duh) Haha! If I had one thing to add here...it'd be shimmery pink lipstick!!!

  47. I think I did the white adidas lol


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