Don't Act All Surprised.

Now that I've had my morning tea and am now able to function....

(without staring you down) 
it's time to say Good Morning everyone and happy Friday
from us, William and Kate.

You don't think we are royalty?
Shame on you.

Guess what I found this week?

The coolest sweatshirt (from F21) to ever exist.
It says Sunday Funday on it with an ice cream cone and it's mint.

{mint/black scarf is now available at StyleLoveLiving!}

I also found these leopard print loafers from Target for $20 buckaroos
if anyone is looking for an inexpensive pair. 
(I bet loafers will be on that list in 10 years of "why did I think those were cool, again?")

Guess what else?
It's a really important persons  animals birthday on Monday.

the biggest stud of them all...

Our little baby, Rocky.
He wants me to tell you that any dog treats and squeaky toys (pink please) 
are gladly accepted with open paws. 

He's another year older and that means I'm a little bit more depressed.
I'm going to celebrate this little man all week next week!

Now, I'm about to tell you who I want to be 
if I could go back and be young & beautiful with the best fashion sense.
(do you SEE that neon outfit below? I die..)
As you all saw, I can't take back that homemade N*sync shirt I made.

Seriously, please look at these pictures below.
Could Brie get any more gorgeous?!
It's girls like these we usually don't like.
but...in this case, we do, because we're bloggers, and we're nice.

Well hello there, all of you cute little Keep Calm and Carry On-ers.
I'm pretty excited to be here today because, well, Katie's really cool/pretty/funny/sweet/awesome. Therefore, you must be really  cool/pretty/funny/sweet/awesome too for reading her blog.
I don't want to take up to much of your time, so I'll get right to it:

The name is Brie. Yes, like the cheese. 
You can find me over at Sophistifunk where I blog about whatever my heart desires, but mostly things that I love.

This is including but not limited to:
A fluffy pup named Zoey
Fighting cancer (you can read more about that here)
And last, but certainly not least...Colton. Too bad his name doesn't start with an "F."

Well, ladies (and gents), that's all I've got for you today. 

If you want to know more you'll just have to come on over here to my little corner of the blogosphere. 

You can also check out my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @briebemis.

I told you all...
now go visit her blog and tell me how sweet she is.

As you read above, Brie recently lost her father to cancer so I can (and maybe you can)
definitely relate to her. Her outlook on life seriously motivates me 
and I'm so glad to have her in this blogging world

This weekend I plan on relaxing, hanging out with girlfriends,
finding out the gender of my best friend Marissa's baby (YES, SHE IS PREGNANT!!!!!!!! More to come on this topic.), and then on Sunday I have a bridal shower.

Oh, and how awesome was this yesterday?


Sadly, I had to sit on the bench because of my previous knee injury.

Don't I wish.

Have an amazing weekend lovers.


  1. Nice sweatshirt!! Can't wait to see post with it! HA HA I LOVE Brie! She is one of my newest followers this week and I think she is just totally adorbs! Have a fantastic weekend!!


  2. 1. I need that Sunday Funday shirt. I friggen love Sunday Funday.
    2. I want to put Brie in my pocket. She's fabulous!

  3. Brie is adorable! Although I hate how sad it is, I'm so glad to find more people in this little family of bloggers who've lost parents to cancer... just knowing we can all relate and be there for each other. Going to her blog now!

    Have a wonderful weekend, doll! Gorrrgeous picture of you with your tea by the way :)

  4. loafers are totally on my current list of things to never wear. Haha!! Happy birthday to the pup-er-oo-ski!!!!

  5. Happy weekend!! :) Have fun celebrating all things Rocky!! Cooper and Grace barked a very ambitious tune of "Happy Birthday Rocky" this morning. :) Hopefully he heard it. HAHA

  6. I follow Brie already, shes so cute! also, are you at sweet clove in that pic? I gotta go back to that place soon, love ittttt! and love youuuu!

  7. Omg I die over that picture of you and Billy as the Prince and Princess! Looks pretty natural if you ask me ;) Happy Birthday to the Rockster! He doesn't look a day over 2! Also, already love Brie. She is a sweetheart!

  8. You're right; I do hate her. If only she wasn't so dang sweet....ugh. ;)

    Like I mentioned before, I'm not sure about the loafers yet, but they look so cute on you. Which I guess means I hate you as well. Ya stinking cute heifers! ;)

  9. Oh man I recently started following Brie and I am so jealous of her(in a nice way) what a beautiful person she is inside and out!
    And I need that sweatshirt in my life asap!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Annie G.

  10. shes like a mini version of you!!! ugh, i have the sudden urge to go shopping now...loafers perhaps?

  11. I wish I could of watched the game at work yesterday. Oh, how I miss Soccer - Have you played the Google Doodle today?

  12. Happy birthday to my little Rock-man! (I just made that up, hope that's okay! haha) If and when you come to Tejas, you NEED to bring him. I need to hold this little ball of fur!

  13. Happy birthday Rocky!!! Have a great weekend :)

  14. Those loafers are only $20?? Thanks for the tip! :)


  15. I love Brie! She's really the cutest :) And I want that sweatshirt!! Love Sunday Funday! Happy early birthday to the rockster!! Y'all have a great weekend!! xo

  16. I may have bought Cheetah print shoes at Target this week too...and loafers, but not in the same pair. I love Brie's blog too

  17. Love it ALL! Totally checking her out now!

  18. I have those loafers from Factory Connection $5.00! so excited! and for sure those will be on our "why did I think those were cool" list! :)

  19. I totally snagged those leopard loafers too, even if they are on the I can't believe I wore that list in ten years. They are CUTE this season!!! Love your post.


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