What I Wore: White Blazer {+ those "moments"}

Outfit Details: Blazer - Charlotte Russe / Top: H&M (recent) / 
Shorts and Necklace: Forever 21, Shoes: BCBG.

I wore this outfit when I picked Billy up from the airport this past weekend. I felt like getting dolled up for him since we had gone a week without seeing each other and this was a celebration of sorts. I wanted to look nice for my man! Sue me. Kidding. Please don't. The weather has been perfect for blazers lately, which makes me a happy girl. Low 80's, somewhat chilly in the mornings, and I haven't had our A/C on for a week now.

So, every now and again I have these moments. The "life is so short" moments. Then, I get really sad and just want to pick up my things (Billy + Rocky) and travel the world. I think that having a loved one out of town for a bit traveling makes you realize that anything can happen, and to love. A lot. At least that is what it does for me. I'm sure you feel the same.

After Billy returned home safely, I heard about a work client who is only 15 years older than myself and is terminally ill. I got even more sad. Obviously, things like this happen and you can't spend your days worrying,  but it is something to keep in the back of your mind. You just never know what tomorrow will bring. Spend your days doing what you love - with the ones you love.

Moments like this keep me in check.
Maybe today I can keep you in check, what do you say?

Besides, like they (my momma's favorite quote) say:
Live Well. Laugh Often. Love Much.

that's my mantra this week and I'm sticking to it.

..and an early thanks to Cali for soon fulfilling my need to "pack up my bags and see the world"

PS-see that Walgreens survery at the top?
 Make sure you enter it for a chance to win a giftcard! 

Do you ever have these moments?


  1. I do. It's so easy to get in the day to day routine that we forget that we should be making a life for ourselves. Thank you for the reminder this morning.

  2. love your outfit. you are too cute! i do the same when hubs goes out of town and he returns. i make sure i look hot. and i do it the day before he leaves to, haha.

    i completely agree with everything you wrote. life is so short. and sometimes when i think of something happening to the people i love ... i can't explain the feelings that wash over me. it is so scary and my heart seriously feels like it is closing in on me.

  3. Gorgeous outfit! Your white blazer is so chic! xo

  4. Love your outfit, I need some more blazers in my life. Great post, such an important reminder! Have a great day.

  5. girl, i have these moments all the time. i'm 29 and have recently made some changes ... job, where i live, and generally, focusing on happiness first, and then letting the "worry" stuff fall into place. i feel like a whole new person. some times i feel so young, and other times i feel so old, like i should have accomplished more. i try to focus on living my version of life to the fullest everyday and make it a point to keep in touch with and visit friends from the past {moved a lot growing up} ...

    love those blue shorts!

  6. Just pack up your bags and move to California please!!

    Ok, maybe not for good, but just excited to see you soon!

  7. Adorable little outfit!



  8. You look Gorgeous in the White Blazer!! :)

  9. Such a cute outfit and I definitely agree! It's easy to focus on bills and work and all of that boring stuff! I'm finally taking a mini vacation and even though it's to Oklahoma.. I get to see my best friends and I am SO excited :)

  10. YOU HAVEN'T HAD YOUR AC ON FOR A WEEK???? OMG. I'd die. Actually...I'm sweating just thinking about it. Off to air out the vajayjay over a vent...

  11. There is a great mall in Roseville (on your way from Tahoe to Napa that you can meet me at to be my personal shopper for a couple of hours. I will buy you lunch :)

  12. I have those moments. All too often, it seems. Plenty to keep us in check with all the tragedies in the world

  13. I recently had one of those "you never know what life will throw at you" kind of moments when I realized my 29 year old cousin was diagnosed with untreatable cancer. You really just never know. On a happier note, I love this look. The shorts against the white blazer are great!

  14. Cuuute outfit!

    And that's so sad about the co-worker. It's crazy how we worry about the littlest things. When you step back and see the bigger picture there are a lot of things that are more important.

  15. Absolutely LOVE those wedges! Love that you wore it to pick up Billy...it's your "hello hello" outfit! *wink*

  16. And so sad about your work client...it really does make you think. I would love to just quit my job and travel the world...life really is too short!

  17. Just found your blog and love it! And I actually had a "life is short" moment today. My friend's Mom found out that she has lung cancer. Its just so sad, but she has a lot of love and family which is the best medicine in those types of situations. Love and life much!


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