What I Wore: Camera Bag Style

Outfit deets: Shirt: Target / Maxi: Macy's (recent) / Necklace: c/o StyleLoveLiving (new items available now!) / Camera bag: c/o Jo Totes / Wrap Bracelet: gift from Erica

Happy Thursday!
Less than 30 days until I'm in California and plotting
 how I can live there and here, all at the same time.
Sorry...had to throw that in there.

I'm here to share with you the BEST and cutest camera bags I've ever come across. 
Have you heard of Jo Totes?

They make camera bags extremely fashionable!
 I mean, did you even notice at first that that was a camera bag I was holding?
The bag could not be more perfect for a DSLR camera. The main compartment of the bag is lined with padding (how cute is the turquoise inside?! I'm in love.) to protect all your photography equipment and lenses. The interior pads have velcro on them so you are able to create your own configuration of compartments that fit your camera bodies and lenses.

I'm in love with this bag and can't wait to take it to California with me. 
It's big enough to hold my camera equipment plus my normal purse items, so I don't need to carry 2 bags. I'm telling you, if you are looking for a functional, fashionable, high quality camera bag - Jo Totes is your best friend!

They have other cute bag styles and colors to chose from as well.
 If you can't buy one for yourself right now, put it on your birthday list or heck - Christmas list. The price is WORTH it!!!

 On another note. Guess what? 
I have really enjoyed sharing blogs that motivate and inspire me lately. 

My girl Christina from My Life, Laughs, and Love lost 40 LBS from a recent lifestyle change. Please look at her journey on THIS post. Oh my goodness, this is awesome. 
Please go read about her journey and follow along. She is awesome!
She did a question and answer post: HERE

I also want to mention that I'm linking up a health post to Kristen's blog today for her and Raven's "Inspire Me - Healthy" series. I encourage you guys to go link up with her and read the posts!

PS-Today is the LAST day to enter my statement necklace giveaway..
Enter here!

Ok, I think that's it.


  1. YAY! Glad you could order a Jo Totes bag too! I love mine! (same one as yours, only the greyish beige color!)

  2. my bracelet!! looks SO good on you :-)

    love this entire get-up including the bag! Is that a maxi dress or skirt?! ive been LOOKING for a maxi!!!!

    im going to look at jo totes right now!!


  3. Seriously girl, you are too freaking cute! Loving your outfit! I'm hoping for a fancy camera for my birthday so hopefully I'll have a reason to get a cute bag like that! Oh and I need to go to Macy's like stat :)

  4. OMG love the photog ensemble! I have always wanted a cuter cam bag for my huge Canon rebel, but have yet to find the perfect one! Great choice and congrats on living out your dreams! Cat

  5. You are just too cute! Need that maxi skirt asap. I asked the parentals for either a big HD tv or a fancy camera for my birthday so depending on which one I get I might need to pick up this camera bag! Love this fitness stuff going on.. it definitely helps me kick my booty in gear :)

  6. shut up! i just pinned that camera bag to my "christmas list" ... give ppl a heads up, right? we'll see what happens. :D

  7. I dont even have a DSLR camera and I want that vag. Then I want a DSLR camera to put in it. Oh my gosh, too cute.

  8. You are so adorable! I just love that last picture of you, pretty lady!! Listen, you can pack me up somehow in that new camera bag of yours and take me to California with you, mmmmk? ;)

  9. I wish I knew about these bags when I was on yearbook staff, the clunky black nylon totes were so ugly to bring to events.

  10. That camera bag is super cute!! So much cuter than my canon bag :/ What camera/lenses do you have?

  11. I just want to jump in that photo and take that necklace and camera bag. And the skirt as well! LOL..love the look!

  12. That outfit is just adorable!!!

  13. That outfit is just adorable!!!

  14. you are too pretty. and i love that camera bag, totally thought it was a purse!

    xo brie

  15. Stopping by from Christina (my life laughs and love).. I saw your furbaby- O M Goodness adorable!


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