My "Real" Job + The Fab Six?

Who watched the USA Womens Gymnastics team, also known as the Fab Five, win the Gold medal?
You better believe I stayed up and watched every minute of it.
They scored the first all-around gold medal since the Magnificent Seven! 

They deserved it. 
I was so happy for them and may have shed a tear watching the ending.
All of the gymnasts have their own strengths that they brought to the USA team (McKayla on the vault-I'd like to know what deductions they found on that vault of hers, Aly on the floor, Gabby on the uneven bars, Kyla on the beam), but I honestly believe that Jordyn Wieber was the leader of the team and I was so happy to see how well she did after she got screwed (by the sucky rules!) the day prior. 

Yeah, I went there.

Back in my prime 1996, I wanted to BE apart of the Magnificent Seven team
and now with last night, can we just pretend I was part of the Fab Five? Please?
 Let's just make it the Fab Six.

Surely I'm not the only one who feels this way?
I mean, we all know I have the "skinny arm" pose down pat.

{what? My dress does have navy in it. I fit right in..}

Congratulations to us the girls!

Now, I'm sure some of you have seen Lindsey at the BB 
new linkup, "How I Make That Money Honey", 
and I'm jumping on the bandwagon to share with all of you what I do for a living 
(if you don't know already!)

I graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2007 with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. I immediately went into teaching children with autism at a local school here in Columbus. While I have countless priceless stories and memories from that school (that may be a post for another day because they are too good not to share), it was NOT for me.
I adored the kids and the staff I got to work with everyday (and still am friends with many of them!), but I'm pretty sure if I continued teaching at that school, I would've lost any sanity I still have left. I came home everyday exhausted and beat up (literally-I would get hit, kicked, scratched, bit..yes, bit.) and while deep down I enjoyed my time there, it wasn't something I wanted long term. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do, but I knew that wasn't it. I didn't necessarily want to teach, but I am passionate about helping others and being around people! 

Enter the job where I'm at now.

Family business.

I'm an Insurance Agent!

My Dad (and my Mom worked here too!) started Whalen Insurance Agency
 33 years ago. My Dad is the owner of the agency and has done an amazing job with his business. We represent seven different insurance companies-Grange, State Auto, Travelers, Progressive, Merchants, Met Life, and Pekin and sell auto, home, life, health, and business insurance. Billy actually works with us (on the side), too!

We offer competitive pricing and can typically beat what you're paying with say...State Farm, All State, etc. While those companies only have themselves to represent, we have seven companies. This means that if you are unhappy with your company, or your rates go up, we can shop it with our other companies and typically save you money and provide you with better service and coverage for you and your family.  

{super old picture}

Some of you may be thinking, "oh, it must be so nice to work for your Dad!"

Having my Dad as my boss definitely has it's perks, don't get me wrong, 
but he is definitely harder on me than anyone else that works here. 
(for good reason Billy says) 

There are pros and cons!
The best part is being able to see him everyday (even if we butt heads at times) and to help him grow his agency. Growing up, I wasn't sure if I would want to work here and with my Dad, but I'm happy with where I am right now and that I decided to venture into the insurance business.

Right now, I'm only licensed in Ohio, so I can't help all you that live out of state, but those of you who live in Ohio, I could be your agent and try to save you money on your insurance!

*If you are interested in getting a quote to see if I can save you money on your auto or homeowners insurance, email me at whalenkat@gmail.com with the subject: Insurance quote. It's quick and easy! 

*I've been lucky enough to help most of my friends and family save money
 and have them as clients. 

Now, it's your turn to tell me, 
how do you make that money, honey?

Leave me a comment if you linked up so I can read yours,
 or just share with me what you do!


  1. I recently quit my job and started working for my dad's business, too! I know what you mean about pros and cons, but ultimately, I love being with my family day in and day out. My husband works here, too! :)

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  3. we are insurance twins! sorta, kinda :) I work for Rutherfoord, an insurance and risk management broker division of Marsh & McLennan but I work with workers compensation claims. I’ve been here 3 years and have learned – insurance people have the best parties. And they all have high blood pressure! Hehe. My daddy is in insurance too! but works for Aon :)

  4. Girl, I'm so glad you may have shed a tear during their gymnastics ceremony. I BAWLED (I blame PMS) the other day when the girls were diving and America got a silver instead of the gold. Please don't as me why haha. I think you fit right into the fab five! And I would also like to know where the heck they found a deduction on McKayla's vault, girl did amazing!

  5. mckayla's vault was perfect. even though I saw on twitter earlier that they won watching it unfold was amazing!

    And that is neat that you work with your dad. my dad wants to open a book store one day, but he sells books on amazon. If he is able to open a store one day I would love to help him out! But I wrote a money honey post about my current situation!

  6. mckayla's vault was perfect. even though I saw on twitter earlier that they won watching it unfold was amazing!

    And that is neat that you work with your dad. my dad wants to open a book store one day, but he sells books on amazon. If he is able to open a store one day I would love to help him out! But I wrote a money honey post about my current situation!

  7. My hubby runs his own insurance agency too.. so I totally know the business you are in. But I guess this means we have to be enemies because he sells for some of the companies you do, but some of the ones you dont! HA! JJJJJJJJJJk.

  8. first of all I totally cried during the gymnastics final and the day before when Jordyn got ROBBED.

    I know what you mean about working for your parents, when I was in HS and worked my mom's pharmacy my name was always the first out of her mouth when something needed to be done - it def. has its pros and cons.

  9. Dang girl we are straight twins. I work for an insurance agency(we represent Safeco, State Auto, Kemper, Hartford, Travelers, MetLife and Progressive) and my mom is my boss! :-)

  10. Though I'm not in insurance, I had a REALLY similar experience with the whole kids and education field. I felt like I was going to lose my mind and realized I couldn't do it! Ack. Haha, I guess we are better off!

  11. There are so many of us in insurance!! It's crazy. Our companies sound very, very similar. We write a lot with Mass Mutual but work with plenty of others, as well.

  12. And no worries... It is still my dream to be part of the Magnificent 7 and I can assure you that I shed a few tears last night!!

  13. We have such similar stories! I graduated and got a job as an admissions rep. for a local college and loved it but it wore me out, to the point of being unhealthy. I started working for the family business and the rest is history! I work from home a lot of the time & so many people are like "oh you're so lucky!" but there are definitely pros and cons to it all...

  14. Oh I shed some tears too, it was just so exciting!!

  15. Hahaha love the picture of you posing with the team ;) Weren't they amazing??? Oh, and if I lived in Ohio, I'd SO have you be my agent!

  16. Oh, I watched the olympics all right. Fantastic! I don't make any money, honey. :( Boo. I stay home with the kids and cook and play all day. Most days, It's not as dreamy as it sounds and I should get paid!

  17. There was absolutely nothing wrong with McKayla's vault! I was definitely screaming at the TV and right there with you crying at the end! I think you could definitely fit in with them, Fab 6 all the way :)

    I'm a poor postgrad working as a medical secretary while I get ready to go back for my masters (in something unrelated to my degree!) After I move I'll probably be a professional waitress for a while hahah. Gotta pay the bills somehow!

  18. I was excited to watch until M ruined it for me and told me they won. MER. I still watched because I LOVE watching peoples reactions as the seconds tick down on the clock, or the scores are posted, in any sporting event for the "big" win.

    I linked up too! I'm a law clerk. Just graduated, took the bar, waiting on results. I mentioned too in my post, my uncle works at the firm I'm currently at. I have never had a project with him. Less to do with "fairness" and more to do with the fact he doesn't really have a lot to farm out to me, annndddd he's even more Type-A then me. I think our relationship is all the better for it ;-) hahaha

  19. I was an emotional wreck over the Fab 5, I LOVE the Olympics!! I totally wrote Kerri Strug some fan mail after the Olympics and got an "autographed" photo and letter back. Yeah, def was obsessed ;)

  20. Oh the Olympics were just so good last night. I totally cried while watching the girls get their golds. Loved it!

    Good to learn more about what you do for work. Are you able to work from home?

    I could never work for my dad. We butt heads way too much. So glad you found a job that you like!

  21. I think you should be a professional blogger :) love you!!

  22. I stayed up to watch too! I paid for it today but it was so worth it :D

  23. I worked for my dad for a few summers in college and I'm not sure I'd do it again! He's good at what he does, but it's just different working with your immediate family!

  24. I need to learn the skinny-arm pose! I always feel like they're my worst feature in pictures.

  25. I love reading all these posts! It's so nice to get to know bloggers on a different level. I love that you work with your Dad! :)

    I also linked up with LIndsey!

  26. I think you get bonus points for working with a family member - that can be tough! Great post!

    I linked up too!


  27. Um yeah. I'm obsessed with the fab five too. Stayed up as well, shushing everyone the entire time so that I could "get into it" lol

  28. You totally fit right in with the girls :) Of course I cried watching them too.. sheesh you'd think they were my siblings or something!

  29. I bet you get insurance calls all the time from your hot picture, huh? Just kidding, but I never knew that!! I knew you worked in a family business, but not that you were in insurance. Can you give me a quote?? ;)

  30. very cool! i used to do insurance, but hated the office i worked in. i keep my license up though, because it's a great industry!


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