What I'm Loving: Recent Buys + Birchbox

recent summer buys

Old Navy Striped Dress
Old Navy Sunset Shorts (boats on them! perfect for the cottage)
Forever21 Pleated High-Low Skirt (in navy)
Bauble Bar Spearmint Bauble Bib 
Warehouse Padlock Shopper

This dress, shorts, and skirt were the last of my summer purchases! 
There are so many cute things coming out for fall, so I have to hold back and say no, no, and more no to any summer clothes from this point on.
I sound like a true shopaholic...

I've mentioned my love for Bauble Bar before. 
Some of the best accessories right now! (along with Style Love Living, of course.)
I had been lusting after this Spearmint Bauble Bib statement necklace for SO long, and finally it came back in stock! Isn't it gorgeous?! I cannot wait to wear this necklace.
If you haven't signed up yet, sign up: here and get $10 off your first order. 
You can also earn points if you share with your friends that gives you discounts on your future orders! It's pretty awesome.

A couple months ago, I signed up for Birchbox (lots of "B" loves today) and have yet to share my thoughts on it with you! I'm sure many of you have heard of Birchbox, but if you don't, for $10.00 a month you get popular beauty samples and products (some full size) sent to your mailbox. 

It's perfect for me because I hate buying makeup that I have to end up returning because I don't like it. I love being able to sample them before buying them. If you end up loving a product, you can purchase it easily from their website.

Sign up here (if you're interested)

With that being said, this months Birchbox has been my favorite by far.
Here's what I got...

Blinc: mascara, Dirt: luxe salt scrub in lemon leaf (my FAVORITE product I've received thus far-smells absolutely amazing!), Harvey Prince: perfume, Larabar: uber bar (I actually like the regular Larabars better) and super cute neon headphones. 

Stila: In the Light eyeshadow palette
I love the mix of colors in this palette. I know I will use them often! 

Totally worth the $10 in my opinion. 
Also, you can cancel Birchbox at any time, without any fees.

Do you do Birchbox?!

Now that I've most likely spent all your money for the day, I'll be on my way.
Hey, it's Wednesday, and Wednesday's are happy days...
and happy days = shopping days! (or is this just me?)
Have fun :)

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  1. Mmmm - i LOVE that new bag! Classic!

    As for Birchbox, I excitedly signed up when it first got popular and was put on a waiting list for months. When I finally received an offer to join, my excitement had worn off a little bit. Looks like this month was an awesome gift though!

  2. I just canceled my Birchbox subscription. There have been way too much bad and hardly any good. I switched to MyGlam ... I only got one so far but it blows BB out of the water!

    Andddd I have been waiting for that bauble Spearmint Bauble Bib to come back in stock forever!!!!! I just ordered it as well and cannot wait to get my hands on it!!! :)

  3. I LOVE birchbox. I'm thinking about doing the Birchbox man for hubby.. would you??

  4. i had to put a stop to my summer shopping too because i am ready for fall shopping. i just hope i don't come across anymore Summer buys that i just must have.

    loving that necklace. wanted to buy it a few weeks ago but it was sold out.

  5. Just signed up for it... how long did it take after that?!! I'm dying to get it!

  6. I just did my Birchbox share today too. Where did you get the bag? I love it!

  7. You know, I've seen several reviews featuring Birchbox on YouTube and for whatever reason I haven't signed up. But, $10 a month? The fact that I can justify this means I'm going to sign up for it. Also love love loving the Padlock Shopper. I die.

  8. love that bag from asos! love the price even more! so perfect for fall!

  9. I can't wait to see how you style your new skirt..you always wear things so well!! After seeing the Birchbox reviews for this month, I wish I hadn't stopped getting them, but for a few months, they weren't the greatest!

  10. Love your purchases girl...especially that necklace! Can't wait to see it on! And I'll have to look into the whole Birchbox thing...sounds fun!

  11. I have those same shorts in my shopping cart at oldnavy.com :)
    I am contemplating the black with polka dots too..but I am thinking neither really fit into my daily wardrobe necessities.

  12. I love your BirchBox! I've been using Blinc mascara for years! It's such a cool concept and it literally NEVER smudges under your eyes which is a problem I have on the regs. Loved the headphones too! I need that handbag stat. I just got my first order from ASOS and I'm in love :)

  13. I am obsessed with that Warehouse bag. I think I'm going to need to buy it. My bank account hates me right now! Haha

    And I loved my birchbox too! Such a fun thing to look forward to every month!


  14. Your BB was WAY better than mine... I always hate seeing other peoples' BB because I want those samples instead. Oh well. Not totally impressed with this month...

  15. Hmmm...I may need to buy that bag. And when I see you we'll just coordinate beforehand who gets to wear it :)

  16. i love the headphones!! cute cute!! thinking about joining Birchbox ...

  17. AshVal- You will love Birchbox...I just recently signed up and wish I got a new box every week.

    Katie- You might think I'm crazy, but I also joined BarkBox.com who sends really fun cute things for your dog each month. Crazy, I know! But I love getting things in the mail.

  18. Wednesday's are HUMP days which mean's you're supposed to HUMP...not shop. DUH.

  19. I definitely just drove to Old Navy after reading this and bought those shorts (and two button downs). Thanks! They were on sale too! :)

  20. Way jealous of your banana's foster bar... I got some nut nonsense that made the 11 year old in me giggle inappropriately.

    I also need to go to Old Navy now.

  21. As you probably know, I did Birchbox for about 6 months. I definitely loved it, but the excitement wore off and I started to get a lot of the same things, so I canceled it. Cameron was also piping in about wasting $10 every month on "junk"....men...

  22. As you probably know, I did Birchbox for about 6 months. I definitely loved it, but the excitement wore off and I started to get a lot of the same things, so I canceled it. Cameron was also piping in about wasting $10 every month on "junk"....men...

  23. im with steph. get into the HUMP business tonight ow owww ;-)

    i am interested in birchbox!! think i may need to sign up because that is such a cute lil box u got there GURRRL!

    love your new clothing choices!

  24. Glad I'm not the only one who equates happy days with shopping days lol been wanting to try birchbox for a while... think you might have me sold...

  25. I got birchbox as a bday gift and have only liked this months. My girlfriend does glambag and said it blows birchbox out of the water.

  26. i love birchbox! and i am totally jealous you got the palette in yours! looks awesome!

  27. I just got my first Birchbox this month and am pretty happy with it so far. I loved the perfume!

  28. I bought a handful of items at Old Navy a few weeks ago, and I almost got those shorts. They're super cute. And I got that necklace in the coral color. I got the teardrop bib in the mint color. I love them!

  29. i have yet to join the birchbox wagon but this one looks so fun! and i love those shorts you bought....i just purchased my "last summer purchase" too.....i go wild for summer clothes!

  30. Old Navy has the cutest shorts this summer. Who knew?!


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