My Parents New House, and Weekend Things.

How about a weekend recap a day late?
Well, tough, you're getting one anyways!

This weekend I was in the mindset to relax and catch up on normal life related things. On Friday, Billy and I went out to dinner, got fro yo, and then watched 21 Jumpstreet. Holy heck, that movie surprised us! We were laughing pretty hard. But by the time Saturday afternoon rolled around, we were bored out of our minds!

We have been so used to driving out of town on the weekends and having plans 24/7, that I think I forgot what it felt like to not do much. We even tossed up the idea to drive to the lake for the day, but nixed it once the sun came out (it had been cloudy) and we decided to go to the Goat with friends to play volleyball and sit around the pool. 
Later that night, Ashley met up with us and we went out in the short north. 

Me, Ashley, and Jessie
{striped dress: F21 and yup, that's the bubble necklace in red. It was calling my name!}

My parents are in the process of building their home and it's made a lot of progress lately, so we randomly decided to swing by it and take some pictures to share (you know, this is what bloggers do). I'm so excited for them...this house is going to be beautiful. :) 

I put labels on some areas so that you can kinda see what is going where!

{see that necklace? You will have a chance to win a similar one from the same shop soon. 
Stay tuned!}

These closets are one of my favorite things about the house (well, besides the wine bar).
They are massive! and they don't even have to share! 
I consider that a little piece of heaven. 
(so would Billy since he literally has 1/4 of our closet now...) 

Rumor on the street, aka my stepmom told me, is that they are planning on putting sliding barn doors down here. I think for the workout room. I'll be sure to share those when they are done!

and here is the view out back (to the right) from the family room....

and then this is the view from one side of the house. 
Those big mexican inspired buildings in the back are a part of their complex.
 It's a restaurant, work out room, bar, pool, etc.
Oh, and there is a mini beach over there. 
I picture laying out on that and hopping on over to the rents for lunch (got that Juju?).

Good looking man in the blue shirt?
NOT included in home.

How was your weekend?
Have you ever built a home?
The process is so fun to watch!

This weekend, we will be back to our busy weekends again. Billy's cousins, mom, and sister are all coming in town  and we have a bridal/bachelorette party for his cousin!

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How nice would it be to treat your significant other, girlfriends, or maybe just yourself (that's a lot of food, but hey, who am I to judge?) for a night out? Alright, good. 

Last but not least...
I want to wish Erin a very Happy Birthday!!!! Thank you for always making me laugh 
and providing me with entertainment for the day. Get your booty to Ohio soon. You should go say happy birthday to her, too! :)



  1. I need to enter your Applebee's giveaway, I meant to last night and got sidetracked! I loved 21 Jumpstreet too, I thought it was hilarious! I get the cop humor though, for obvious reasons.
    That house looks gorgeous!!

  2. What a beautiful house that is going to be! 21 Jump Street was hilarious! I thought it was funnier than Ted even!

  3. I love 21 Jump Street too! So funny. I was surprised as well.

    That is such a beautiful home! Wow! I love, love it!

  4. hahahah billy "not included in the home" love it

    holy crap those his/her closets and master bath are going to be BEAUTIFUL!!! i cant wait to see the finished product! i just loved your family :-)

    kurt and i had the same boredom experience last week. Sat came around and we twiddled our thumbs haha but i have to agree relaxing weekends are good :)

    love the pic of you 3 girls! Ashley looks like someone! Literally since i met her im like what celeb does she look like!!! i cant put my finger on it!! hahah


  5. The house looks like it will be great...but can anything beat their current house?! THAT house is GORG!

  6. Good LORD! Please tell me what your parents do so I can get into the right profession, ASAP and build a twin house ;) Ohhh my goodness it's going to be beautiful.... We totally need jumbo his and her's closets. Poor J has about 1/4 of ours too! LOL

  7. is that in tartan? looks like its going to be a beautiful house! :) we watched 21 jump street on friday night too lol ... See u tonight muffin face :)

  8. I've been wanting to see 21 Jumpstreet...I guess I will have to now!

  9. I've been wanting to see 21 Jumpstreet...I guess I will have to now!

  10. You look like a pole dancer in the house pic. Yep. I said it.

    Straight up stripper.

    ;) kidding. Thank GOD you know my sense of humor...(or lack thereof??)

    I was really hoping the good looking man in the blue WAS included...for your case...of course. My house, fortunately, DOES come with a ridiculously good looking man in YELLOW pants. Imagine that?


  11. Wow their house looks like it's going to be amazing, and the view? Even more amazing! Love those waterfalls! I know what you mean about kind of forgetting how to slow down and relax after your life has been crazy! Sounds like it was a good weekend for you though. Hope your Tuesday is a good one!

  12. We have not had the chance to build a home yet, but watching my parents go through it was crazy - you forget how many decisions there are to be made such as counter tops, wall sconces, lighting choices, it's crazy. I thought remodeling my great-grandma's house was hard, but starting from scratch is way harder.

    And that necklace is precious, can't wait to hear more about it!

  13. I loved 21 Jumpstreet too, so funny!

    Your parents' house is gorgeous so far, LOVE the view! Is that Corazon by chance??

    We built our house in Hilliard, it was so fun to come every few days and take pictures!!

  14. Holy shiz that house looks amazing in this state I can't imagine what it's going to like completed! What a gorgeous backyard view!

  15. Lady!! We are neighbors again!! My rents live down the street :-)

  16. that is going to be one AMAZING house!!

  17. Can't wait to see the house when it's finished! And I'm loving that necklace..can't wait to see where you got it : )

  18. wow what a view!! that is such a beautiful house...even in its early stages :)

  19. holy house! I love it already! my in-laws built their house a few years ago and you're right, it was so fun to watch the whole process come together! I'm (somewhat) patiently counting down the days until we can build and have his and hers closets! ;)

    Love your blog BTW!



  20. OH MY!! Your parents house is making me swoon! Their view is pretty nice...yep, I think I could wake up & look out at that everyday. ;) My hubz & I built our home (8 years ago) and I loved every minute of it. We definitely want to do it again once the house marketing turns around.

    Can't wait to watch your parent's house come together, so definitely keep sharing pics! :)

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  21. Funny, we had a low-key weekend also & I found myself trying to find things to do around the house! It's so hard to slow down sometimes! Your parents house looks awesome!

  22. I was in the short north this past weekend!! I came up to CBus to meet up with some friends and we went to Bernard's and Callahan's. Would have been crazy if we would have run into each other!

  23. I can just imagine what a gorgeous house this is going to be! You look so lovely in all of these pictures!

  24. I can just imagine what a gorgeous house this is going to be! You look so lovely in all of these pictures!

  25. That house looks amazing so far! We moved into a new construction home, so we were able to see the evolution, and pick our interior finishes. It was a lot of fun, I highly recommend it!! I got to your blog from Living in Yellow and I am glad I did! So cute :)

  26. Husband and I just finished building our first house! It was so fun to watch it go up and finish. I can't wait to see their house finished, it looks amazing!!


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