A Shop You Need To Know & Letters!

{La Isla Bonita necklace via Nu Sans Bijoux, read below. Sidenote: We originally wanted to get married outside next to that building! Beautiful, right?}

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends!

I don't know about you, but this week was absolutely crazy busy and I am kissing the ground that it's finally Friday. I feel like I've barely had a life this week! I'm excited to get it back this weekend. I'm even more excited to share some exciting news with ya'll next week, but that can wait for now. ;) 

We have a FULL house this weekend. Billy's best friend, Mom, sister, brother, and ALL of his male cousins are coming in town for the weekend!! So, for all of you girls that enjoyed the "Magic Mike" instagram pic, expect to see many of those this weekend (but probably with clothes on, sorry in advance) via Instagram and/or Twitter. 

Do you see my new favorite chain link necklace I'm wearing in those pics? 
I'm here to share where it's from and about this awesome Etsy shop.

It's from the modern and vintage shop Nu Sans Bijoux (which means, "naked without jewelry") on Etsy! Christianne is from Boston, MA and opened her shop back in March and already has a huge fan base. Her jewelry is modern, afforable, and so trendy. 

It's no lie that I had the hardest time trying to figure out what necklace I wanted because I've been drooling over all of them, and her bracelets!

I mean, seriously, just look....
So cute.
HERE is the link to the necklace I'm wearing above.

She even has a necklace that's a 3-in-1 (pictured bottom right-called the Vogue).
You can wear it as a long necklace, convert it to a shorter necklace, or wear it as a bracelet.

Go getcha somethin' nice.

Now it's time for my Friday's letters!

Dear hair pictured above, you no longer look like that. Highlights are back in my hair because I wasn't liking how dark it was. I want to keep the highlights for the rest of summer and into fall. Thank you to my hair stylist who gave me a hand massage and a facial while I was waiting for my hair to be done. You are easily one of my favorite people! (if you live in Columbus and need a good hair girl-let me know!) Dear Strawberry Mango Salsa I made last night, I can't wait to devour you this weekend. Hope all our guests like it too (recipe found here!). Dear Steph, I know today is a hard day for you and Julie. I will be praying for you both and love you!! Dear Readers, I've been MIA this week with reading blogs! I promise to catch up soon. Dear nasty TICK that we found on Rocky, you made me mad. Real mad. Stay away from our doggy! Dear Billy's family, I'm SO EXCITED to spend the whole weekend with you. And I'm so happy to have such awesome in-laws. Dear rain, thank you for making our grass go from a poop brown to a light brown. Dear Labor Day weekend, EEEEEEK! Something on my bucket list will be checked off on you this year! BEYOND, beyond excited. Dear recent Colorado shooting victims and families, so sorry for what happened at the movie theatre. I wonder what is so possibly bad in that young mans life that he would do something to that extent. So, so sad. 

What are your weekend plans?
Don't forget to enter my $150 Applebees giveaway if you haven't yet!
have a happy kinda weekend, ok?!
yeah, I was never a cheerleader growing up.
More into the sport thing... ;)



  1. Hey! im so with you on the hair i put highlights in for my wedding and dont want to see them go away! And OMG to that necklace too CUTE!

  2. so your makin my strawberry salsa, eh?? I am thinking I may or may not know what you are taking about for labor day weekend? and if it is what I am thinking, I am super jealous. anyways, love you, as always ... xoxoxo

  3. The ticks have been INSANE this year! Luckily, we haven't found any on Tilly. Get Rocky some of the flea and tick stuff to they will leave him alone too. Happy weekend girl!

  4. Thanks for the shop tip! I am loving your chain necklace and have to head over to check out the shop now!

  5. Loving that necklace, and the fedora. :)



  6. Yay for Labor Day Weekend!! Happy Friday. :-)


  7. YAY for FRIIII-DAY!! Super excited for this weekend as well for 2 reasons.. 1st: I'll finally be able to throw away the title "whitest mexican anyone ever knows" because I'll be gettin my TAN on! & 2nd: Because I'll be getting instagram eye candy from you! BRING IT!

  8. Found you on Friday link up!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the necklace, and I am getting my hair done next week.

    Hoping for some highlights.

    Drop by sometime!!!


  9. Can't wait for more "magic mike" pictures! Your are so pretty I am jealous that you can pull off anything! and that building is beautiful what is it?

  10. Oh la la. I love the jewelry. I will definitely be checking out this shop. And those pictures of you are adorable! Have a fantastic weekend!

  11. that last picture is so cute!! and your hat! ahh, you're just adorable.

    that strawberry mango salad looks delish.

    ooh, what are you crossing off your bucket list?! how exciiiiting!



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