Friday Five {And A Romper You Need}

We've made it to the weekend! Billy has totally taken advantage of me lately. Get your mind out of the gutter friends...I'm talking about in regards to food. Typically, we are pretty healthy around here and save the weekends for splurging a bit. Not this week by any means! We're still on the eating out "kick" from this past week and Billy has totally taken advantage of it because he knows this rarely happens. Like last night, for example, fish and chips and a massive queso dip from one of our favorite restaurants (Rusty Bucket). If I know anything at all, it's that those types of foods is not going to get me rock hard abs for bikini season. But hey, everyone's gotta live a little, right? Next week we will be back on the healthy eating track. So, Billy, if you're reading, milk the weekend for all you've got... 

Here's what has been going on in my life lately... 

-Sometimes I like to think I'm one of those cool fashion bloggers, when I know damn well I'm not, by any means. Here's to trying. I've been loving this little number I got from Kiki La Rue. It's comfortable, fun and bright for the summer, and you know how much rompers are in style lately!

{Romper: c/o Kiki La Rue, Earrings: Forever 21, Sandals: Coach, Watch: Michael Kors}

Get yourself one: here

-This is an exciting week and weekend here in Columbus. Every year the PGA Memorial Tournament is hosted here at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin. It's known to be a lot of the golfers favorite tournament, and 17 out of 20 of the top golfers in the world are here this year playing! It's been a tradition, for as long as I can remember, to go to the tournament at least one day of the week and we all go to a restaurant/bar called the Bogey Inn to party at night. This year, I got us free tickets for Saturday and Billy is so excited!

...if I see Tiger ladies, don't worry, I'll flip him off for all of us.
and then get a picture.

-I've gone to the blonde side (hair). Just kidding. But I did get blonde highlights and long layers put in my hair last night. Typically when warmer weather hits I get the urge to freshen up my hair and get highlights, so when that happened this week, I gave in. I'm so glad I did because I am loving them! She did a great job and I have zero complaints (which says a lot because usually I'm not crazy about it..). This picture isn't the greatest, but here's a little look at the new hurr...

-The adorable bloggers you know (or should know) and love, Erin and Ashley, got me the cutest birthday packages. Not gonna lie, I felt pretty special when I got Erin's package all the way from Amish country Indiana in the mail. You see, Erin is my role model. She will probably kill me for saying that. She hooked me up big time with a yellow (fitting, right?) statement necklace, Starbucks gift card, and candy. Girlfriend knows the way to my heart. Thank you, Erin. Now send yourself in the mail next time, kapeesh?

Ashley and I went to high school together and have become really close recently. She was so sweet and got me a beautiful coral necklace, coral bangle, and rose gold earrings! They couldn't be more perfect and I think I've already worn all of them 3 times. Thanks Ash! :)

-You know how I said above I like to pretend I'm one of those "cool, fashion bloggers"? Well, this girl is actually becoming one. She's tall, gorgeous, and has killer style. Her blog, Basically Bre, has become one of my daily reads and if I had a brother, I'd want him to date her. But that's neither here nor there, because I don't have a brother, and she isn't single. Boo. Anyways, Bre is the biggest cutie, lives in NC (jealous!), and says peace out, bishes. What's not to like about her? I mean, please, look at that chevron skirt below. I die......

Hello KC&CO readers! 
I'm Bre from Basically Bre!!!

I am your typical 20 something, blonde, southern girl except that I have a problem, its called shopping. I don't just shop for anything, I shop for clothes, shoes, bags, etc. and I do it a lot. Hence my closet currently busting at its seams, I have take over my side, half of my mans side and about 3/4 of the rack where his suits and ties hang. oops, sorry babe! Oh and I also LOVE overflowing posts with pictures, so I'm sorry in advance!

Just a small glimpse into the cave I call a closet...

I currently live in the great southern state of North Carolina, residing in the Queen City. Quiz for ya: what city in NC is the QC? Go!
I live downtown in some overly priced high rise (you only live once, not to be confused with "YOLO"..I'll smack you if you say that) with the man of my dreams, Jeremy, aka J booty. And no, we're not married. Glad thats settled. 
He looks like this in every picture, I don't know if he actually has a normal smile? He keeps me smiling day after day, so thats all that matters! 

I am a little on the crazy side, I have quite a mouth on me and I am never afraid to speak my mind. I use my blog as an outlet to my daily thoughts, rambles and the occasional outfit post. I am not a high fashion blogger, but I like to think that I have a passion and a "knack" for fashion! I am not afraid to try a style or trend most would think is outrageous or only for the runway! I never spend too much money on clothing either, I am a serious bargain shopper, hey you have to be when you shop like I do! 

Like I said I will occasionally feel inspired and do a "I wish I was some fashion blogger post. Like this one, still obsessed with this adorable high-low look. Shirts or skirts, I want them all! 

I just recently took it upon myself to start "Fashion Friday" where I decide once again that I think I can be fashion blogger and I just post some pictures of my latest creations! About a month ago I started working with my friend Brooke from Daily Chic, she's a beautiful and wonderful person! Outfit below is courtesy of Miss. Brooke and I just die over that skirt!!!! Who doesn't need a chevron skirt in their closet right now?

So thats all I have for y'all today! I hope you decide to head on over to my blog and look around for a bit, I encourage you to stay for awhile, become a daily/weekly reader! 
Oh and just for all you awesome KC&CO readers heres a little sneak peek at this coming Friday Fashion...

Yes, thats some serious neon!

peace out bishes!

How adorable is she?! Bre, you are awesome.
You can find her here:

....and have a really good weekend while you're at it!


  1. Thanks for the intro to Bre! I am a fellow Queen City blogger, so I know exactly what the QC is. But rather than spilling it to everyone else, I'll let them do their research! Make sure to look up why we're called the Queen City here in NC :)

    Love your romper, K ... you are always so stylish!

  2. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that romper!! WAY cute! It looks great on you!

  3. You are SO right...I neeeeeed that romper! It's adorable. Although I highly doubt it will look like that on me!

  4. hii.. why are you so cute!?? thanks for the mention lovie!! love you!! See you tonight, yay!!! :)

    its gonna be muddy !! :( boooO!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Love the Romper! I have one just like it!! :)


  7. Newsflash: You already have rock hard abs. Uh-huh, I saw that picture of you in that bikini! Shut- it.

  8. oh my goodness!!!! I NEED that romper..but they never look right on me :( but you are rocking that one girl..so pretty!!! oh and loveeeeeeee Bre..such a little fashionista ;)

  9. Love love that romper!! It looks great on you! And Bre, I moved to TX from the Queen City so I definitely know what that is! You (both) have such great style!

  10. Gorgeous romper! I love Bre's pink top - beautiful! I hate the phrase YOLO, too.



    Omg. I absolutely love how color it is!!! Not sure that I would look as cute in it as you do.... Work it girl!!!

  12. that romper is ADORABLE! I just want to romp around on a beach wearing it :-)

    im IN LOVE with your hair...seriously in love with it!! SO FABULOUS and I just love all the bday gifts you received from friends! ill say it again...you have the sweetest friends and are so lucky!

    i need your dip recipe!!!!! :-)

    xoxox miss and love you!

  13. Enjoy the fun eating weekend! :)

  14. I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT ROMPER and the new jewelry :) You have such good friends!

    And Bre I know exactly where the QC is it starts with a C and ends with a lotte :)
    I know because I am literally right below a few exits on the interstate haha :) LOVE THE CHEVRON SKIRT BTW!

  15. Your romper is super cute!! I want it for post-pregnancy! And loving the highlights! Happy Friday! XO

  16. Love the whole look GF! Your hair looks amazing btw! Have a great weekend :)

  17. Um seriously cute hair, grainy pic or no. Love it!

  18. Cute romper! And your hair looks great!!

  19. 1. You are hot.
    2. Role model? They clearly put too much bleach on your head and it fried your brain.
    3. Regardless, I love you. And next time, I will mail myself. Count on it.

    Happy weekend party animal.

  20. Your romper is super cute!! Rompers always fit me a little funky. I think I must have a long torso. That and the maxi dress have me baffled. And I like the blonde highlights. Pretty pretty!

  21. Rompers are my favorite thing to wear in the summer! Thanks for introducing us to Basically Bre!


  22. Katie my dear you are too sweet and so fabulous! Loving that romper!! Thanks so much for the sweet words and I hope you enjoy your weekend!!

  23. Cute romp! I need one! Been eyeing one from Kiki La Rue for a while. Just need to order it! AH!

    Cute hurrrr! Nice way to change it up for summer :)

    Meant to tell you that it looks like your girls had a blast on your blate! Sorry I missed you and them, but one day my schedule will calm down. Not everyday the baby sister graduates from HS :)

    Bday gift is comin'! Have fun at the tourney tomorrow :)

  24. Love love love that romper. And your hair looks great!!

    Bre, you have the cutest style!! Like everyone else, I'm dying over that chevron skirt!!

  25. That romper is SO cute. For some reason, I can't be convinced that i can pull the look off. Happy Friday!

  26. the romper looks incredible on you!

    have the best weekend!

  27. Your romper is adorable! Just tried to copy you & buy it and...it's sold out. Bummer!

  28. love bre! she is such a cutie! i love the romper on you! such beautiful colors!!


    Today starts my OPI & Essie Nail Polish Giveaway! Check it Out!

    xo Kelly

  29. thanks for the intro to bre, I have been reading her blog for the past 30 minutes thanks to the intro!

  30. Omg I love that romper! It's so cute! Does it run true to size?

  31. What generous friends!!!

    I LOVE your hair color!! I saw it on instagram, looks so pretty!! I love getting more HL's for summer too!!

    How fun about the golf tournament!! My hubby would LOVE it!! We used to go to the one sponsored by GM in Bloomfield Hills (MI) but then GM when bankrupt, yada yada... Have fun!! :)

  32. That romper is so pretty! You look great- have fun this weekend!

  33. i love that romper on you!! and bre is such a doll

  34. I LOVE your romper. And thanks for introducing Bre. I can't wait to follow her too. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!
    xo Brooke


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