The Monday Rundown

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Is it just me or is it shocking that it is June already? Where is the time going! Our weekend was spent outside with friends the majority of the time. We attended a cookout with friends, hosted our own cookout, and spent all day at the PGA Memorial Tournament. On Sunday, I had my first outdoor soccer game since my knee injury, but unfortunately the other team decided to forfeit, so there wasn't much of a game. What a first game buzz kill! Since I'm a big fan of all kinds of lists, today you get the weekend run down in bullet/numbered/lazy form.

1. This video is PRICELESS. My stepsister and her husband surprised their kids with a trip to Disney on Saturday, and they video taped their reaction. Tell me this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen? Brady's (far right) reaction had us laughing to almost the point of tears. "Nooo! But I don't want to go on a plane", or "the driving range?!".... watch and then smile for like 20 minutes.

2. On Saturday, we spent the day at Muirfield Village Golf Club watching the Memorial Tournament. The weather was the best that it's been in years because it didn't rain and it wasn't humid. Did any of you catch any of the tournament highlights on TV? Tiger Woods won it all and earned his 73rd tournament win with an amazing comeback, and a 50 ft chip on hole 16. We had chills watching it! No matter what Tiger did (or what he didn't do?) in his personal life, he is a seriously amazing golfer and deserved to win. It was awesome to see him so happy about winning, especially since it was here. 

....watching Tiger

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...but the cutest golfer award?
Goes to my husband ;)

3. After the tournament, we had friends over for a cookout and drinks before we headed to the Bogey Inn (tournament bar), but not before a wild turn of events at our house. As we left our house around 10pm and almost pulled out of the neighborhood, Billy had saw multiple men on our front porch of our house, and screamed to stop the car. He bolted out the car to our house and started chasing after the men, because we thought they were trying to break in.  I chased after him and then when I couldn't keep up with them any longer, I called the cops. Within 2-3 mins (no joke!), a chopper was flying over our house and neighborhood looking for them and cop cars were sent. In the mean time, I found Billy a block over talking with two parents. What had happened was a group of 18 yr old kids were "ringing and running" our house, not breaking in (supposedly). However, Billy said the kids saw us leave our house so we think that they were going to try and steal alcohol from us or something. It was really crazy and luckily no one did actually break in our house, but it definitely gave us both mini heart attacks. 

After that craziness died down, we headed to the Bogey for a bit to meet our friends that were waiting on us. We had a fun night out and they had a great band playing. 

4. This weekend really made me realize how much I want a hammock in our backyard to read in. Probably one of the most random comments I've made, but it's true. Are you reading, William? I picture laying in it for hours and finally finishing the 2nd Hunger Games book. I haven't been that interested in reading it for the past couple of months (whoops!), and this might be the addition I need to get back into it. Then, maybe I will start this crazy 50 Shades of Grey business. 

5. I made my favorite summer dip on Friday....Cowboy Caviar. It may have a different name to you, but no matter what it's called, it is still the best. It's extremely easy to make (meaning: open some cans and cut up some veggies and throw in a bowl..I know you can do that!) and it's typically gone after an hour or so. 

...I followed this recipe. If you haven't made this yet, get on that. 

6. Also, on Saturday, it was 11 years ago that my Mom passed away. 11 years. That is extremely weird/sad to think about. I miss having her in my life, and I find myself clinging on to all of the memories I had with her, keeping them fresh in my brain and thoughts. Love you Mom<3

Last but not least, today is my cousin Natasha's birthday. 
Happy birthday Natasha! :) Love you!

What did you do this weekend?

Did you make anything yummy for a cookout? 
Share your favorite recipe with me! 

of course Katie, when you are supposed to get back to healthy eating and working out this week, you request recipes. Must. get. it. together. (...but still send recipes if you please. I won't hate it... ;))


  1. That video is hilarious! How fun!

  2. That video is the cutest thing! I am definitely starting on the Fifty Shades and Hunger Games books soon!

  3. The look on Brady's face is pretty similar to that of Beau's when he finds out we're flying somewhere. Poor guy!! That IS the cutest video EVER, though!! I pray that one day Beau wakes me up and says "Pack yo shit. We're going to Disney!" hahaha

    Have I told you lately how much I love you!? Cuz I do. And I really cannot WAIT for you to come to the Lonestar State!! You are in for a treat, my dear!

    PS-I can't believe you were that close to Tiger! Did you give him the stink eye for cheating on his woman??

    There is not one pic of Rocky in this post and that saddens me. :( Boo.

  4. I just posted Hawaiian Shrimp and Pineapple Kabobs. Delicious with some brown rice! Sorry about your first game! :(

  5. Such a sweet video! And I def love your blue and white top with that necklace! Looks like a fun weekend!

  6. That is so scary about the guys on your porch. Maybe they were just playing around, but I don't really think 18 year olds are THAT innocent. I love that Billy took off on foot. He's fearless, isn't he? And you ... you were right behind him! I love it!

  7. Those kids on your porch..crazy! I would've freaked out, too. Glad y'all saw them before you left the neighborhood!

    Definitely going to try and make cowboy caviar this weekend..it just looks so good!

  8. Oh my gosh, that video is precious!! I love Brady's reaction. I feel the same way about flying that he does!

  9. OH MAN! That house stuff is CRAZY! Thank goodness Billy saw them! I went to the US Women's Open when it was here, and it was so cool to see such talented golfers! :) Thinking about you and your mama!!

  10. Gold tourneys are so fun! And I have been the exact same way with the second hunger games. I need to finish it but have been lazy. And people will not stop telling me to read 50 shades. But I refuse to even start that until I finish the hunger game series.

    Love your jcrew necklace with the gingham. I die for gingham.

  11. I was in the same boat with book 2...and then on our honeymoon before we flew back I started back and boy, it got good! Now I am wrapping up 3 and plan on joining the 5 shades of grey craziness also!

  12. I can not wait to watch that video later (dang work computer without sound) I love DWorld and really love when parents surprise their kids with a trip there!

    Glad you guys are safe but what a crazy night!

  13. The golf tournament looks like so much fun! Reminds me of the tourney we have here in July, only, instead of Tiger, it's "celebs" like Tony Romo and Michael Jordan!

  14. Yumm, that recipe is calling my name :) Anything with any form of cilantro, lime juice and avocados goes straight to my must-make list. I seriously can't get enough of those flavors!!

  15. Oh my gosh! I would have been freaking about those "kids"!! You always have the cutest outfits!

  16. Did you flash tiger to get that close? That would be really cool to be that close to PGA players.

    Tell Marissa to start a blog.

    See you in Texas!


  17. your memorial tourney recap is way better than mine lol ... as always! so sad I didnt see you this weekend...WTF!? anyway, love u!!

  18. Ahhh! I love videos with kids like that. You cant watch that with a frown! Oh and I am going to crave cowboy caviar alll day thanks to you

  19. The video totally just made my Monday morning!!

    You were so close to Tiger that you can have touched him! Awesome!!

    What a crazy evening!! So scary!! Glad everything was okay!

  20. Looks like y'all had a great weekend! That's so scary about those teenagers! Of course school is out & they are up to no good! (Look at me sounding all old & stuff! HA!) I was thinking about you this weekend. I know it's not easy. I found a picture frame with this amazing saying on it... & of course I can't think of the exact wording now but, it made me think of you, & Chelsea & everyone else that is in our place. I'll let you know what the saying says exactly when I get home today! Hugs to you! :)

  21. Guys in golf attire make my heart happy. Looks like so much fun!

  22. that video was priceless! Is it embarrassing that I STILL get that excited about going to Disney? I am going in August and I freaked out when my parents told me we were going. I'm just a big kid at heart

  23. Oh my goodness! What an awesome weekend. Watching Tiger and some golf would've been so much fun - I'm sure your husband adores you!

    New follower here - loving your blog! :)


  24. That video of your nieces and nephew was too cute. Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a wonderful weekend. Happy Monday! :) P.S. I have a little something on the blog today I think you will LOVE.

  25. 1- I LOVE reading/sleeping/laying in a hammock in the spring and summer. I hope you get one soon!!

    2- That dip is so delicious. I don't have a name for it, except best dip ever. I want some now.

    Have a great Monday!

  26. So cool that you got to watch the tournament!!

  27. Love love LOVE cowboy caviar. One of my favorite sides. And that video was possibly one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Brady did NOT want to go. I hope he had fun once he was there though!

  28. Ohhh Me Gahhh!! Brady, can I have him? He went from the happiest kid to... completely devasted. I loved it. Did Brady end up settling down and collect his nerves? Or was he upset the entire flight?

    Poor fella♥
    THanks for sharing!

    ps - LOVE the name Brady.

  29. That video is AMAZING!!!! You have to send it the the Ellen Show. She would totally love something like that!

  30. OMG Brady's reaction is just too funny! Love that video. So cool that you got to see Tiger and all the others play! Looks like a great weekend.

  31. Guuurl! Last night I made Zucchini Chips and you have got to make them!! Slice it up, dip in egg wash, sprinkle with breadcrumbs, parm cheese, and garlic and bake in the oven. Delish!! :)

  32. that dip is staring at me as i write this comment. I devoured it this weekend with some girlfriends when I made it for them! Crediting you, of course, and they LOVED IT!!

    i am jealous you got to go to that tourney!! AHHHH I have been to a couple golf tournaments before and LOVE watching them!! Tiger is so hott and even hotter in purpose (even though he loses hott points for being an uber skank-a-potemous)

    i miss you soo much! an seeing the pic of you and all your g-frands makes me miss them too! and billybob..and rocky (unpictured)

    hope you are doing okay with your mom. :-( She's always with you babe! <3 <3


  33. So jelly you were able to take pics at the tournament! I'm going to the us open in a few weeks and we cant even bring a phone it at all! Looks like you had a blast though!! :)


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