BLATE {Part 2}

If you missed Part 1, read here.
Beware: this may be the longest post, ever.

We're at Friday now... my glorious day of birth and the arrival of Erica and Jess!

I woke up to Billy picking up iced coffee's for all of us and cooking breakfast for us in bed. Rewind. Breakfast in bed...how many birthdays can I get a year because I know that one is just not enough?! Steph thinks she "invaded" on our personal little breakfast in bed, because Billy ended up eating on the floor, but Billy demanded she get breakfast in bed too. He was so sweet.... scrambled eggs, fruit, toast, bacon (which I ate a bite of!), the whole she-bang!

Major points for the hubs. 

After our much needed lazy morning, we headed to the store to pick up some last minute things (OSU gear...that is much needed, right?) and then off to the pool we went (we are pool rats if you can't tell!) My girlfriend, Jessie, had the day off work as well and we wanted to hang out with her and her boyfriend/get some rays before the girls came in town. My girlfriend, Marissa, also ended up joining us so it was one big par-tay! When I showed up at the pool, Jessie had the most gorgeous flowers sitting on my chair for me!

{co Stephanie Howard Krysh Photography}

Now for the girls arrival.

Erica got to our house first and we all went running out of our garage to go meet her! She was REAL!! and much TALLER than we had imagined. hahaha. Erica drove 11+ hours from Boston, all by herself mind you, to come for the weekend. How sweet is that?! Right away, I could tell Erica would fit in perfectly, and was exactly who I thought she was! A gorgeous brunette with a heart (and sense of humor) of gold. Erica has the sweetest soul and we quickly bonded over how much we both love Boston and our course, Lil' Wayne!

As most of you know, I had met Jess multiple times before this blate, but Steph and Erica had not. I was excited for them to meet her, too. Jess arrived like a bronzed blonde goddess with that Southern drawl we all know and love. All I really remember is that she packed a TON of alcohol with her, and that to me was typical Jess. ;)

It was crazy how comfortable everyone was with one another. We just started catching up and introduced everyone to our boys (meaning Billy, Beau, and Rocky). We all exchanged gifts in our family room and I'm serious when I say the girls went overboard! They gave me so many wonderful gifts..it was incredibly sweet. 

Jewelry. Booze. Chapstick. A mustache baking mold (amazing!).
Beach bags...oh my!

Afterwards, we had some drinks, got ready together, and then headed to dinner for me and my best friend Lindsay's birthday celebration. We had reservations downtown at a place called Gordon Biersch (a brewery) with a bunch of our friends and it was so nice to be able to introduce them to all of my real life friends! After dinner we bar hopped downtown and things got cray pretty quickly..... dance parties, steamers in purses, shots, creepy men trying to pick up Erica on multiple occasions, and an epic cab ride where we played 20 questions with our cab driver "Reggie", that ended really inappropriately. Hey....what do you expect at 3am? GOOD times, I promise.

{my in real life best friends: Angela, Emily, Lindsay, Me, Marissa}

So thankful for such an amazing birthday!

Our original plan was to head to Put in Bay where Billy bought us a campground spot and go boating for the day, but by the time we woke up and got everyone going, we decided to stay in Columbus and head to the Goat where a really popular band (Lt. Dans New Legs!) was playing. We knew we made the right decision because it ended up being so incredibly HOT that we probably would have had heat strokes in those tents and the pool was a BLAST. Saturday night was probably my favorite. We grilled out at our house, set up cornhole, and played drinking games. There are so many funny memories we made this night and some are just too inappropriate to share on this blog... sorry. ;)


We decided to give everyone a tour of our city, and then spend the day at the Columbus Zoo! Our first stop was THE Ohio State University campus to show them our stadium and what being a Buckeye is all about!! When we were showing the girls the stadium, Jess noticed that some little boys were being let in for a tour of the stadium, so I immediately ran up and sweet talked kindly asked if he would let us out on the field to get pictures! Much to my surprise, he said YES, and next thing we knew we were on the OSU field! I was so excited that they got to see the field and our stadium. It was amazing. It's safe to say they are all Buckeyes now! Afterwards, we had lunch and explored the Ohio Union and other areas around campus before we made our way to the zoo.

It couldn't have been a more perfect day for the zoo.
Even though it was hot, almost all of the animals were out to see and were really active. I think everyone really had a blast. Later that night, my parents had all of us over for a cookout which was so much fun. My parents got to meet all the people I talk about all the time and vice versa.

....then Monday came and all of us had to say goodbye and depression set in.
Just kidding...somewhat. Who really wants to say goodbye?
Since Jess lives only 3 hours away, I knew I'd probably see her soon, but it was so sad to say bye to Erica that morning. I wasn't sure when I would see her again and she is just too cool for words to be seperated by so many miles!

We had a couple hours to spend with Steph and BBFT, so we took them to Easton to walk around and get lunch. The entire time we talked about our future trip to Houston to visit them, what we would do, when it will be, etc. When we dropped them off at the airport and had to say goodbye, the tears were flowing hard. It was by far the saddest I've been in a long time. The bond I have with Steph is undescribable and she really is a sister to me. I miss her so much already.

Erica, Jess, Steph and BBFT: I hope you all had a blast here in our city and you're always welcome back to the Krysh household! Thank you for all the laughs and memories. I can't wait until next time. Because, you know, there WILL be a next time. Let's make it over a Wednesday...mkkkay?! ;) We love you all!

*Steph made an amazing slideshow of all our pictures that you can watch HERE and want to see all those bad pictures we didn't post (including ones of BBFT picking his nose and us in towels)?! Look HERE.
*Read Erica's Part 1 and Part 2: HERE and here

Now, do you know what today is? It's May 31st.....

which means it's my best friend, Lindsay's,  27th birthday!

 Lindsay is the epitome of a best friend and we've been celebrating our birthdays together for over a decade..that is crazy to me! I love you so much Lindsay, and look forward to celebrating with you this weekend! <3


  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast! I'm currently planning a trip to Chi Town to meet up with a bunch of blog ladies and I can't wait! You forgot to share where your bday outfit is from because I am obsessed! :)

  2. I love all of y'alls little recaps!! So fun that you get to meet and become real friends with all of them!

    And I have to say that I laughed out loud at the bands name "Captain Dans New Legs!" Hysterical!!

  3. I'm crying... why? It's all your last paragraph{s} fault.

    What an awesome weekend you all had. I can't help but freak out seeing Erica taking a picture of GInormous gorilla. He totally could come through that glass - scarey.

    Love the jumping pictures on the field, those are always the best!

    Great RE-cap! :) Definitely a birthday you will never forget and hard to top off!

  4. Ohh && how could I forget to mention what an awesome handstand Beau is doing, I'm totally impressed.

    ... maybe it's the yellow short?

  5. You girls are all so so pretty!! Looks and sounds like the bestest weekend! Loved going through all the pics!

  6. I really hope that if you make the trip to Houston that I'll have the chance to meet you! You guys seem like so much fun!

  7. It looks like you guys had SUCH a blast! It was fun seeing all the instagram pictures pop up all weekend.

  8. Looks like you guys had a blast!!

  9. I'm such a breakfast in bed whore. God. I should really be ashamed of my self.

    "C/O Stephanie Howard Krysh photography" omg lol...SO FUNNY!!! Isn't that pic gorgeous though??

    Omg I got tears in my eyes when I read the end. :( I miss you so so much. It really is a damn shame we live 10,000 miles apart. :*(

  10. This looks like so much fun! You and Steph seem to match in most of the pictures too.

  11. This is so so so cute. I'm so glad you all bonded so well. Yet it's so sad to have to say goodbye, especially to new & amazing friends! xo

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  12. I am so jealous you guys had the most epic blate ever!! I kept seeing pictures pop up on instagram and twitter all weekend....soooo next time, I expect an invite! Totally kidding....maybe ;) haha but seriously, aren't blog friends the best?

  13. Looks had you guys had a blast!!! I'm so jealous you've made bloggie besties haha! I know there is an Ohio Blate that is currently being planned...are you planning on attending?

  14. KATIE!!! i love love love this!!

    i do not remember you guys taking the mustache pics hahahah!! i can't wait to see what you make in that! you could put your mexican (ish?? is it mexican?) dip in there lol kill 2 birds with 1 stone and have a mustache mexican party!!

    Lt Dans New Legs. If i lived there I would become a groupie...mainly for the dark chocolate meaty man. haha!! they were fantastic! i LOVE THE GOAT! and i love all of y'all!!

    jumping/cartwheel pics eeeeep so much fun!! we are all so cute. I had such a blast going allllll around Cbus and campus and zoo! Guarentee that gorilla is still thinking naughty thoughts about me ;-) hehe!

    your fam was too precious for words i just LOVED that we got to meet them...made me so so happy

    made me sooo sad reading "wasn't sure when i would see her again!" that makes me wanna get in my car and drive there right now to hug you and tell you I'm here I'm here and I'm real!! Seriously we need another weekend! Ill drive there again! or maybe ill fly...or take kurt with me so i can drive 1 hour and he can drive 10 lol

    i had so much fun miss katie girl and i cannot wait till our next encounter! you and billy are honestly the sweetest couple and rocky!! my new love for pomeranians!!


  15. wow my comment is a book. buuuut its cause i heart you :-)

  16. It looks like you guys had sooo much fun, I wanted to cry for you at the end!! I cannot imagine saying bye to such amazing friends. Maybe you should move to Texas :) I promise you will love it!! Oh & I am not sure how close you live to St. Mary's, Ohio but I will be there in August!


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