Happy Stripes...


(top: c/o Sugarlips, shorts: H&M, shoes: Target (old), bracelet: pink/orange twist-After Sunset, necklace: Forever21, watch-Michael Kors)

This weekend was perfect. Billy and I enjoyed our first dinner together on our newly finished deck and decided to have friends over for drinks and to make s'mores in our firepit. When I was trying to figure out what to wear, I knew this shirt would be the winner. This top totally spoke to me (...don't tell me that doesn't happen to you!) when browsing the Sugarlips website. Yellow means happy for me (in all cases) and so does stripes. Win-win.  It's perfect for a summer night with friends. You can get one for yourself: here.

Sugarlips has trendy clothes that are really afforable (plus fast shipping!), so make sure you pop on over there &  check out their website.


 I must mention my new favorite Pink/Orange Twist bracelet I'm wearing in the photos above. Good friend and blogger, Chelsea, opened up her own shop on Etsy called After Sunset. Chelsea is seriously talented and has the cutest bracelets available to buy (..not surprised in the least!) I'm so in love with my bracelet from her shop and how well it pairs with my watch and other bracelets. This will be a summer favorite.

Make your arm happy & go get yourself one! ;)

Something else I got to enjoy this weekend was this beautiful little face...
baby Amelia. I got some cute shots of her when her lovely parents came over to our house this weekend.

and because I like to keep it real....

had to.
Told ya this shirt makes me happy!

Tomorrow, I'm sharing more about this perfect weekend
and the time Rocky and a pig became friends.
Yup, it happened.

PS-Thank you to everyone who showed me love yesterday. Your comments and messages don't go unnoticed and definitely helped me to get through Mothers day. Steph sent me the sweetest card in the mail and it totally made my day. Thank you, Stephy (and BBFT), for always thinking of me and knowing what to say!

 How did you spend your weekend?!



  1. I thought I told you to NOT post anything cute that you buy. Thanks a lot. Now I am sitting here in a deep depression that I can't buy the shirt or the bracelet. You look adorable. Seriously. And now I hate you even more.

  2. Love your outfit! And your watch!

  3. Wahoo!!! Again, that bracelet just looks perfect on you! So happy you love it :) I always adore your arm parties so I knew you'd style it beautifully! The whole outfit is amazing and I love all the colors!

    Glad to hear everything went well with the deck and just in time for Summer too!!! :) xoxo

  4. love the outfit!

    that bracelet is so cute!

    and great pictures of Amelia!

  5. that entire outfit is adorable!! im going to go cehck out that site I have never heard of it!

    we have the same watch :-) we're just destined to be friends i think!! and those bracelets are GOR-GEOUS! Chelsea seriously is talented!!

    Amelias little feet. I DIE. How cute are they!!!

    i must hear about Rocky and the pig after seeing your instagram!! hahaha


  6. Cute outfit, love the accessories. Amelia is so adorable and so is her little hat!

  7. Ummm. Gorgeous picture, missy! Love that top and I am LOVING Chelsea's bracelets. I'm going to have to get one for myself ASAP! :)

  8. LOVE your outfit and the beautiful flower in Amelia's hair!

  9. Gorgeous! Love your outfit! Amelia is TOO cute! Love her little headband!

  10. Just ordered the purple acrylic bracelet! Love your blog!!

  11. Cute top! And I have those shoes too...in the dark brown! And Baby Amelia is SOOO cute! Love her cute rose hat!

  12. Your bracelet looks great with your outfit! I can't wait to get mine in - I got the lime green one!!

  13. Love the stripes...I'm wearing them in my post today as well! Baby feet are just the best - oh so cute!


  14. Oh my gosh I love this outfit! So cute! xo

  15. Yay! My sweet Amelia looks so precious!! She truly is a blessing and miracle... even when she wakes us up all hours of the night :-) Thanks for taking such great pictures and having us over. Xoxo

  16. Loving the outfit and the bracelets!! Love it! Love the secksy posing as well :) Rawwwr!!

  17. Ahhh so cute! Love the outfit and you look STUNNING in those pictures!

  18. you are looking super sexy in sugarlips sugar momma!!

    and baby feet. i ADORE baby feet!! so presh!!

  19. I have to say, you have great legs! haha and that shirt is just fantastic :).

  20. Your outfit is so cute! You look gorgeous in the pictures :)

    I love Chelsea's bracelets too!


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