Things I Wonder, Photo Dump, and My Take On Mothers Day.

Hi loves!
Who's excited that it's Friday?!
hand raised.

Besides the fact that I'm constantly wondering how McD's makes their sugar-free vanilla iced coffee so damn good, here are some other things I'm wondering lately.
Feel free to join in on the fun, and share things that you wonder!

...why do Subway employees only put a few pieces of spinach on a VEGGIE sub? Do they think I want to just eat the bread? I said MORE. More veggies too while you're at it.

...what do I find so entertaining about the show Tardy for the Wedding and why do I continue watching repeats?

...why can't I just drop everything for 2 months, go travel, and send the bill to Obama?

...why do the neighbors cut their lawn immediately after Billy cuts ours? Is this some type of yard competition? (if so, we're winning.)

...why is this the wallpaper on my iPhone?

Because I am so amazing. Obviously.
If you want to be amazing too-download app "Paper'd" to get yours. ;)

...why are shopping malls only until 5 or 6pm on Sunday's? this should change.

....why do people feel the need to brag about talking trash about others? That does not make you look cool, or get you more friends.

...is Jess going to get her 3rd speeding ticket on the way to Ohio in a few weeks? Will Erica think me and Billy are whack-a-doos? Why is Steph so pretty? She makes me look bad.

T-minus 12 days!!!!!!!

...why do so many truck drivers honk when cute girls pass them on the highway? Do they think they are going to get some by honking? Just why. (See also: construction workers hootin' and hollering' when girls walk by.)

...why is Taco Bell so good late night?

...why must I pay taxes? Le sigh.

...what would happen if I told Billy I'm not doing a load of laundry for at least 5 more years? I'm fed up with it.

...why do people clip their nails in public places?! That noise drives me insaneee!

...why do people drive under the speed limit (meaning 5 and more)?

Do you wonder any of the same things?! 

Moving on...
As you know, Sunday is Mothers day. Not one of the best days for me. Last year, I asked all of you to please hug/appreciate/celebrate your Mom's a little bit more, for me. This year I ask the same thing...cherish them, celebrate them, enjoy your time with them, be grateful for them. This month and next month, during the anniversary of my Mom's passing, are typically the hardest for me. Every year it just hits me like a ton of bricks. On Sunday, I will say a little prayer that my Mom knows just how much I love her. For those of you who have lost your mother too, I will pray for your strength as well.

I have to note that the past couple days I've had two butterflies hanging out on our deck. I've mentioned it before, but my Mom's 'thing' was butterflies. We planted a butterfly bush at her grave. Is it a sign she's here with me this Mothers day? I'd like to hope so.

...to my stepmom Judy:
I'm so thankful to have you in my life. I'm grateful for your relationship and am so happy with how far we've come. Thank you for everything you've done for me.

...and to my MIL:
thank you for welcoming me so wonderfully into the family and for always making me feel at home!
You are awesome :)

Lastly, just a mini Friday photo dump via Instagram.

1. OOTD: Black polka dot top (H&M) / green crops (F21)
2. Sweet Rocky
3. Our deck is pretty much finished!!
4. Mail from Steph...wonder what it could be??
(see how she calls me her last name now? Hilarious.)

Have a fantastic weekend, ya'll!
No, really. I mean it.


  1. Love the butterflies that have been with you :) Re: the truck drivers and construction workers...I think this just applies to skeezy men in general. Earlier this week as I left Barre class a car of skeezies drove by and one yelled "hey baby can I tap that?" Really?! Has this worked for you before! And the nail clipping...ugh!!! Kills me too. Like nails on a chalkboard!

  2. I was just complaining about the spinach police at Subway yesterday! Makes me crazy!

  3. I was once in a boutique and the girl at the cashier was clipping her nails. Eeek! I must go get those f21 crops now. And I will be praying for you sunday. Butterflies are beautiful and I'm sure that's your mom saying she loves you! : ) have a great weekend!

  4. happy friday! i'll keep you and your family in my thoughts on Sunday

  5. bahahaa! I love this. I'll be thinking of you and your beautiful mama on Sunday.

  6. I'll be thinking of you & your momma on Sunday.

    I'm with ya on the veggie sub thing, I've started to just glare until they add more veggies. haha

  7. love the pic with you as a lil girl leaning on your mom, cracks me up b/c i bet you had her scratch your back like you make me lol. love you babe! taco bell is open late night for US! and lastly cutting your nails in our home is a private place! you hate any nail cutting/picking

  8. First of all, Billy's comment is so sweet. I can't eat Taco Bell sober or before 12pm...but LATE NIGHT it's so so so good!

    I'll be thinking of you and your mom on Sunday! That is a beautiful picture of you two! xoxo

  9. Lots going on today...so many good thoughts...like why IS Taco Bell so good late at night? And if we were in a yard was with our neighbors..we would for sure LOSE! ;)

    Thinking of you this weekend, especially on Sunday. Thanks for being so open with us...I can only imagine how difficult it is not having your mom here. You're an amazingly strong girl Katie! :)

  10. Totally have to comment on taco bell...what is it about that place that makes it SO amazing late at night? I need to know their secret! And I will hug my mom extra tight and think of this post for you. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for my mom. And while I'm at it I'm sending a big fat virtual hug your way too! xoxo

  11. WHY....cant it be May 25??

    WHY....cant i be driving to Ohio as we speak?

    WHY...cant i snuggle you and bill and steph and beau and jess and rocky?

    SOON :-) Love you girly!!!

    i always get a veggie delight at subway an they put like TWO PEPPERS on it. Scuse me if i want to gnaw on a loaf of bread i'd get it from panera THATS FO SHO

    the sunday night mall thing. Im with ya sista!! Its always sunday nights im sitting on the couch getting the urge to go shopping! which then results with walking around walmart or target because they open till 9 hahah

    ill be thinking of you this sunday soo much love <3 your mom will definately be with you that day and she loves you lots and lots :-) you are so right though to hug moms a little tighter and be grateful for them :-) I plan to do that sunday and think of you katie!

    i got chills reading the butterfly thing. I totally believe in that. Theres a red cardinal that always comes along on holidays and birthdays and we are convinced its my grandmother :-)

    love you and hope you have an amaaazing weekend :-)!!!


  12. I.Love. This. Post and I love you too darling. The deck looks really really good, guys! And I WILL NOT be getting another (third speeding ticket) You know I run "fashionably late" all the time so just go ahead and eat dinner without me if I am that late, I will stop at one of the 200 Wendy's on the way. 12 days!?????

  13. I'll be thinking about you Sunday. I promise to hug my Mommy extra tight, just for you. I have an amazing butterfly story if you want to hear it someday.

  14. Love u and know ur mama is so proud of you :) she's lookin down on u and smiling ... See u in a second!

  15. First off, love reading your blog!

    I used to work at subway, surprisingly the formula allows only 3!! of each vegetable on a six inch sandwich (double for footlong)..so that is why 'sandwich artists' seem so stingy! I used to get scolded for putting more..

    Have a good weekend!

  16. I haven't seen the Tardy for the Wedding yet, but I need to! I bet I'll fall in love with it. HAHA

    I'll be thinking of you this weekend with Mother's day! I try to think of it as my special guardian angel that I gained when I lost my mom. I love that butterflies remind you of your mom... me too! That and whenever I see sun peeking through the clouds in a certain way. It's her saying hello!

    Love you!

  17. YOU SAID Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I loves you so much. LIke in teeny, tiny, little baby bitty pieces!

  18. I havent watched Tardy for the Party yet but it is on my list! That is definitely one that has to be done when the hubs is not home.

    The butterflies gave me chills...love that! Thinking about you this weekend :)

  19. You will be in my thoughts on Sunday! When Cameron's brother passed away it was the week before Mother's Day so it's a tough day for her, too. :(

    On a more upbeat note:
    -your deck looks amazing
    -i love your green paints/polk dot shirt outfit
    -why IS taco bell so darn good late at night??

  20. I often wonder many of these same things, especially about the truck drivers and why Steph is so pretty. Geeeez ;)

    I just want you to know that I'll be thinking of you this weekend. You have helped me through all of this so much, Katie! You are truly a gem and I'm so grateful that our "paths" crossed when they did. Your beautiful mom will be with you this weekend as always. xoxo

  21. Is it weird that I love leaving comments and seeing Billy's comments. It's always anonymous but I can tell it's him. YOU GUYS ARE TOO CUTE!

    Love Tardy for the Party.. she's a hot mess!
    Will be thinking of you on Sunday sweet girl. Hope Billy and Rocky give you lot's of hugs and kisses :)

  22. i always tell all of my friends and anyone who will listen to hug and kiss their moms double for me this weekend....

    it's a really, really hard day. all we can ask is for people to appreciate what and amazing gift they still have.

    i KNOW that those butterflies are your mom's work. i know it like i know my own name. they never leave us, even when they have to leave us. i always find that my mom "shows up" when i am struggling the most with something and needing her....and now i am teary and can't see my keyboard...

    i will think about you on sunday....just know your momma IS with you.

    <3 <3 <3

  23. The butterflies are definitely from your mom- she sent them just for you! :) Have a wonderful weekend Katie!

  24. thinking of you on moms day <3

  25. Your list is hysterical. I cannot stand when I ask for extra banana peppers and they still put only five or six. Ha!

    Thinking of you on Mom's day, lady!!


  26. Love your green pants! So cute! Praying for you this Mother's Day. I can't imagine going through what you go through each year.

  27. Before I dive into the serious stuff .... I HATE when truck drivvers do that! It's annoying and I'm not sure why they bother.

    Your friend is friving from Houston to see you?! Whhhaatt?! HOW LONG IS THAT DRIVE???

    Moving into a serious note: I've always admired peole (you included) on how you deal with days like this and other holidays. Your strength to continue to live life is amazing and very encouraging to those that have lost a Mom or will at some point in life. I know that "life goes on" but I can't imagine how it does. So your strength and words will always be remembered by me when that day comes.

    I'm leaving in about an hour to have brunch with my family. Like you asked, I'll be sure to cherish that time with my Mom even more.

    Thinking of you today ... and all of my other friends who no longer have their Mom on Mother's Day.

  28. Hey pretty lady--I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking especially of you yesterday. It is a great day to remember and cherish the memories you have with your mother. She is most definitely looking down on you and smiling. She is so lucky to have a daughter like you! Love you girl!!

  29. I adore your blog! I have been reading your blog for awhile but this is my first time commenting. This post really spoke to me about how many similarities we have. 1. I am a fellow Central Ohio buckeye. From a northern suburb. 2. I find Tardy for the Wedding ridiculously entertaining too. 3. Yesterday was my third Mother's day since my mom passed away. I wrote a little post about it today if you want to check it out. I know sometimes it gets hard knowing that most peers around our age can be so amazingly supportive but just don't know the pain of losing a parent.

  30. So, I don't know if this is true, but I heard that truck drivers honk at girls because they can see down their shirts if the sunroof is open. EWWW!!!


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