SO Much Goodness {Farmers Market Lovin'}

Can we talk about the premiere of the Bachelorette last night for a quick minute?
Emily...she's the cutest. I haven't been this excited for a Bachelorette since Jillian. I don't think Emily's dress was the most flattering on her, but she looked stunning (was it just me or did you hear that about 592 times last night? Get a new word, bachelors!) nonetheless.

If I were Emily, I'd literally skip to the final four men. I hate to say it, but I feel as though she is wayyy out of most of these guys' league. I do think she made a great call on giving Doug the first impression rose. He seems the most sincere so far, and you can tell he's there to find love. Did anyone else see how SMITTEN Emily was when race car driver man (sorry, can't remember his name right now) got out of the limo?! She loves him. Calling it.
Anyway, here are my 4 favorite bachelors (and who I think will make it the farthest): Ryan (trainer man), Doug, Race car driver man, and Sean. I'm not too sure on Sean yet, but he seems like a good pick. Who do you guys predict?!

So...one of my favorite summer activities is to go to our local farmers market on Saturday mornings. There are different ones you can pick from here in Columbus, but our favorite is Olde Worthington's. It is such a cute area and we enjoy walking around the city and looking at the older homes after we shop. Billy would probably say all the things I buy at the farmers market is ridiculous, but I enjoy supporting local farmers and everything is just so tasty! I just can't say no (especially to kettle corn)! One of our traditions is to get cupcakes at my favorite cupcake store while we shop, Blue Frost Cupcakes. We were walking around on Saturday, and there was this man walking his pig on a leash. Rocky literally stopped in his tracks, looked at him kinda funny, then immediately ran over to him and kissed him on the snout. I'm 99% sure Rocky judged him by his looks at first, and then was like, "let's be friends, dude". It was so hilarious and cute. Maybe a pig is in the Krysh future...? Just kidding everyone.

If you haven't been to a farmers market before, I highly suggest looking for one in your city and giving it a go!
Even if that means just to get the strawberries.
Ohhh my, the strawberries. ahhh...
So, so, delicious.

cupcakes for us...

and a "Pupcake" for Rocky...

I ate that entire bag of kettle corn before it was dinner time.
No joke. Are you surprised?

Do you love farmers markets as much as I do?

Now it's time to meet an amazing blogger friend of mine, named Stormy.
She blogs over at Life's A Dance. Haven't been to her blog before?

Well, now is the perfect time to go meet her!

hint: she has her first giveaway going on right NOW. You best enter that.

This gorgeous gal and my football teams (Wisconsin vs OSU) 
go head to head every year & she's a pretty legit Registered Nurse with a heart of gold. She has known her fiance since she was 8 YEARS OLD. How cool is that?!
Take it away, girl!

Hey all you Keep Calm & Carry On ladies! 
My name is Stormy {No, I'm not a stripper and my parents were not hippies} and I blog over at Life's A Dance
I need to start this post with a huge thanks to Katie for letting me grace her blog today! SO excited to be here with you all! 
Katie's blog has been one of my favs since I really started getting into this blogging business. 
And let's just say I'm addicted {to it all} now. 
Alright, let's go. 
I'm a Wisconsin girl born and bred. I love being dressed up in heels and pearls but will jump in a waist deep mud pit to rescue cows or ATV's if needed. Been there. Done that. No sweat. I grew up in a city of 1,000 people and couldn't wait to leave. Now I'm doing everything possible to get back.  Funny how that happens ehh? 
I am a Registered Nurse trying to find the specialty that's right for me. I'm thinking babies or hospice. Can you get more opposite? I'm also a daughter, a sister, and a bride to be <3
I've known my fiance since I was about 8 years old. For real. We got engaged on Christmas Day 2011 and will be married 09.15.12!! Wedding planning is well underway! {Any advice is greatly welcome!}  
Want to meet my hunk?
 Oh yeah. That's allll mine. 
It's totally okay if you're jealous. I don't blame you :) 
Before I get too distracted though let me fill you in on what 
Life's A Dance is all about. I started blogging to remember. Almost like a online diary...though not quite as juicy. 
Now I blog about my daily life, wedding planning {of course}, my attempts at being fashionable, my love for DIY-ing, travel {wishful thinking} crafts, and baking and whatever else pops into thee ole' brain. It's a never ending smorgasbord really.
A few random deats about myself:
I'm addicted to reality tv.
I'm 5 foot 5 inches tall. I could drink french vanilla cappuccino and caramel fraps all day. And margaritas. Morning, noon and night. 
I am WAY too sarcastic! #wayoflife
I love:
Decorating my house-thank goodness for Pinterest! 
Sugar-most anything with sugar
The color pink
My family, friends and my bloggy buddies
Christmas time
Target {spend WAY too much time and $$ there!}
Fishing {pink pole of course}
I hope to be a photographer some day! 
 And I'd love it if you stop on by! 
I love getting to know all you lovely people! 
Come on over, bring a good drink, kick it up and stay awhile!  Again, thank you SO much Katie!
{P.S. If you're looking for a side job as a personal stylist...I'll hire you}

  **Interested in being featured on my blog?
Email me @ whalenkat@gmail.com for more info on sponsoring!
I'm accepting sponsors for June and I'd love to have you!!
I have had a blast with all of my current and past sponsors! :)


  1. Ah, cant wait to go to the market .. Maybe I'll go this weekend :) loved all the pics!! and rocky and the pig = so stinkin cute!

  2. I love farmers markets, unfortunately, there is not one worth going to near me. That is so funny that your dog was lovin on the pig!! Haha I love cupcakes....but who doesn't? :-)

  3. I love farmer's markets ... I'm so happy that we have a few in our town and can't wait to visit this summer.

    The strawberries look incredible and so red!

    And how cute! Too funny that you said he judged him by his looks first! He made up for it with the kiss :)

    Great pictures!

  4. Mmm kettle corn ... and strawberries! :D

    Love the pig picture too, so sweet!

  5. I think she will pick either Ryan or Arie the rce car driver. I wasn't blown away with any of the guys, really. I mean it's EMILY!!! Come on ABC. Or, maybe she is just attracted to random weird types?? Hmmmm...shall be interesting! :) either way, I still love Emily!

  6. That farmer's market looks amazing and it's so big. I really need to fidn one like that around here! Those strawberrys look so juicy and sweet and all of those cheeses- omg I would be in heaven!!!! How adorable are those pupcakes?! Never saw that before.

  7. Fresh picked strawberries are the BEST! And I love kettlecorn too!

  8. The picture with the pig is adorable!

  9. going to the farmer's market is my favorite in the summer! and you're right- the strawberries are always the best.

  10. I LOVE Farmers Markets! I had a great one that we went to in Pittsburgh and I'm still looking for a good one in Houston. As for bachelorette, I loved Doug and race car driver too! So excited for this season!!!!

  11. St Paul and Minneapolis both have really good farmer's markets, and we keep meaning to go, but we can't seem to get out of bed early enough! HAHAHAHA Maybe this weekend! :)

  12. I had to DVR it! Watching tonight...but can't wait! And our farmer's market starts next week...SO excited for fresh produce!

  13. Your town looks so charming!


    my absolute fav type of popcorn ever! :-)

    love farmers markets...ive only been to a couple out in Martha's Vineyard but need to look for more close to me!! those strawberries look deeelish

    and who came up with the term PupCakes!! How adorable is that!

    rockys new pig friend...i bet theyre dreaming of eachother ;-)

    going to check out stormy hahah already love her by her comparison to saying no im not a stripper

    and the fact that she loves margaritas at all hours of the day. SOLD!! :-)

    xoxoxo 10 days

  15. I must find a farmer's market soon! Looks so fun!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. That Rocky, he is good looking and has a big heart! He must have learned it from his fur mom ;) Love Farmer's Markets.. I can't wait to go to all of the great ones in Colorado soon. I missed The Bachelorette (I know, I know) but I did read the tweets and from what I hear Jef made quite an impression. Isn't he the one with the weird hair?? I'm home sick from work today so I might have to jump on abc.com and watch! Have a great day :)

  18. Ryan is from my hometown, Augusta, and graduated from the same high school as I did. He's such a sweet, southern guy...and not to mention, he's nice on the eyes!! I absolutely loved his little note : ) We're Team Ryan here in Augusta! But, I think the race car driver, Charlie I believe, is adorable too!!

  19. I love Farmer's Markets!! You always get the best tasting produce and home cooked foods there!

  20. I'm calling Charlie and the football coach. HUBBA HUBBA COME TO MOMMA! HAHAHA (Watch Beau read this and totally call me out now...haha...whooooops!)

    Billy's ass looks good, as always. You should probably take that pic down before you have girls beating your door down to see Ray J's badonkadonk. ;)

    Oh Rocky! I can't WAIT to meet your sweet furry cheeks!!! SO SO SO CUTE!!!

    LOVE YOU KATIE-DID!!! 8ish days!!!

  21. Girl I am with you on the kettle corn. Cant stop eating it once I start and nothing is better than when it is freshly made!!

    Love that pic of Rocky and the pig!

  22. I love love love farmers markets! We have tons in Minneapolis and they are one of my favorite parts of summer!

  23. Arie the race car driver!!! yes!!! who could blame her for being smitten? i was swooning at that boy all the way from my bed. and he has such a calm, mellow respectful vibe to him too. i love how he asked her if she was ok with his life in racing. my heart just swelled right up. he's my pick for sure, but i do think you nailed the rest of the final 4down too....

    and farmer's markets are the best. i wish we had a good one around here, but i have to go all the way in to NYC (of course, that's pretty much the best one int he country, so i shouldn;t complain about the 90 minute trip, but still...)

  24. I'm totally with you on Arie. Once you go racecar driver, you don't go back. Isn't that the saying? Also, i'm feeling pretty confident with Ryan. Hello, handsome.

    I'm co-hosting a little Bachelorette Dish link up every Tuesday if you're interested.

    Have a great week & enjoy all that fresh produce! Yum.

  25. I love the Worthington Farmer's market...I may have to take Boomer down next weekend. She'll try and eat everything in sight too :)

  26. That farmer's market looks so fun! Would you believe I grew up in Worthington and I've never been to that?! I should definitely go! I'm craving some strawberries now!

  27. Your farmers market pictures are beautiful! Having fun with that camera, eh? I'm calling Arie...or race car driver guy as the one she picks. Totally. I mean are there any other options? You were so right! None of these guys are stallions. Bummed.

  28. I love Arie (race car driver) and really would not be surprised if he won. I think Charlie is a total heart throb and hope to see him in the finals. Doug seems very nice and genuine, but I don't think they'll end up together. I bet he will go a long way though.

    Is that the Worthington Farmer's Market? I've never been to that one but would love to. The one in Hilliard is kind of lame, but not terrible.

  29. 3 out of your 4 picks are the same as mine. I can't remember who Sean is??? But I'm excited to see what happens.

    Your farmer's market photos are awesome. I can't wait to start going to some of the ones here this summer. Love this time of year!

  30. Bachelorette talk first: I think my first fave is Arie, the race car driver guy...not sure why, but probs just because I thought he was hot in his uniform. ;) My hubz (yes he watches with me) picked Tony the Trainer and he has an uncanny knack for nailing the final guy/girl on the first night. I'm also curious to see what Jef's all about...at first I was like, NO, but then he grew on me. It's gonna be interesting!! ;)

    And now on to your farmer's market: OMG, how stinkin' cute!! I want strawberries, kettle corn & to see a pig on a leash!!!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  31. Love love love the Farmers Market! :) My favorites so far are Ryan and Arie!


  32. I LOVE the pic of Rockey and the pig! It could be used on a greeting card or something, too cute!

  33. 1. I love Stormy

    and 2, they gave Emily way to many douchy guys!


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