What Do TX, OH, KY, & MA All Have In Common?

Yep, this is happening.
Everything is set in stone.
I can hardly contain my excitement!!

Allow me to fill you in.

A couple months ago I had this genius idea to see if these amazing blogger girls (above) wanted to make a trip to Ohio for my birthday next month and have a big blogger meet up. I knew I could convince Jess to come since she's only a 3 hour drive from me and we've already become besties, but I wasn't sure about Erica considering she lives so far away in Boston and well, Steph and I just went on vacation together. 

Ever since Steph and I met and went on vacation together, I've been depressed x20 that we literally live on opposite sides of the U.S. I'm not kidding when I say she is one of my best friends and my other half. I've missed her (and BBFT) so much. Being that plane tickets to/from where we live {Texas to Ohio-if you didn't catch on to that} are SO ridiciously expensive - we weren't sure they could come in May for my birthday.

I mean, what 2 Texans want to spend excessive money on plane tickets
to travel to Ohio to see little ole' me and Billy?

I guess they do because...
they booked their flights yesterday
and are staying with us for 5 nights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is about to be the best birthday ever, I'm sure.
I was doing a big happy dance all night last night.
kinda like this one...

So, over Memorial Day weekend, we will have...
-the amazing Erica driving in all the way from Boston (love her)
-the Kentucky Priss, Jess, who will hopefully make the 3 hour drive from Kentucky easy peasy by NOT getting a 3rd speeding ticket
-Zebra loving Steph and her hubs Beau from Texas (Billy and Beau's bromance Round 2 is about to go down...)
-and ME hosting all of them at our house!

The best part?
I can't wait to show them
*my city!
*my friends
*my family
and have all of us together to just party and hang out!

The worst part?
This means I need to start cleaning & planning fun things to do
....like 5 minutes ago.
I mean, if they have an awful time, it's ALL on me!
I'm feelin' the pressure.

A big thanks to my loving husband who is JUST as equally excited as I am, doesn't think we are huge weirdos, and is helping me with all of this.

Is it May 23rd yet?
Blog Fest 2012 is about to go down.

...Rocky is even excited.

{Erin~Invitation is still there...COME! Carolyn and Kristin~you two will be missed, but I'm sure we will Facetime late night atleast 3 or 4 times.. :)}

Over and Out!


  1. Awesome! What a great birthday present!! They will love the Buckeye State :)

  2. How fun, Katie! What an awesome idea for a birthday celebration. =)

    Keep Shining,

  3. EEEEEEkkkk sooooooooooo excited to spend that weekend with some gorgeous girls!!! :) Love you to the moon sisssybelle xoxoxo

  4. SOOO excited/jealous! sounds like a blast!

  5. Sounds like its going to be EPIC saucy-pants!!!!!

  6. I'm super jealous!! My hubby would think I was crazy, wanting to host a blogger meetup at our apartment. Maybe one day I could convince him otherwise.... Either way, y'all will have so much fun!

  7. I better be invited over so I can meet all these girls too! :) exciting!!!

  8. So much fun! I'm already excited to see that updates - is that weird? Maybe a little? Oh well!

    Cheers to cleaning house & meeting blog friends!

    Xo, Jess

  9. This post makes my heart hurt a little! HAHA :(

  10. Sooo jelly! My invite must have gotten lost in the mail?? Haha just kidding!!Ya'll will have a blast!!

  11. booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! i mean i'm excited for you girls, but sad we can't be there!

    MINNIE TRIP! plan that shiz!

  12. OOOOO how funnn!!! You girls are going to have a BLAST!!

  13. Sounds like such a good time! I'm sure you'll have some great stories!

  14. SO fun! You girls are going to have the BEST TIME!!

  15. awe this is so sweet! I just love seeing the blog world come together! Makes the world seem less big! YES! You are bound to have a fab birthday!

  16. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that the Erin you are referring to in that last little bit is me :) In which case--I am still planning on coming. The only thing that *might* change this is if we have our huge ole canoe trip that we do with like 30 friends over that weekend. We will be in touch friend. In the mean time, I am going to go pee my pants thinking about how epic this would be.

  17. This makes me very very excited!!! I'll help plan!!!!

  18. ummm...they're not Iowa?

    Sounds like a lot of fun!

  19. awwww muffins!!!! this is awesome!! you guys are going to have the best time ever!! Please take lots of pics and videos and send them my way so i can join in on the fun ;) E has my digits!

  20. That is so amazing!! It sounds like it's going to be so fun! Can't wait to see all the pictures when you guys meet up! :)

  21. Aw man! This is AWESOME!!! I'm completely jealous that you've swung this crazy blogger meet up! It's going to be so much FUN!! :)

  22. Soooo fun! I can only imagine y'alls post recapping to us all.

  23. i dont even know what to say because if i said it, it would be a book! BECAUSE IM SO FLIPPING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its completely worth the 10 hour drive!! i just need a cooler with capri suns...food (obviously) TUNES (obviously) and ill be GOOOOD TO GO! i also love the gas prices in ohio. SO GOOD and so much lower than here! hahah

    i cannnnooootttt wait to see all of yall! EEK EEK EEK

    and yes carolyn adn kristin will be missed and yes facetime!!!! but their reason is preeetttyyy legit :-) HEHEH!



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