Tricks and Treats! ;)

Happy hump day!
This week, unlike last week, is flying by.

Let me just say that I really enjoyed reading all of your responses on my lottery post yesterday. We all seem to be on the same page with how we would spend the money. So I was thinking, maybe all of us need to get in on it and split if we win? Just a thought ;)

I need to point something out, though.
Did anyone read my bestie, Steph's comment?
(they love Ohio State..)

Girlfriend does not mess around...

She left me this comment:

"Beau and I were JUST talking about this too!! Like DEEP DEEP thoughts lol. I can barely remember any of them because Beau got all statistical and shit but what I DO know is that I would buy you a house right next to me. (That is, after I by myself something similar to the playboy mansion.) I would put a froyo store right between the two houses so weme can have impromptu dates to our very own ice cream store.
In the ice cream store, I would put one of those wood/hook things like Billhead played in Naples so we could keep him entertained at all hours of the day.
We would have a large pool (DUH) with a grotto and a swim up bar with Rock look-a-like bartenders. (Brody Jenner look-a-like for you...) No one under 115 pound would be allowed to our pool...we don't need bitches showin' us up...
Karina and Katrina would visit us every morning, right after we got personal massages on our private beach.
We would then take my new car, nothing less than a hot pink H2 and buy an entire mall. Everything in size M or 4-6 will do (this way we can share everything)
Then we would donate a smidgen to OSU and UH so we could get the hook up on season tickets. Thank GOD we would have a private jet to fly us to all the games and once football season is over, we would live the other part of the year in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora.
Done and done.
When can we go pick up the money?"

I can't say for sure, but I'm 99.7% positive she has thought this through
 once or twice before.
This is also why I love her so.

While we're on the topic of winning things,
today you get an opportunity to potentially win something, too!
(Sorry, not the lotto, but still good.)

My girl Ashlee is taking over the blog today.
Ashlee is the coolest.
She's gorgeous, funny, and
she has a North Face giveaway going on right now that you can enter!
...so hit that up, friends
and please give Ashlee a warm welcome!!

Well, hellooooo Keep Calm and Carry On readers.  I hate to take you away from the amazing Katie for the day...I mean, the girl has some blogging charm, I tell you....but I hope to keep you entertained!  If nothing else, I definitely have some quality treats! But, let me tell you a little about me before I get to the gooood stuff. I’ll try to make it quick.

I’m Ashlee and my little blog is And They Lived Happily Ever After…

My blogworld is all about my life as a health obsessed, faith obsessed, entertainment TV obsessed, happily(moooost of the time, let's be real) married life. I have been known to laugh too much, cry too little, and always have a joke on hand.  Well, a joke that at least one person thinks is funny…including me.   Serious is so not my cup of tea…or scotch....or double chocolate milkshake….hey, whatever your little heart desires.  We are not here to judge.
My husband of two years is a Submarine Officer and that keeps our life intriguing.
Meet him. He’s a gem, I tell you.

I got in to blogging because I think there is beauty to be found in everyday...and blogging helps me to remember it all.

Okaaaay, so treat time.  I won’t make you wait any longer. My first little treat for you(the less cool of the two) is this little wedding video that will make you happy any day of the week.  I promise.  Ashlee guaranteed. You may want to fast forward to about a minute in, but don’t go over that!

I mean, that is straight blackmail-worthy, right?
Yes, we rehearsed.  Poor guy. At least he knew what he was getting into before he said "I do."
Alright, enough of my white girl dance moves.  I’ll get on to treat #2.
I am hosting a BLOG GIVEAWAY and it ends tomorrow night!

Come take a look but to give you a hint, it may or may not have the phrase "North Face" on it.  Eeeeek! :)… And I may or may not have bought a duplicate to keep.  Hey, I said no judging! 
So, if you’d like to enter, head on over to here and follow me!
Nice to meet you guys, hope to see you in the blogosphere soon!

Enter her giveaway: here
On a much less awesome note-
tonight is the last episode of one of my alltime favorite shows...
One Tree Hill.

I may shed a tear or two.
I've loved watching this show over the years
and Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis is my favorite character, ever.
Her character is sassy and badass and I think Sophia herself is drop dead gorgeous, and well..I'm sad I won't able to watch anymore!

Anyone else?





  2. Katie I cant even tell you how my heart breaks because this show is ending. It was suh a big part of the teen-twenty something years. Ive watched EVERY episode. Love that gang :-)

  3. Katie I cant even tell you how my heart breaks because this show is ending. It was suh a big part of the teen-twenty something years. Ive watched EVERY episode. Love that gang :-)

  4. Law school killed my love affair with One Tree Hill and when I got out I was so lost I gave up! But love Sophia Bush and hope she does something else so I can watch again and again...

  5. so sad about OTH ending :( and Brooke is by far my favorite ever!!!!!

  6. I too am sad about this show ending! It has been one of my favorites to watch over the years. They have had some cray cray drama and I have shed many a tear while watching! Heading over to follow Ashlee now :)

  7. OTH, now and forever will always be one of my favorites. SO sad it's ending tonight :( but so happy to see I'm not the only one who was still watching it!

  8. Ha, I know Ashlee's DJ! :) Sweet moves!

  9. Ok ALL that blog post and everyone comments about One Tree Hill?


    I leave probably THE best comment in blog history, two Texans in OSU shirts are posted, Ashlee slaps on a hysterical video of her and her husband's first dance, there's a Northface giveaway involved and the only thing you have to say is "I'm so depressed some show about a hill and a tree is ending...blah blah blah." ????

    WTF?? Get with it people.

    16 & Pregnant is WHERE IT'S AT.

    (2nd best comment in blog history ever.)

  10. OMG! I am so sad about OTH!!!! I'm also sad that I can't start watching it until like 10pm tonight! NOT OK! HAHA :)

  11. I'm a new follower. And I so agree about OTH. There will be a few tears shed. At least it is two hours.

  12. oh my, I am a one tree hill fanatic as well, and I've been so upset all week over this :( at least it's 2 hours!!

  13. Cute wedding video!!! I love that you guys had fun with it! And Katie, for the record, if I won the lottery, I'd now buy us matching range rovers!

  14. Brooke is my favorite too! I will be shedding tears tonight. Sophia Bush is gorgeous. Definitely on my style icon wall.

  15. AWWW it's over?! I was OBSESSED with OTH in high school and definitely watched it for the majority of college too. I haven't watched the past few seasons, but I'm thinking of starting all over from the beginning. I love Brooke! But I wish Lucas and Peyton had stayed on the show :(

  16. I've watched OTH since the beginning and I'm already ready for tonight with a pint of ben & jerry's fro yo. I warned my husband and pup WEEKS ago that tonight is going to be a rough one.. btw IDK about you but I'm REALLY hoping Peyton and Luke come back for this one :) I LURVED her!!

  17. Haha, love Steph's ideas! :) Is that "wood and hook" game she talked about where there is a hook on a tree (or piece of wood) and a metal ring on a string that you have to get on the hook!? If so, they have that in Hilton Head and my husband played for HOURS until he could get it. I tried and got it on try 3..he was so pissed, LOL!

  18. I've watched OTH from the very beginning and it saddens me to think it's almost over :( I will definitely cry tonight I'm sure! And Brooke has always been my favorite character as well! Beautiful AND badass.


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