If I Won The Lottery, I Would Buy...

I didn't win the mega millions lottery Friday night.
Shocking and depressing all at the same time, I know.

However, Billy and I did discuss what we would do with the money (you know, after the crazy amount of taxes) if we did win. Or if we win in the future. Because that is completely normal, right?

Hey, there's a chance..
always a chance.

Here's what made our
"How We Would Spend Our Lottery Money"

(please keep in mind most of our answers were just for comical and unrealistic (well, some) purposes. I'd like to think I would save some of it. Some is the keyword.)

+The first thing out of my mouth was, "Range Rover!"
My favorite vehicle out of all vehicles.
I would feel too legit to quit in one of them.


the car Billy would want?
 Ferrari f430..

+Travel abroad for months on end
Aruba. Jamaica. Oooh, I wanna take ya to.. sorry, had to.
Back to the list..Ireland. Italy. Australia. Thailand. Greece. Africa.
Who knows, maybe even Fiji. Most definitely Fiji.

Pinned Image

+Buy a house on Lake Norman in Charlotte (Billy's pick)

{2011 trip to Charlotte}

and with the house...we would need a boat, obviously.
One of those gigantic million dollar yachts.
Yes, one of those.

Pinned Image
this would suffice...

+Pay off our house

+Invest some of it

+Buy a frozen yogurt shop
and put a dispenser in our house so I had access 24/7.
Can you guess who suggested this?
Just to reap the benefits of free fro-yo all the time.

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+Buy the house I grew up in and fix it up!

I talked about the meaning behind this here.
Many of you haven't seen that post, but it was one of my favorites.

The house is beautiful, but needs some updating!

+Open up some type of cancer center for children

+Buy other condos/houses in Florida, NYC, & somewhere in California
...just so that we have most areas in the U.S covered.

We also said we would want to live in NYC for a year or 2 before we had kids.
We love it there, but wouldn't want to live there for a long time.

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+Go on a mass shopping spree!
Bags, shoes, jeans, bags, shoes, jeans...

who am I kidding?
This might be the first thing I do.

+Take all our friends to Vegas for a week

+Hire a personal chef for a year 
(or for how many years we could afford to do so)

Curtis Stone wouldn't be too bad...

Pinned Image

...in that case, I'd also hire Jillian Michaels
to train me once a month.

+Take my parents on a trip somewhere as a family
and give my Dad some cash
just for ALL the crazy teenage shenanigans I pulled when in high school
...which stressed him out beyond belief.

+Have a hibachi grill in each of our houses
those things are amaze. 

+Season tickets to OSU football
at the 50 yard line - 5 rows up preferably
(for me)
Floor seats to the Cavs games
(for Billy)

Well, that doesn't seem like too much, now does it?
It was pretty fun to come up with this list and let your imagination run wild!

What would make your Lottery list?!

PS:  The book "Bloom" written by my favorite blogger, Kelle Hampton, was released today at Target and Barnes and Noble. Go get yourself a copy!
She is pretty much my role model.



  1. so much fun stuff! This is a cute idea! Might have to swipe it ;P

  2. ah, Rick and I did this over the weekend too! So funny to read this. Love it. Rick and I would love to live in NYC for a year too, funny that you mentioned that. Also, buying houses all over the country, completely normal, right!? Ah, I want a house in Florida soo bad! or maybe the caribbean too!? talk to you soon lady, can we go out and get drinks soon, please!???

  3. Love it! Range Rover is totally my first though too :)

  4. My lottery list is simple: Pay off remaining student loan debts, pay off house, update anything/everything that needs it in our house then vacation the crap outta life! Haha- We'd love to travel to exotic locations and bring friends/family along too!!

  5. Nice choices but, I think you mean a Ferrari F430 cause they dont make a F450.

    Also I would hope that I would be in charge of all your investing/vacationing.

    I like this post though, its always fun to think about being RICH! I am suprised you didnt include a personal bone thugs concert for them to come sing you Ghetto Cowboy or even have them just follow you around and play it over and over.

  6. Definitely travel for many, many months! We want to go to all those same places :) And I would definitely want a personal chef and trainer!

  7. Next time you should dream big... Ha! Joking.. But seriously, I my "if I won the lottery wish list" would be similar... :)

  8. This was a fun post! I want to compile a list. Maybe I'll work in food somehow so I can put it on my blog. :) That's what I do sometimes- twist food into whatever I want to write about. Oh, and giiiiiirl, I had a rangie, for 2 years. It was brand spanking new, white, with ivory interior and black piano wood. It. was. awesome. Jealous much?! Ha ha.

  9. Haha! This is such a fun list!! I feel like you may or may not have just spent all of the 100 million you "won". I like this list. It would be fun to think of what I would do. Student loans paid off, new house, car paid off, step up the wedding, travel a TON...and of course a shopping spree would have to happen. I wonder how much you would have to put into a bank account to be able to live off the interest monthly. I should probably look into this as I'm sure it will be of immediate concern in the future.

  10. Oh my you have got it all covered! I was just thinking about all the dream clothes I would buy but you came up with some awesome things! Hibachi grill? Yes please! Only if one of those awesome chefs from the restaurant comes with it haha.
    Maybe my own personal sushi chef as well?? Now all I can think about is food! Figures ;)
    Happy Tuesday lady!

  11. I would definitely buy my house from my mom and update it (and probably buy the house next door too so I could have another acre so my horse could stay there). I was telling people at work the other day that if I won the mega millions, chances are I would never see them again. Haha.

  12. LOVE your lottery list! We have very similar list items lol - The Husband would DEFINITELY have a fast car on the list =)

  13. Sounds pretty darn fun. You had me at fro-yo.

  14. Such a fun wish list! Pretty sure you could have all of that and more if you won this most recent lotto!!

  15. great list!

    i would definitely have multiple houses in different cities and states. oh and i would quit my job and travel the world trying all the world's finest sandwiches!

    and yes i would definitely have a black range rover sittin on some 22s

  16. We won a whopping $2 in the lottery....so our "list" will never get used...but it was fun to make!

  17. I can see you driving a RR! :) and you gotta have a little Curtis with those winnings! haha Like you would want to eat though - I would just ask him to pour me wine as I stare at his behind haha. We can dream can't we? xoxoxo

  18. You would definitely also need a house in Charleston!

    We would definitely build a house on the water, have a big ol' fishing boat, a huge closet with amazing clothes and I want some horses!! haha

  19. yeah, that range is pretty sick :)

    are you guys in cbus or cleveland?

  20. the husband and i did this a few years ago. my list was completely full of selfish materialistic things (definitely a range rover, new house, vacations, etc). his was full of who he would give the money to.

    he said my bad karma/selfish self will forever doom us from winning the lottery.


  21. LOVE Lake Norman! I work on that lake along with many others! They sure have some awesome houses there too!

  22. haha love the list! I would travel everywhere too!

  23. Hi friend. You forgot a very important one "Give half of our winnings to Erin because she is the coolest and I love her so..."
    Just fyi ;)

  24. Frozen yogurt dispenser in the kitchen - yes please! Great idea.

  25. Beau and I were JUST talking about this too!! Like DEEP DEEP thoughts lol. I can barely remember any of them because Beau got all statistical and shit but what I DO know is that I would buy you a house right next to me. (That is, after I by myself something similar to the playboy mansion.) I would put a froyo store right between the two houses so we can have impromptu dates to our very own ice cream store.

    In the ice cream store, I would put one of those wood/hook things like Billhead played in Naples so we could keep him entertained at all hours of the day.

    We would have a large pool (DUH) with a grotto and a swim up bar with Rock look-a-like bartenders. (Brody Jenner look-a-like for you...) No one under 115 pound would be allowed to our pool...we don't need bitches showin' us up...

    Karina and Katrina would visit us every morning, right after we got personal massages on our private beach.

    We would then take my new car, nothing less than a hot pink H2 and buy an entire mall. Everything in size M or 4-6 will do (this way we can share everything)

    Then we would donate a smidgen to OSU and UH so we could get the hook up on season tickets. Thank GOD we would have a private jet to fly us to all the games and once football season is over, we would live the other part of the year in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora.

    Done and done.

    When can we go pick up the money?

  26. hahaha love it! the ring toss game was the best lol.

  27. wow...i think i'll just take your list! def love your choice of car! hotness!! :)


  28. fun! I used to live on LKN. I'm totally with you on that frozen yogurt thing ... mmmm!

  29. Your post made me realize that even though I have thought about winning I have never actually thought out what I would do with the cash. Totally with you on the LKN house and maybe a few others for when I get bored :)

  30. It looks like we need to become best friends so that I can help you take care of all those things. Obviously I support the Lake Norman house the most :)

    (the fro-yo shop and dispenser in house? Yes please!!)

  31. I love your choices. ALL of them, besides changing the tickets to the Blazers and the Eagles, I wouldn't change a thing.


  32. homegirl - we are one and the same....at least in how we spend money!! i totally want to travel, hire a trainer to whip my booty into shop and do mad shopping spreeees!

    oh and i work for Land Rover National....but they dont let me drive anything. booooo! ;)

  33. I just started following you and have already decided we would be perfect good friends in "real life." I played Mega Millions and also did not win...but Range Rover was #1 on my list! Black with black interior...ahhhh!! Tahiti was also on my list...and will continue to be on my list until my hubs breaks down and takes me there!

    I enjoyed reading! :)

  34. They are great choices. I had some of those dreams with my mega millions ticket.

  35. too legit to quit. goshhh i cannot wait to meet you

    that yacht!! AHH. invite me!!

    im also a huge hoper of living in NYC for a bit during my life. LOVE THAT CITY!!

    and yeah shopping spree...gotta happen first! hahaha :-) after I roll around or bathe in the money of course ;-)

    oh and kelle hampton yes yes yes. i cannot wait to get the book


  36. my husband asked me what the first thing i would buy if we won the lottery would be and my answer? RANGE ROVER!!!

  37. Haha! Love your list. I totally bought 11 Mega Millions lottery tickets (and received 5 more as a birthday gift) and won.....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Sigh. It's fun to dream, though!

  38. I am all for the house on lake Norman :) that's where I from


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