Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday!

How was everyone's weekend?
I hope it was either very relaxing or very exciting - whichever you prefer. :)

...Where do I even start?

Obviously, as I'm sure you know, my heart was broken in tiny pieces Saturday night, but it's currently on the mend. Ohio State lost against Kansas after being up 13 points and playing amazing the first half of the game. What some people don't seem to know or think about is that Ohio State is the youngest team with only 1 senior. One. They made it farther than anyone thought or expected them to and did awesome. Our team is just going to be stronger in the years to come and I'm laughing at all the jokes saying "Wait, Kansas has a football team?" already excited for football season to be here. ;)

Last night hundreds of OSU fans gathered at the arena to surprise the basketball team when they got home from New Orleans. Fans made signs saying thank you and wanted the team to know we appreciate them. Our coach and some of the players gave a little speech and then signed autographs after.

How sweet is this?
Melted my heart.

Moral of the story?
Very proud to be a Buckeye-win or lose.

{and yes, if you're wondering..I think I'm cheering on the Cats tonight. I owe Jess for the multiple times she's supported my Buckeyes!}

The weekend wasn't a complete bust because of the game though.
Still had a great weekend all together.

I played with my new baby a lot..
the ipad.

Obsessed is all I've gotta say.
I love it
and I think it should be a rule
that everyone is given one.

Of course, I had to make her look pretty
 with a monogrammed ikat leather case
{bought from LoveyDoveyCreations on Etsy}

Other iPad lovers: What are you favorite apps?

On Friday night, Billy and I had a much needed date night. We went out to dinner and did some shopping at Easton. Actually, while I was shopping (let's be real) Billy surprised me and was off getting us dinner reservations for when I was finished. Good man he is.

 I came home with a new favorite pair of shorts
and can't wait to be able to wear them...
Enter J. Crew's Chino Short
in neon pink

After the game Saturday night, our friends (hopefully they don't me calling them that) and band, The Personnel, were back in town from Chicago playing at a local bar, so we atleast got to hear them play and shake our booties for 3+ hours to good music to forget about our loss. Good times with girlfriends - that's for sure.

and since I've forgot to do this for 2 weeks..
here's last weeks photo dump!
{via Instagram}

Oh, and guess who scored 20th row, center stage tickets to
Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan
this summer?

Yes, yours truly.
Excited doesn't begin to describe it.

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Over and Out!


  1. I was definitely cheering for Ohio since Kansas knocked us out! Love the iPad case!!!!!

  2. I love your ipad cover & those shorts are perfection- I need a pair asap!

  3. LOTS AND LOTS of goodness this weekend... minus our beloved Buckeyes! I saw Jason Aldean and LB in concert. So good!!! LB is my fav :)

  4. Very proud to be a Buckeye-win or lose. couldn't have said it better!

  5. Sounds like a GREAT weekend - congrats on winning tickets to Jason and Luke! That should be an AWESOME show, I missed them when they played in Orlando!

  6. O, so jealous of your ipad and the JA/LB tickets!! Luke Bryan is coming here on Friday and I'm missing it... but I will be at the beach!!!! So, I guess that's ok... HA!

  7. Love that photo collage-- so cute! Also, SO jealous of those concert tickets, miss! That show will be amazing!!!

  8. WE love our iPad...you should totally get the Kindle app so you can download books and mags...it's the best! Have fun!

  9. Love your photos! I just polka dotted my nails today! I love polka dots!

    I am Über jealous! I want to go see Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan. They're amazing and I'm sure their show is going to be phenomenal!

    I am sorry that your team lost :( [don't let my husband hear me say that, he's a die hard Wolverines fan..and "Buckeyes" and "Ohio State" are banned from being spoken in this house lol]

    Have a great week!

  10. My favourite ipad apps are Temple Run and Lane Rider....both addictive quick games if you were in to a challenge :). And of course the regular popular games like Draw Something. Have fun!

  11. Bummed about the OSU loss, but it seems that you made the best of your weekend. :) Happy Monday, friend!

  12. i love fans like you. Win or lose, you're still loving your team! sooo many times the red sox or celtics or whoever lost...and you see people all "screw them! never watching again!" Glad to see true sports fans out tehre like you!! and I WATCHED!! go bucks!!

    lets talk about that ipad. NEED. WANT. LOVE!!! so pretty and of course the ikat case haha love it katie you're adorable

    those nails...HELLA COOL!


  13. Fun pictures! I got an ipad2 for Xmas and it is my face thing ever!!

    Don't forget to enter my jewelry giveaway!

  14. I don't have an iPad and never really wanted one until I sat beside a guy on a plane who had one. Since then, I've been dying for one! I am in love with that cover too!

  15. Ahh, your buckeye's broke my heart saturday. To play so hard and have the outcome be what it was, but you are exactly right, it was a great year for you all!

  16. i love those neon shorts and your fun nails!!

    that concert will be SO FUN.

    whats your name on instagram?

  17. Eeeek! So excited to be a sponsor :)

  18. Love those jcrew shorts!! Very cute blog, I am going to have to start following!! xoxo

  19. Looks like an amazing weekend sister-friend! :)

  20. AAAAHHH!! dying over those tickets!! swoooooon.

    (ps. i'm hosting a giveaway....essie nail polish, earrings, a giant hair bow.... come enter! tell your friends! lol)

  21. Oh my goodness - LOVE that ipad case! Definitely checking the shop out!

  22. I LOVE the iPad case. I must order one I just can't pick a design or color. Too many choices!!!

  23. LOVE the IPad case!!!

    And I will tell you that the JASON ALDEAN/LUKE BRYAN concert was one of the BEST I have ever been to. They are so amazing separate, but espescially together.

  24. Oh. My. Gosh. I am JEALOUS ! Luke's performed in Spring Break in Hartford and he always puts on an amazing show! Just snagged some front row Luke bryan tickets when he comes here this summer...really like his music, but haven't followed him much, hoping he puts on a good show!


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