Rocky...the "Model"

...not to be confused with Courtney, "the model", from the Bachelor.

He is a way better model than her. Let's not even go there.
...better behaved
and much nicer, too.

Moving on..
Just stopping by quickly today.
Please feast your eyes on this piece of artwork....

that's my boy.

Rocky's big breakthru as a Pomeranian STAR has come!
::insert crazy dog mom happy screams here::
More details to come on this :)
but soon, Rocky artwork and prints will be available for purchase!

*Oh, and Rocky wanted me to tell you guys to go read about this crazy stalker he has. He says he looks good in the pics, but is slightly concerned about the well being of said blogger. translation: my good friend Alicia wrote a hilarious post on Rocky..go read here(that is if you have nothing else better to do.. ;))

so proud of our little fur child.
kicking ass and taking names here in the blog world...

The end.
and I may have lost my sanity with this post as well.

*it's 75 degrees today and isn't expected to drop below 70 the rest of the week...
to say I'm loving it, is an extreme understatement!

**interested in me promoting your blog or shop?! I am still taking sponsors for April and I'd love to help you!
with the subject "Sponsor"



  1. oh my rocky is such a great model!! proud momma, aren't you!? we're hoping for 77 degrees today in cincinnati & i'm hoping to take the puppy, sampson, on a nice 1.4 mile walk after work! is it 5pm yet?

  2. ROCKY!! what a precious lil model he is!

    tell me tell me tell me! dying to know what stardom has come over him!! :-)

    weather is the same here and i am LOVING!

    oh and i read today cedar point was named BEST amusement park this year WEE!!


  3. ah! i love the reference to courtney. you're completely right..much better model than her! ;)

  4. How exciting, congrats Mr. Rocky, thats awesome.

    75, OMG it's like 39 and raining here. PLUS Vegas is forecasted to rain and be around 55. NOT COOL.

  5. seriously rocky is too cute...and i'm not even a dog person.

  6. i have been meaning to do it for a while, but just added your button to my blog! keep up the good work, i love stopping by kk&co daily :)

  7. ok several things.. Rocky is a TOTAL model ... and there is absolutely zero comparison between him and Courtney haha. She is a nutbag. I'm DYING over his model pic!!! Frankie needs one I think!! And dog mom's obsessing over their furkids is 100% normal.. people who say it's not are crazier than us lol


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