Fresh Air // Bust A Move

Last night I put my to-do list, workout, and other various errands aside to spend the evening outside and take in the fresh air. I sat in my favorite lounge chair and soaked up the almost 80 degree sun on our deck with Rocky, then walked around our backyard barefoot to see what pretty things I could find. Sometimes it doesn't take going far or much effort...just stepping outside our home left me feeling grateful for the beautiful weather, and most importantly our home. I found some pretty flowers in our yard just starting to bloom, and it made me excited for what the rest of Spring will bring.

Welcome pretty yellow flowers...please stay as long as you please...

Rocky's favorite place is our deck. It's like you can almost read his mind...he just loves feeling the breeze on his face when he sticks his head through the posts.

It's safe to say we enjoyed you, sunshine. 

...and the fun didn't stop when the sun went down. 
Nope, I had my mind on something else.
That's where my favorite fro-yo place comes in...

I got my typical chocolate/raspberry with fruit and oreos, but felt the need to add some mint in there for St. Patricks Day.
Don't act surprised...

This evening was a great reminder that: no matter how busy life gets-take the time to enjoy your surroundings, to do what makes you happy, to spend time with those who make you smile. 
Typically, your to-do list and the other stuff can wait.

What have you done lately to get a breath of fresh air?
Go out and do somethin'! You won't regret it. :)

Speaking of fresh air, 
this girl right here is also a breath of fresh air
I met the gorgeous Holly here in blogland, then we became real life friends! Holly is big here in blog world..so you are s'rsly missing out if you don't follow her blog already.
Her BIRTHDAY is this Saturday. Yes, on St. Patricks Day. She has the coolest birthday ever, right? Anyway, homegirl has some of the best moves I've ever seen.
After you're done reading, please go to her blog and
wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Let's spread the love.

Hello Keep Calm & Carry On-ers!
My name is Holly and I blog over at Running in Stilettos.
I am so excited that Katie let me take over her blog today to tell you a little bit about myself. I first met Katie in December 2011 when she and I planned a Columbus blogger meet up. I was anxious and excited to meet her after emailing back and forth for a few weeks, and I really felt like I already knew her.
{see, we're BFFs}
This girl knows how to keep it real, and you definitely get the real Katie on her blog.
Well, we greeted each other like we were old friends and now we get together along with some other fabulous bloggers (ahem, Alicia and Kelsey).
But if there is one thing Miss Katie and I agree on, anytime is a good time to bust a move! I think you can really learn a lot about a person by their dancing.
 Let's take me for example:
{I love smiling. Smiling's my favorite.}
 {I am a hard working woman.}
 {I am an 80s child. Mr. Roboto anyone?}
 {I'm good under pressure.}
{I can roll with the punches.}
 {I will sacrifice myself for others.}
 {I share the wealth.}
 {I don't take myself too seriously.}
 {I am supportive.}
{Once I set a goal, I can't be stopped.}

I know, it's like you've known me forever, right?!
 If I can give you one piece of advice... NEVER STOP DANCING!
Now, bring your sweet buns on over to my blog, Running in Stilettos and say "HI!"
Thank you so much for having me, Katie! xoxo

now head on over and wish Holly a Happy Birthday!
she deserves it :)


  1. That has to be my fave pic of Rocky him with his eyes closed his head wedged between the wood of your deck LOL !!! :)

  2. I just love the idea of putting my to-do list aside and just taking the time to breathe and enjoy life! Might have to do that on Saturday! Little Rocky is so precious. I can totally tell that that's his favorite spot!

    And, Holly... hahahaha those pictures are SO much fun! I'm sure being on the dance floor at a wedding with you is a total blast! Love it and happy early birthday!!! :)

  3. those pictures of Rocky...to die for!
    I also had to indulge in some fro-yo yesterday..it was too perfect of a day not to!

  4. Love the picture of Rocky with his head between the spindles! haha
    Daisy does that. And check out Holls breaking it down!

  5. How cute is she?! I love finding other Ohio bloggers, just wish there were more Cincinnatians ;) I'm following Holly now!

  6. Fantastic pictures, Katie!! Did you get new camera? Also, Rocky looks as cute as can be peaking out at you through your deck railing!

  7. OMG, Rocky is presh! Love that pic where his tongue is out and he looks like he's smiling. Smiling is his favorite just like me! Obvs, Rocky and I are BFFs! Like mother, like son I suppose ;)

  8. aw how cute is your dog?! i want to try fro-yo so bad, we just got a fro-yo place in toledo & i stil havent't it tried it yet

  9. Holly has some sweet moves!!! :)

  10. Domo origato mr roboto! I have a new love for you Holly!

    And Rocky is sooo cute!

  11. Sa-weet Moves!!! Love the pictures. Hysterical!

  12. Sa-weet Moves. Love the pictures. Hilarious... Not sure why the above comment says form anonymous bc it's definitely from Callie...

  13. Owwwww Owwwww love those dance moves Holly. Homegirl has it goin' on :) I am obviously going to have to work on my dancing skills before I meet you this May ;)

  14. omg the pics of rocky are priceless! He looks so pathetic...like he has THE most awful life ever. You really should start taking better care of him or I'll call DPS (doggie protective services) on yo ass.

  15. Love the pics of Rock babe, and getting fro yo when the weather is nice. Love you!

  16. You are darling. And I love meeting new people that share the same birthday that I do. Yay!

    Keep Shining,

  17. Hey Katie,
    I am a pretty new follower and not sure if I have commented here before, but girl you are hilarious!! I look forward to reading your blog every morning! Rocky is oh my lawdy so freakin cute!!

  18. Oh Holly! Your dance moves cannot be challenged! But...now I want to go out! So let's have a c-bus girls dance night out next, k!?

  19. You. Make. Me. Laugh.
    I should do a post full of my dance pics. Wait. No such items exist. I am the Albert Brenamen (off Hitch) of dancing. In turn, I shall live vicariously through you :)


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