Ebates {Joys of Shopping}

Ladies...let's chat.
Have you heard of Ebates?

If you shop online excessively like I do, then this website is for you.
I'm seriously regretting not becoming a member on Ebates sooner.
Bad mistake.

On Ebates, shop at all your favorite stores and earn cash back on your purchases. For example, if you order online with Macy's - you earn 6.0% cash back, Nordstrom - 5.0% cash back, Saks Fifth Avenue - 6.0% cash back, Victoria's Secret (I know you do..)-$4.0% cash back, and Sephora (all you makeup lovers!) - 8.0% cash back.
I've yet to find a store I shop at that isn't on Ebates.

So, for example, when I ordered these beautiful bad boys
that I had been lusting for months...

Tory Burch 'Miller 2' Logo Thong Sandal
Tory Burch Miller 2

I made $13.50 because I earned 6.0% cash back
 by shopping with Ebates at Saks.

+Right now you get a $10 gift card just for signing up.

Also, if you refer 4 friends you receive $40!
Everyone should be signing up ASAP.

Sign up: HERE.
and from now on, do all your shopping through Ebates
so you can earn yourself some
dolla dolla bills ya'll. ;)

{and hey Steph-they even have Shutterfly coupons/cash back..I know you will be all over that}

Have a good day!


  1. This could be dangerous. But, sounds awesome. :)

  2. So your saying you got 13.50 off your purchase. Cant fool a financial advisor katie, andwhy did you tell my wife about this. there goes all our plane money.



  3. Love ebates! I always book my vacations through there and earn beaucoup bucks

  4. I've signed up before but didn't understand! NOW I get it! Thanks for splaining! :)

  5. I love Ebates! Just earned $5 yesterday for ordering a rug online from Overstock!

  6. Don't know how I never knew about this. I live under a rock. Haha, thanks for sharing!! :)

  7. Whoa that sounds awesome! I have never heard of it.

  8. I sometimes use this and sometimes shop through my Discovercard's website... I find it's about 50/50 as far as what I use because the cashback rates are different. It's worth comparing! I have been a little disappointed with Ebates because some purchases never received the cashback that they said it would, but for the most part it's definitely a great idea - especially if you're going to make the purchase anyway!

  9. Wow! I had no idea! My hubs is going to kill me but I'll simply explain that I'm "saving us money"! ;)

  10. SWEET. been meaning to do this. Thanks lil momma. signed up! xo

  11. I must sign up before I order my annual shipment of Victoria's Secret bikinis - great tip! Thanks, girl:)

  12. How am I just hearing about this? I could be a millionaire by now with all the online shopping I do. Lol jk! I'm not rich. Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Hey lady... love reading your blog, but commenting for the first time. What is your e-mail? I'm signing up and want to use you as my friend that referred me!!

  14. Hey lady... love reading your blog, but commenting for the first time. What is your e-mail? I'm signing up and want to use you as my friend that referred me!!

  15. Hi Ashlie, I tried responding to your comment but your email isn't set up on your Blogger profile. My email is: whalenkat@gmail.com. Thank you so much! xo.

  16. Ebates is seriously the jam. I got a check in February for all my Christmas shopping done online and it was a perfect little surprise in the mail! Now if I could only remember to use it more often....

  17. I LOVE ebates! I've made over $100 now from it in the last couple of years!

  18. I had never heard of this site before! Yikes, my bank account is about to go to zeroooooooo haha


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