Five Things // Meet Tab!

The beautiful pink flower that just bloomed in our backyard...can someone with a green thumb tell me what kind of flower this is? It's gorgeous!

My Buckeyes with a huge win over Cincinnati (...you happy BBFT?) last night!! That man up top? Aaron Craft...one of the best basketball players to watch, in my opinion. The Buckeyes advance to the ELITE 8!!!! Can I get an O-H...?

I'm still regretting not buying this hat when we were in Florida last month. I want to go back and buy it...if anyone sees it in their town and wants to ship it to me, I wouldn't be opposed to it. ;)

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Currently loving big, bold gold accessories. Oh, and that dress.

You didn't think I would forget about this, did you? The Hunger Games came out last night at midnight!!! I'm SO excited to see this movie. Who is going this weekend to see it? or have you already seen it? 

Last but not least...this makes it "Six" things, but hey, who's really counting...


Tomorrow is the belated "surprise" birthday present for Billy. We are traveling somewhere in Ohio for the day (that he knows about), but he just doesn't know where or what we are doing. I can't wait. It is extremely hard for me to keep a surprise, but they are the best, aren't they?! (especially when they are for someone else..:)) 

Now, I have a surprise for you.
I've been loving introducing new bloggers to you guys.
Meet the gorgeous Tabitha!
Tab is in the wedding planning process, loves to travel, and has a great sense of humor
Girl after my own heart.
Hello lovely friends of the beautiful Katie

My name is Tabitha, and I blog over at My-Cliffnotes.

I'll be honest, I've sat and attempted this guest post about seven times; no one wants to have a guest post end in a flop. Nor do I want to leave you readers thinking things like
"I'd like the last three minutes of my life back"
"Wow that sucked". 
You know, those things aren't good for anyone. 

So instead, I'm going to give you some fun facts about me. 
Vanity is a strong suit

The Basics
Age: 28
Height: 5'7"
Relationship status: Engaged
Shoe size: 8.5
Occupation: Air National Guard
Favorite Snack: White chocolate M&M's

I'm eight years Sober...on Coffee; but I still get super excited about Starbucks giftcards.
 When I say "I don't drink coffee" I get the craziest looks..
You should try it sometime.

M and I are in the early stages of wedding planning.
So far the only two things we've agreed on are the ring and the dress
 Any and all wedding advice is appreciated. 
Last night M told me that he had "final approval" on the bridesmaid dresses.  
Umm what?

I Dance...With Ellen and J. Bieber all the time.
I LOVE awkward people
{I am guilty of following this woman so I could get her photo} 
I regret not having the courage to talk to her.
I love her mascot and the cats you can't see on her shirt

I Need...To find the motivation for my Beach/Bride body makeover.

 Today, I felt it appropriate to have a Guinness for breakfast. 
(Cheers in Irish)
My name in Greek is Dorcas.
Are you jealous?
Dorcas Bacon
If I ever need an alias, I'm using Bacon.

So... come on over and visit my blog.
I'd love to hear from you!

Go give her a warm welcome, friends!
and follow along during her wedding planning process :)

What are you doing this weekend?!



  1. That my love is a Hyacinth plant!


    So pretty and fragrant! Hope the link helps!


  2. That flower is gorgeous! I love the pink dress too! I watched The Hunger Games last night at midnight and it was amazing! You are in for a treat definitely! Such a great guest post too! Can't wait to head over to her page!

  3. haha I put a hat like that on in JCPenney on Black Friday!

    have fun on the surprise trip!! =)

  4. I'm seeing Hunger Games tomorrow! I can't wait!! I hope you and Billy have lots of fun on you trip this week! Tabitha's wedding dress is gorgeous and well so is she for that matter :) Happy Friday!!

  5. I'm glad someone told you what those flowers are because a few of them are sprouting up in our yard too and I had no clue what they were, other than pretty! ;)

  6. I can't wait to have a house & a yard so I can grow pretty flowers like that :) I've had my eye on that pink dress on Pinterest for a while now, I LOVE it!!!

  7. haha you went in the yard and took a pic of our plant lol. Cant wait for tomorrow babe, love you!

  8. The flower is a Hyacinth. They smell divine. Dorcas...ha ha! I love it.

  9. I'm so excited about the Hunger Games! I'm reading the second book and can't get enough of it.

    Surprises are the best. I looooove them but am horrible about keeping them a surprise. I constantly ask my fiancee if he "wants a hint" or accidentally get so excited about it that I spill....

  10. I can't wait to see the Hunger Games...just finished the third book! Woo hoo!

  11. Can't wait to hear how it goes tomorrow! Head will love it! :)

  12. Surprises are SO hard but SO fun! I did one for my husband in February and it was killling me not to tell him!

    I just printed my tickets for HG tonight!! Is it 9:45 yet?!

  13. If you find out where that pink dress is from will you let me know? I saw it on your Pinterest but then it didn't track back to anything. It's so cute.

    And I'm going to see hunger games tomorrow night at 9:30. I cannot wait. I convinced TIm to read the books, and then he convinced one of his friends to read them. His girlfriend has also read them so we're actually going on a dinner and a movie double date to the hunger games! Ha! Funny, right?

  14. I love your list of things today, and that quote is great. Happy Friday friend. :)

  15. Um excuse me there are white chocolate M&M's???!!!!! Why have I never seen or heard of these? lol.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Nicole, THERE ARE and they are seriously to die for. I've only bought them at Target but I can only imagine that they should be everyone. Maybe even street corners they're that good.

    Katie, thank you so much for "showing me off" I appreciate it and love meeting new bloggers and friends.


  18. Have so much fun tomorrow with Billy, I can't wait to read about it. This wknd, I'm heading out of town to see Jake Owen in concert, celebrate a friend's birthday & we're staying at a hotel that used to be an old train station. Definitely excited about that! :) And I'm glad someone else already told you the name of the plant b/c I clearly suck at that kind of stuff, I had no idea!

  19. i saw your all's getaway and i loved it! such a fun idea!!

    dying over big gold accessories too - especially against tan skin! perfection!! and I totally think they would accent that hat perfectly....I will keep my eyes peeled for it in the ATL.

    and im a fan of tabitha - she's amazing!!

    happy monday muffin!

  20. I just love you in that hat! I sure hope it makes it to your house for good one day!

    Great intro to Tab! I need to try those white chocolate M&M's!


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