Trend Watch::Sperry's, Top 2 Tunes, & A Crunchy Salad

I felt like I had to share some of the new Sperry's with you all. Have you seen any of them yet? I mean, look at them, they've been taken to a whole new level. Sequins. Coral Stripes. Neon Yellow. I was drooling looking at some of these bad boys. My favorites have to be the new Milly coral and neon yellow ones. Since Billy's parents have a boat, I've decided that buying multiple pairs of these would be completely justified. What do you think of them?

On a different note-since I'm training for my half marathon, I've decided to incorporate Top 2 Tuesday Tunes. Everyone likes good music, right?

1. Talk That Talk - JayZ & Rihanna: This song makes me want to dance on the tredmill. Shake my bootay, yup..definitely. Upbeat. Fast. Overall great song to run to.

2. Part Of Me - Katy Perry: I could run to this song on repeat for 30 minutes. I think every girl can relate to this song and I LOVE the chorus.

...Now, go on, do yourself a favor...open your iTunes and download these. Maybe they will help you with whatever *you* are training for!

Last thing...Today you get all kinds of random...

I'm sharing the salad recipe I made for Billy's birthday. He loves this salad. Have you ever had a salad with ramen noodles in it? Me either. Until this one. Typically, I post healthy recipes for Tasty Tuesday...this is not one of them. But it's so delicious and different, it's a must try.

This is my stepmom, Judy's, recipe.
Since I hadn't made it before, she helped me put it together on Sunday (thanks, Juju).
It's pretty easy and gives a different take on the sometimes boring salad.
It's also perfect to bring to parties.

Crunchy Salad

1 lg. head napa cabbage
5-6 green onions, chopped
3 tbs butter
2 pkgs. ramen noodles
1/4 - 1/2 c. sesame seeds
4 oz. slivered almonds
1/2 c. olive oil
1/2 c. sugar
1/4c. white vinegar
2 tsp. soy sauce (I would recommend using low sodium)
salt & pepper, to taste

How to Prepare:

1) Slice cabbage and toss with green onions in large bowl. Set aside.

2) Melt the butter in a pan on the stove - crunch ramen noodles into butter and brown with sesame seeds & almonds until it's light brown.

3) Heat vinegar in a saucepan then add sugar to dissolve. Add soy sauce, salt & pepper, then slowly add the oil.

4) Toss all ingredients in with the cabbage and green onions
when ready to serve.

*if you are bringing to a party-keep the cabbage, ramen noodle mix, and dressing in seperate containers until right before you serve - then mix them all together.


I asked you all yesterday (via Twitter & Facebook) if you would vote for me and KC&CO as "Best Local Blogger" in my cities 614 Magazine.
If you haven't yet, would you be so kind to do so?!

Just click on this link:

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Thank you, friends! :)


  1. I am totally rocking my new black patent and leopard sperry's today! Love the new Milly line, love the neon! But having just renewed our boat slip it will be a bit before I be dropping the dollars on those! Have a great Tuesday chica!

  2. Voted for you!

    And my mom makes a similar salad that is super yummy!

    And... I think I own about 6 pairs of Sperry's already, but I may need to invest in a 7th pair... I'm dying over those coral striped ones! :)

  3. I am dying right now, I'm obsessed with those Sperrys!! Must.Buy.NOW!! Thank you!!

  4. My friend made that salad when she had us over for dinner. It is delicious, but I do wish it was a tad healthier. I saw some of those sperrys at Nordstrom this weekend and I totally NEED some!!

  5. I'm trainging for a race too! My 8K is in 2 weeks! I'm pumped, thanks for the tune ideas :) And I would agree, the coral sperry's are my favorite, I would wear them with anything & everything! Love your Blog btw...found you via Beautiful mess...who I love as well! Your vacay together looked awesome. xo

  6. AWW JuJu!! That's what I call my Grandmother. Make my day!

    Neon sperry's... Must have!!

    I hope your half training is going great. You will do awesome!

  7. Love the Sperrys! So cute!

    I make that salad too but don't use any butter, plus if you use low sodium soy sauce, that helps a little. I also don't use slivered almonds or sesame seeds, we use sunflower seeds. Either way...so good!

  8. i think i need some neon sperrys. so cute.

    and i love your song choices.

  9. Idk if I could do the neons, but I'm definitely loving the coral and the stripes! I don't own Sperry's though- so I don't count ;)

    What half-marathon are you training for?!

  10. That salad looks exactly like one my Aunt makes. Her version is (slightly) healthier if you ever want to give it a try. Shredded cabbage (or coleslaw mix) shredded carrots, sliced almonds, green onion, mandarin oranges and ramen noodles with Annies Shitake Sesame Vinaigrette and tossed. It's super yum.

  11. Loving the neon Sperry's! So cute! And I have made a salad similar to this...so good!

  12. I saw the absolute cutest pink Sperry's yesterday, I think they're so cute and never wanted them until yesterday. Now I have to get a pair.

    That salad looks amazing. YUM.


  13. Love those sperry's! Thanks you for posting those tunes! I'm always looking for good music to work out to! That salad looks delish! So much good stuff! :)

  14. I make a similar salad only with chicken in it (which I know does not sound good for you my dear!).

    Super good!!

  15. The salad doesn't look that appetizing in that picture but it is really good! New shoes babe? they look pretty sweet but we are running out of closet space. lol. love you and the neons

  16. Crunchy salad is one of my faves! So easy yet delish! And you go girl for getting nominated for Best Local Blogger! I'll have to vote!

  17. That salad cracks me up bc I think everyone has a recipe that it just slightly different! My mom makes a version too! It's one of my faves I just wish it would stay fresh longer because it would be a great leftovers lunch. It gets soggy so fast though!

    Ps. Billy's comment above (I'm assuming that's him) about running out of closet space made me laugh out loud! Ya'll are presh.

  18. first i totally forgot to email you back and text u that i voted!! WAHOOOOOOOO!!!! :-) you go girl!

    i love talk that talk! i have not heard the katy perry one but basically NEED to now!

    sperrys are my favorite shoe ever...so damn comfy and im in love with all those ones you posted! I think i need a pink pair in my life


  19. I am loving sperrys lately- I think I might have to get a pair...it was -2 this morning so might be a while before I could pull them out!

    The salad reminds me of my fave guilty pleasure "salad"- the one with Doritos with taco fixings- compared to that your salad is very healthy!

  20. can i just tell you how much i flipping love sperrys? and my new favorites are the angel fish {pink & white striped} so cute!

  21. Thanks for the new tune suggestions! I love finding new music to work out to. It's so motivating. :)

  22. I love that salad! My mom makes a similar recipe - it is delicious! Love the Sperry's you shared - so cute for Spring!


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