A Very Blogger Vacay {Part 2}

Happy Monday!
a brand new week of fun :)

Over the weekend, my girlfriend's husband, Josh, told me
"you know, when I read your blog {the fact that he reads in general-makes me really excited}, I can just hear you saying all of it"...
"you write exactly how you talk"
....cha-ching, party people.
That's exactly what I'm going for!

I don't know where I'm going with that
except for, that is what I'm going to try to continue doing!

Why not keep the KT talk goin' with Part 2
of our *Blacation*??
 (If you missed Part 1: read it here)

After much debate, Billy and I both agreed that Saturday
was our favorite day of our trip.

The weather was perfecto
so, what else better to do than spend it poolside?
I can't think of many things I'd rather do than sit...

around this all day..
with a fruit bev or Corona in hand...
and my {now} 3 favorite people beside me.

{can we just note that BBFT up there resembles that one country star, Jason Aldean, a little bit?! A better looking version of JA, of course.}
This day was our "party time" day
and we continued it well into the evening.
Which would explain why the term "hot commodity mess"
accurately described myself by around 11pm that night.

We headed to Fifth Ave to eat dinner at Mangrove Cafe and ended up getting 2 bottles of wine with our dinner (I mean, it's not like I really needed anything else by this point, but who's really counting?) 

{my fav pic of the 4 of us}

After some of us (ok, one of us..BEAU) indulged in ice cream,
we (yes, I said WE Billy, Steph, Beau) decided to go to a random sports bar called

It's hard to recap what exactly went down at this bar
but just know it was p-r-i-c-e-l-e-s-s.

There was:
-lobster served as late night drunk food
(taco bell just won't do the trick anymore I don't think..)
-videos of Steph pushing me to dance on a pool table
(she is such a good influence on me!?)
-dancing and singing
-I may or may not have talked smack to a few girls trying to hit on our men
(hey, you didn't think I could throwdown? kidding, obviously. I'm all talk.)

Oh, and I can't forget to mention the multiple like 5 Facetime sessions
when we got back to our condo.

Not surprising at all.
Sidenote: Steph took this picture {such a photographer, she is}
of my ring. It might be my favorite picture I have of it...
thanks Stephy.


Moving on--
(otherwise, I will never finish this recap)

By this point, it was clear that
we loved Steph and BBFT, and depression
would set in sooner or later when I remembered they live
...10,000 miles away in TX.

The next day, Sunday, it was cooler out {which actually worked in my favor b/c I was so tired/hungover I could barely keep my eyes open}, so we took Steph & BB to Bonita Springs (which is about 20 minutes away) to see all the beach mansions. We had lunch at a seafood place next to the beach and then randomly decided to stop by a local flea market. Who does this on vacation? Us.

Sometimes the most random of events turn out to be fun and this was exactly that kind of day... ;)

I found this amazing hat // glove combo
that I'm really kicking myself in the arse for not buying.

I mean..who WOULDN'T want to wear this 24/7?
I spy BBFT yellow pantelones.

Steph decided she "had to have" a hand held vacuum.
I kid you not.
I can't make this stuff up...

The mansions are always fun to show people that aren't from the area
because they are solely "vacation" homes and are only lived in for a couple months a year. I don't know about you, but if I owned a house like THIS I'm 98.3% sure I'd live in it year round.

When we walked by this house, we saw the absolute cutest set up.
It looked like a man had just proposed to his girlfriend by the beach because these huge wooden letters were set up in the yard (so of course, we had a photo op with it, would you think otherwise?)

She better have said "yes". 

Here we are all coupled up
enjoying the beach :)

That night, we headed to a japanese steakhouse for our last dinner together.
So so yummy, yet sad face that it was our last night.

Love her.
It was such a relaxing day and it was clear that
no matter what we did together,
we had fun.
...and doing these recaps makes me realize how much I miss them.

Part 3 (and the LAST post/day where I get stung by a bee)
 to come tomorrow.
Hope I'm not boring you all too much...

*Now, don't forget to go read Steph's recap, too!
It's a good one.

Can we go back


  1. You make me want to go on vacation now (and eat some yummy seafood)! I hope that I can find a friend as awesome as you and Steph through blogging! You two seem like so much fun!

  2. Looks like so much fun! :) I still say you should post this top secret video. :)

  3. Too much fun! This reminds me of our summer trip to MX with out bff couple! Great post!

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful time! I miss the beach so badly!

  5. You have the cutest outfits!! Where is that dress from that you wore? And where can I get your legs to go with it. :)

    Your ring is really pretty. And how fun that you saw that sign! Cute way to propose!! It looks like y'all had so so much fun on this trip, and I love how randomly it came about and what an adventure it was!

  6. I'll go ahead and bill you for the ring shot. I charge $35 per image.

    The bathroom pic is still one of my faces. That and the "deer in the headlights" ice cream shot. Klassy.

    PS-the video will be published to YouTube soon. Muahahahahaha


  7. Which beach were you at in Bonita? That's where my grandma lives :)

    I am a little sad I didn't get to see another pic of the shorts. That's all I'll say.

  8. All these pictures make me want a vacation sooooooo bad. You girls look like you had a ball!!!

  9. lovin everything about this .. next time I wanna come on vacay with ya'll :)

  10. jealous!!!! this makes me want to go on vacation right now!

  11. All of these photos really make me jealous. I really need a vacay!

  12. You guys looked like you had a blast!!!:)

    Aren't blog friends turned IRL friends THE ABSOLUTE best?!?!

    PS - Love your ring, too!

  13. I feel so special that I got a FaceTime! Can we all please go on a blacation together?! Awesomeness would take place. Promise.

  14. sooo cant wait to be reading/writing about our huge BLATE!

    you and steph are just gorgeous and im in love with both of the dresses you are wearing in the first few pics!! where are they FROM!

    lobster in place of taco bell? please sign me up for that. Have I ever told yall its my FAV food in the whole world!?!?


  15. You are making me so ridiculously jealous of this trip. I would give so much to be on the beach right now.

    PS. your ring is to die for! So pretty!

  16. I loooove the dress you had on in the pics!! beautiful!! And hat an amaziiiing pic of your beautiful ring.

  17. you ladies are SO cute and stylish. i hope i can make good bloggy friends like this, too!!

  18. Ahhh how fun!! Love all the pictures! I wanna go on a vacation now haha

  19. Did you dance on that pool table? I'm dying to know and kinda hoping that you did. When in Rome...or in Florida right? Ya'll are so cute! Looks like a blast!

  20. so it's true....beautiful people do hang out together ;)

    i remember the first time i read your blog it was a post where you had that blue bikini on and i asked you where you got it...and then went and stalked it and got it! oooh the memories :)

  21. It looks like you guys had a blast! We go to Fort Myers Beach every year and we sometimes go down to Bonita too! :)

  22. WOW! What an adventure filled trip and beautiful pictures...looks like so much fun! Hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday! :)

  23. This has me wishing I was on vacation right now! Gorgeous pictures! Love your outfits! xo

  24. Looks like you had a blast!!!! Obvi I was keeping track of you on your trip via facebook updates, I was loving EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT YOU WORE. Get it girl! Will you style me now!?


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