Last Day in Naples {Part 3}

Aren't the final days of vacation the worst?

Usually, I'm at least a tad excited to get home to see Rocky, but this time was different. I suddenly realized I wasn't in fact jumping on the plane with Steph and Beau to go to Texas like it had felt like, and who knows how long it would be until I would see them again.
 I sound like such a sap, but it was such a bummer.

The entire time we were on vacation, the boys were dead set on finding a gator.
What is it with men and gators? I just don't get the fascination. Anyways, we woke up on the last day and I remember Billy yelling to Beau from the back porch that he thought he saw one. Since our flight wasn't until late Monday evening, we had pretty much all day to explore and go to the beach one last time.

Of course, we went to see the gator out back our condo before leaving, and it turned out he was only about 4 ft long. I can handle those guys. Afterwards, we hopped in the car and went to an area called Tin City. Tin City is an area right by downtown Naples that is on the bay and has many different shops and restaurants on the water. We decided to eat lunch at a place we had been eyeing the whole trip, called The Jolly Cricket. The food was good here. Yum yum. Since it was the day before Valentines day, the restaurant had heart shaped balloons covering a lot of the ceiling.

After lunch, me and Steph went to walk on the beach one last time, while the boys drove around trying to pick up chicks. When Steph and I were being crazy photographers and I was focusing on this cute duck next to me, I stepped on a massive bee.

Um, OW!!!!

the culprit.

 It was so ironic, because just the day before, I was telling everyone how I have never been stung by a bee and they don't bother me. Just my luck, right?!
Guess someone was trying to tell me something.

...boyfriends before heading to the airport.

I know I've said it before, but this trip was so amazing.
Billy and I made two great friends that we would have never known
if it wasn't for this blog of mine.

I'm incredibly thankful for that.
I'm thankful for the time & memories we got to spend with them.
I'm thankful all of us took that risk in going.

When we got back from dropping Steph and BBFT off at the airport,
I found a note that Steph left me on my computer. It was so incredibly sweet and I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear or two. 
Billy was looking at me like I had lost my mind...ha. 

*Steph and Beau*
I love all of the inside jokes we have from this trip. Especially Billy's voice impressions...they are haunting me daily. ha ha. Love you guys.
"We will always have Naples.."
Steph, you are my other half. Just a very blonde, better looking, other half.
See you both in 3 months.

So, what do you think?
Would you ever go on vacation with a blog friend?

...or do you think we are crazy?!

Update: What trip doesn't have some unseen video footage?
Not a very successful one, in my mind.

Steph just HAD to go there
and post a video of me on her blog today - white girl rapping.
This video is not the worst of our trip, let me just say that.

Two words: Ghetto Cowboy.
Go watch it and make fun of me:

Don't act like you've never thrusted the air before.


*Today marks my 1st day of {official} training for the half marathon I'm running May 5!
I had to start a little late due to vacation.
Excited to get started!

**Also, if I could ask you to keep Billy's grandmother and sweet Chelsea in your prayers, it would be much appreciated.



  1. I think it's great that you had such a nice vaca with a bloggy friend - I think blogs can bring together people who would have/could have never met otherwise. So kudos to you for embracing it!

    Welcome back to the cold, my dear. Damn, Ohio.

  2. i would totally love a beach vaca right now! y'alls trip was totally awesome! best of luck on your training!

  3. I love that you guys had such a great time. I swear I tear up for you every day reading these recaps. What a great surprise in life to discover such an awesome friendship!

  4. How is your foot, by the way?? I literally LOL'd when I saw "the culprit" again...damn jackass.

    PS-can we talk about how manly Ray-J looks with that teal, fluffy camera strap?

    "It started with Steph's slow clap..."


  5. I love Tin City! So fun that I know all these places you guys went to! Next year I'm coming with you if it kills me. :)

  6. Lordy, lordy. That is some funny stuff. That video is hilarious. You are a good sport!

  7. Seriously! What a fun trip! Stupid bee stinging you!! I'm watching that video as soon as I find headphones so my coworkers don't think I'm crazy. :)

  8. If I ever met someone on my blog as sweet as you and Steph and had a special friendship, I would definitely do it :) Ya'll are both so pretty!

  9. Glad he had a great trip!!! Is that a picture of your husband wearing your camera strap? I have one similar that I just made, but it has pink ruffles and my hubby said he would never wear it! Now I am going to show him that they are guy friendly!

  10. I have loved these bloggy vacation posts. Thanks so much for sharing and so glad that you and Steph found each other.

  11. Seriously you guys crack me up and had so much fun. :) Love it all.

  12. So glad you had such an amazing time with a great couple!

    I would definitely go on a trip with a blog friend! With you especially! haha There never seems to be a dull moment!

  13. im suffering from post vacation depression just reading this!!! i loved every bit of this vacation adn you girls really hit it off...makes me so happy!!

    I cant wait for our blog vacation!! :-)

    steph and beau are so so sweet for the note! LOVE <3


  14. Just left Steph's blog to immediately get my bootay down here and tell you that I LOVE THAT SONG you busted out singing on yo vacay!!!!

    You are hilarious!!!! Y'all make me miss my bff so much.

    Y'alls vacation looks amazing. And yes, I agree. The final days of vacation are the worst.

  15. So cool that you guys met and did a vacation together. Glad you hit it off so well. If match and eharmony can do it then why not blogs! HA!

  16. OMG, that video is soooo funny. You remind me of my friends back home (in Oklahoma :)


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