Thankful Thursday & Sweet Tea Paperie!

Thank you all for the sweet comments
on my Part 1 of A Very Blogger Vacay yesterday!
*If you missed it: read here.

Make sure you visit Steph's blog today to read
her recap of our trip!
{YA'LL..it is so sweet. Seriously. I may have cried.
PS-I'm only saying ya'll for you, Steph.}

This morning I had some random things on my mind.
So, why not share them?!

#1. I posted to my Twitter this quote:
 "Start each morning for being thankful for what you have."
Speaks volumes to me.
Whenever I get sad or feel down, I'm going to remind myself how
lucky I am to have the life that I do & find joy in it.

*On that note: I'm thankful for my husband, my girlfriends who give me such joy when we hang out, and my pup who gives me so much love everyday.

....I really enjoyed reading everyone's responses, too!
Thank you for sharing with me.

#2. It seems like I've becoming quite a fan of Instagram.
My thought are this...
Instagram > Twitter > Facebook.

{I posted this to instagram yesterday. Pics are from our trip to FL that you will see soon :)}

*I've been on the Twitter (@katiewkrysh) bandwagon for a while now and I still love it, but Instagram and I are developing quite a serious relationship.

If you are on Instagram, follow me here: whalenkat
I want to follow you back!

#3. Tonight I'm having girls night and we're going to dinner and then going to see
The Vow.


Channing Tatum
Rachel McAdams together?!

This is a no brainer!

But this is a double ended sword I feel like. You see, I'm so excited to spend time with my girlfriends, but I WILL be packing tissues in my purse because I may will sob like a baby who got their favorite toy taken away. I'm an emotional wreck in movies like this.

...which is why I love them so much, obviously. ;)

ladies, ladies, ladies...

Have you heard of this shop?!
I did a giveaway for a monogrammed acrylic tray last year
and have been obsessed with all of their products ever since.

I could literally go broke
because I want all of their products.

Please look:

Aren't they so cute?
Who doesn't love monogrammed things?!

Not only that, Amanda (the owner), is an absolute sweetie
and a pleasure to work with!

I'm in desperate need of a new iPhone case
so I will be ordering stat.

and using this coupon...

*You can get 15% off an iPhone case
with the code: BOATMANGELLER

Click here 
to get yourself some cute things.  
thank me later.

#5. It is extremely hard to break away from the
"vacation mindset"
I still feel like eating out for every lunch and dinner
and running miles upon miles is in the back of my mind.
Hopefully this weekend I can get re-focused!

Anyone else ever want a vacation
from a vacation?!

*Part 2 of my Naples, FL
recap coming soon!


  1. loving #4, such cute stuff!

  2. Have fun having your girls night - I saw The Vow yesterday and loved it! I think you'll like it too.

  3. I've been lusting after a monogram cell phone case for so long...this coupon code may be the trigger...

    thanks for sharing!

  4. How'd you know that I JUST BROKE my iPhone case?!?!?!??!?! hahahaha :)

  5. OOh you will the Vow!! I didnt know you were on Instagram I am going to follow you now:) I just got it last week and I am liking it

  6. apparently you, me and Carol are blogging triplets today. Creepy.

    I think I need a monogrammed iPhone case!

  7. i love a girl's night. always so fun :)

    and i always need a vacation from a vacation. it isn't fair.

    and such cute cases. i feel like i need so many of them now.

  8. oh my world i loves me some instagram, too! i am seriously obsessed. always snapping pics, constantly checking my feed for new photos. i love it. i followed you, my handle: j___jenkins (that's three underscores)

    happy thursday.
    i enjoyed reading your vacay recap with steph. glad yall had fun!

  9. That iPhone case is adorable, maybe I should wait for my name change and then gift that to myself! I hope ya'll had fun in Florida! It was beautiful this past week! I love love love Instagram, I think I'm already following you but my name is katebiggs

  10. What exactly is instagram? I can't keep up with all this crap. :)

  11. Totally agree! I LOVE Instagram and Sweet Tea Paperie!

  12. "Start each morning for being thankful for what you have." -- such a great reminder girl!!

    & love the sweet tea paperie, so cute!

    happy thursday! xx

  13. Love that Sweet Tea Paperie stuff - going to go broke with you buying all their stuff :)

  14. I loved the movie but the way it goes off...you won't be bawlin...you will like MMMMMMMmmmm WHAT!?? hahaha Trust me...it doesn't end like you think it does AND it's NOTHING I repeat NOTHING like the book...if you want a good read {wait, didn't I give you the book last summer or was that Cassie??} READ the book if you haven't though! For some reason I think I passed you that though and not her....nonetheless, Channing is in it AND you see his BUTT like the whole backside, completely butt naked......SWOON

  15. I am in LOVE w/ the new iPhone cases and totally want one but mine from there is still pretty new!

    Have fun at the Vow.

  16. I'm an old follower but just started a blog of my own :) Love reading your blog!!! Hope you had a blast in Florida!!

  17. You're super pretty... and funny. Annnnddd I can't wait to see the Vow. :) That's all.

  18. I can't wait to get my instagram going when I get my new phone :)

  19. Hi! what an adorable blog you have! I just happened upon it from the boatman geller facebook post. Just wanted to let you know we are a newly launched OHIO based website loading up on Boatman Geller products. From one Buckeye to another, I hope you will check us out. www.susabelleboutique.com. Would love for you to be a guest blogger on my blog someday!

  20. I just read Stephanies post {1} about your vacation together.. it too, had me in tears. I can't wait to see & hear about the rest!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your navy blue and white striped dress. Where did you find it at, do tell!


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