Look At The Baby, Look At The Baby {Bloggers as TOTS}

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Say the line outloud like Vince Vaughn
it's a guaranteed laugh.

I'm also reminded of the line...
"Not at the table Carlos"

Alright, glad I got that out of my system.

Today, my gorgey girlfriend Kristin from Busy Bee is here
to show you SIX bloggers as babies.
little tots.

I wonder if you could guess who is who?!

Kristin was one of the very first, and I mean, first blogs I ever started following. I could see us being good friends in real life (besides the fact that she lives in MN and I live in OH), and ya know what?
That's going to be happen...
in May
 with other bloggers you know
 and love.

Read below to find out how ;)


Hello all you lovely Keep Calm and Carry On-ers!
My name is Kristin and I am pumped to be spending the day on Katie’s blog
while she’s having fun in the sun with Billhead, Steph and BBFT!
That’s me!
For those of you who know me, “HI!” For those of you who do not, swing on by my blog, Busy Bee, and say hello! I love making new friends, in fact, that silly little blog of mine has introduced me to some really incredible people.

You see I spend a good portion of my day texting with Katie and our buddies Jess, Erica, Steph and my real-life friend Carolyn! These girls get me through the day. No topic is taboo and we literally talk about everything. It’s truly like we’re been friends our whole lives.

 that is us as babies!
Cue the "ooohs" and "ahhhs"

I am over-the-moon excited because in just a few short months I will get to meet these beauties in person. That’s right; all of us girls are invading Columbus over Memorial Day weekend to celebrate the birth of Little Miss Katie!
“Hi, I’m adorable.”

"and also a little crazy"
We are referring to it as “Spring Break”
because that is literally how bananas this little meet and greet will be.
Katie will be our darling host and the birthday girl! She is so sweet to have all of us, and even more impressive is that Billhead is OK with 6 girls taking over his house.

Carolyn will no doubt be the weekend’s photographer, that is if we can pull her away from Rocky, the girl loves taking pictures almost as much as she loves dogs.

Erica, who is just as gorgeous as she is funny, will no doubt be providing a Lil Wayne soundtrack to accompany the weekend and will hopefully throw in some killer dance moves.

Steph will show up wearing some kind of combination of zebra, pink and cowboy boots 
and look smokin' hot doing it. 

Jess, who is equal parts sweet and sassy, will bring her fun-loving attitude and most likely some wine.
How amazing are these pics side-by-side? Homegurrrl has been a diva from the start! LOVE IT!
And, me, well I’m just excited to finally meet everyone 
but I will be bringing Twisted Tea and a very loud laugh to the table.

Columbus {and Billy}, you better watch out!
 With all of us in one place...it's hard to tell what could happen. 

Katie—thank you so much for letting me take over your blog for the day and for letting me share these fabulous baby pictures! I hope you're having a blast in FLA and I hate you a little bit for being there. 

To the rest of you…have a very Happy Monday and I hope to see you all over at my blog, Busy Bee, real soon!


*Can I just say this...
 A. How fabulous is this? 
B. See that popsickle in my hand?
Proof that me and food have had a great relationship over the years.
I do not lie. ;)


  1. Oh Kristin...I just love you! This post is PRICELESS!!! (And SO very true!) Most adorable blogger babies EVVVVVA! xoxox

    PS-can we talk about Katie's mullet thing she has going on in the pic of her and the popsicle??

  2. This was fun. Nice to meet you Kristin!

  3. This was fun. Nice to meet you Kristin!

  4. Hilarious, should be a good time. Nicely done, sister!! We ALL look like we were mischevious way back when...somethings nnnever change haha

  5. hahah OMG we are literally adorable!!

    hahah the mullet thing. ADORABLE

    jess you so sassy!

    i think we all look dashing! luckily we will look 10x hotter when we have our big date ;-)


  6. Oh wow! You ladies are going to have a blast that weekend! I can't wait read about it ;)

    Katie, hope your trip to FL was amazing!

  7. Too stinkin' cute! You have all been gorgeous for many years :) Can't wait to meet all of these girls when they invade Cbus! Do I smell a slumber party?

  8. This is awesome, you guys will have some serious fun!

  9. awesome post! such cute and funny pics!

  10. CUTE post! What fun, you girls are going to have a blast!

  11. Omg i love all the baby pictures, how cute!! Katie (or Kristen), you should make a one time link-up where bloggers share their baby pictures! It would be so fun to see everyone as a baby :)

  12. What a cute post! Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. cute post! the busy bee blog is set to private...


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