Traveling To....Columbus? {+O.O.T.D}

Have you ever wondered what it's like
living in my city?
or why I enjoy living here?

Ok, maybe you haven't, since this is Ohio we're talking about..
but, I promise, you may learn a thing or two!

Today, you can find me over at
the super stylish, mom-to-be, Natasha's blog 

I'm guest posting as a part of her
travel series.
Whether you've never been to Ohio, or currently live here,
You can also read about visiting other cities
 that have been featured in this series.

Stop and give a big hello to Natasha too..
you will love her, and her blog.
Then you'll be jealous of her pictures about living in Lake Tahoe.
 Yeah, sucks to be her.
Not. ;)

If your name is: Steph (and BBFT), Erica, Jess, Kristin, Carolyn, or Erin...
then you, especially, want to check out this post.
Since YOU all are coming here in May!!!!!!!

Any other bloggers want to visit for my birthday?
It'll be a big partay!


Before I go...
if you're interested in seeing O.O.T.D (and other random) pictures
follow me on instagram: @whalenkat

I posted this O.O.T.D today...
where I got to take a stab at green//blue colorblocking
with some neon yellow flats :)

H&M Teal Blazer (only $15 on clearance)
White Ruffle Tank (shop in Charlotte, NC)
H&M Navy pants
Old Navy flats

Make it a great day, friends!


  1. Cute duds! Love those flats and that blazer! I've never considered buying navy work pants...hmmm...me thinks you're on to something, lover pants! So excited for those girlies to visit for your bday!

  2. Ohh, I want that outfit. No.. I NEED that outfit! So darling!

  3. Oh em gee... REMEMBER ME?! Oh how I have missed you so! Loving the outfit lady, those flats are to die for!

    Missing you so much. Can we phone date soon?

  4. LOVE the neon flats! I may have to get those asap! :)

    I would LOVE to come visit in Ohio, but I want to come in the fall and go to an OSU game :) :) :)

  5. Love the outfit! That white top is adorable!!

  6. Thanks SOOO much for sharing today...I definitely want to add Columbus to my travel list now! :) And you look adorable {as usual!}...love the flats! xo

  7. Loving the outfit! The color of the blazer is gorg. I love Columbus, my cousin went to OSU so I've been there to visit several times!

  8. I am from CA and I am *fingers crossed* going to be attending OSU for grad school next fall! I LOVE Columbus and can not wait to move to Ohio, which most people in CA find extremely strange.

  9. Such a cute outfit! I am ready for the H&M to open here so I can go shopping! My best friend is from Columbus, though her family now lives in SC. My other best friend is from Cincy, so I have a special place for all of Ohio in my heart!

  10. So glad to have found you on Natasha's blog today!! I am a blogger in Columbus too! Love this city! Would love to meet sometime!


  11. weeee!!!! off to read that guest post because i need to prepare myself for C-Bus

    oh and the outfit? so FETCH!! so HOT!!


  12. I'm from Cincinnati so i know how great Ohio is! Its such a great place to grow up. I love the midwest. I'll have to check out some of those restaurants. Columbus is one of my favorite cities. And of course I am a HUUUUUGE Graeters fan. to.die.for.

    xx Liz

  13. Those Old Navy flats are soooo soo cute! I am headed over there right now to stalk them!


  14. Oh man, I need to be a part of this! All of my fave ladies!!

  15. Cute cute! I may be interested in some birthday partying! Let me know when!

  16. Love the blazer, great deal! You were in Charlotte, NC?! That is right close to me ;)

    Nicole @ http://parishendrix.blogspot.com/

  17. Dying for this blazer. I need to know where to buy! can't wait to meet all these chics for your bday! Columbus is a fun place!!!

  18. Oh I love those flats Katie. Loved getting to know your city on Schue Love!

  19. Cute post on Ohio! I'm officially your 1000th follower :) Have a great weekend! Xxx

  20. I stumbled on the blog you guest posted on and was SO HAPPY to see someone from Columbus (as I am reading this while sitting in Columbus). I'm a student here at OSU and I haven't met any bloggers from Ohio yet!

  21. I'm from Columbus, OH. Glad I came across your blog!


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