Slippers, Belted Snuggies, and Meat, Oh My...

I do not like to disappoint.
Neither does this girl that's invading my blog today.
Which means that today {while I'm tanning my bod in the Florida sun}
you're in for a real treat.

Erin, from the famous Living in Yellow is here
to rat me out discuss the kind of day we will have when we meet.

Can we please give her a warm welcome?!
After all, she is too legit to quit here in blog world
and she kinda makes me smile errrday.

Take it away, miss fancy pants...


Hello there you Keep Calm & Carry On-ers.
I don't think you know how excited I am to be here today.
Actually scratch that.
I would be a heck of a lot more excited to be in Florida with Katie.
But because I am stuck here in the cold, I guess this is the 2nd best place I could be.
My name is Erin and I blog over at Living In Yellow.
If you haven't visited before, I suggest that you do.
I kinda love meeting you awesome people.
Katie is pretty much my blogging BFF.
She is my blogging best friend.
I love the girl.
Our relationship started with comments on each others blog.
Then it progressed to emails.
From there it got a little more serious and went to tweets.
And now we are official-we text on occasion.
And you know that means serious business if texting is involved.
Basically, what I am getting at--is I've been planning our big meet-up in my head for awhile.
Because it's not a matter of "If" it happens.
It's "when" it happens.
And this homegirl has gotta be prepared.
So today--I am showing you how I would envision our initial day of becoming real life besties.
For starters-we would have to ditch our husbands for the day.
You know, so they can do manly things and we can do girly things.
That was the easy part.
It's the rest of the day that gets tricky.
Because for starters--you know Katie is going to drag my butt to the gym and make me sweat.
The girl gets the greatest excitement out of wearing running shoes.
I on the other hand prefer slippers.
After I would be nearing death, Katie would treat us to some fine dining.
Which means fruits, vegetables, and any other negative calorie thing we could get our hands on.

All the while, I would be wishing I could have my hands in piles of meat.

{Sorry Katie. I know you are cringing right now.
 And probably everybody else for that matter}
After we got battled it out over lunch-we would find our way to the mall.
And you all know Katie would say over and over again
 "Girl..you've gotta get that bow blouse"
because we all know she is head over heels for bow blouses.

And I would try to convince her that Snuggies are more my thing.
Especially belted Snuggies.

After all of this, we would finally decide it's time for wine.

Hey, at least we agree on something right?
After a few glasses-I would convince Katie she needs to rap.
Preferably in a onesie.
This would all lead to a serious dance party.
From there, I make no promises as to what could happen.
So there you have it.
Other than the working out, eating, and shopping part--we would get along great.
PS. We wouldn't be the only ones enjoying ourselves.
Because these two.
Well, they'd be busy be makin' babies.
Just sayin'.
Now if any of you would like to come over and make friends with me so I can analyze how our initial meeting would go, I'm game.
Katie--Love ya.
Just next time, take me to Florida with you :)


*Don't you just love her?!
I know I do.
Thank you, my darling Erin.

You know you are my hero.


  1. Loved loved loved this guest post! Hilarious! One of the best I've seen! :) The belted Snugggies cracked me up! Your dogs are so precious!!

  2. hahaha, so funny! love her! just started following her blog and it is one of my new favorites now!

    Erin, the meat part was my favorite, too funny!

  3. I love both of your blogs! Great Post today Erin!

  4. Too cute! Going to check our your blog now :)

  5. This is amazing, love it. And her running shoes I want them. No, better I NEED them!

    Hopefully you can meet sooner than later!


  6. OK Living in Yellow is AMAZING =) Thanks for featuring her =)

  7. Loved this!!! So cute! You should totally meet up in person for realz!

  8. I loved this post !! I love made up real life stories (: there so much fun! Hopefully that day goes exactly how you planned it in the future! Totally gonna check out your blog, Erin! You seem awesome!

  9. LOVE this. I die!
    Dance party for sure!!

  10. Too cute! I will definitely check out your blog, Erin! I'm more of a snuggie, meat and slippers girl, myself. Have fun in Florida, Katie! I'll be there in a few!

  11. This was so great!!! I was eating while reading this .... that meat photo cause major reflux!

    Erin is a hoot :) I enjoy her blog! Always a great read over there!!

    Enjoy Florida, K!!! xo

  12. You know what they say... opposites attract! Now a new follower of Living In Yellow! :)


  13. Hi, I'm visting from LIY and glad I came over to have a browse. Loving your blog :)
    What a great post! I'm sure you'll both have a fantabulous day when you meet up!

  14. I best be in on this meet-up day. I mean, I did make an appearance in the dance party section. And you know I gots some sweet moves...am I right? Or am I right?

  15. Cute post! Hope you are having an awesome time in FL Katie! :)

  16. Oh she is soo funny! I love this post. Im going to check our her blog right NOW!

  17. Pesonally, I think the belted snuggie is a great look. ;)

  18. Ohh, I heart Erin! She cracks me up on a daily basis! So glad she brought me over here... I'm off to browse the rest of your blog, dear! :)


  19. I came from Erin's blog! She's awesome! I love your blog too, joining up!
    : )

  20. I think the belted snuggie is the bomb Erin and I know Katie is awesome. So I think you guys will have an awesome meetup when it happens! If its here in C-bus I want to see you for drinks!

  21. This is hilarious and such a fun link up. Heading over to Living in Yellow right now :)

    Love it ladies! :)

    A Day in the Life and Mind...

  22. So so funny! I love both of your blogs so this was a real treat!! Hope you're having a great time pretty lady!

  23. Two of my favorite bloggers joining forces!? This made my day! Seriously a hilarious post Erin and hope you are enjoying your vacay Katie! :)

  24. HAHA I love this post!! And love both your blogs ;) too cute! I hope you do meet up soon!

  25. this post is amazing and hilarious. i love the belted snuggie. :)

    love both of your blogs!!! :)

  26. such an awesome post - had me laughing! meetiing blog friends and becoming GREAT friends is so awesome right! :)

  27. this is hilarious. so glad i stumbled upon your blog!


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