That Time I Rapped In A Onesie {Friday Funnies}

I decided to keep it real today.
Not that I don't everyday, but you know.

Hope you get a kick out of these like I do...

*Me. Rapping.

in a onesie-with antlers on.

Sent this video to fellow bloggy friends before Alicia's ugly christmas sweater party
 (or in my case, onesie). I know you were proud Erica.

Do I got skillz?!

Maybe Weezy or Mary J. will ask me to accompany them on tour this year?
I'm a whole level above that Kesha chick.

*55 degrees in the morning/afternoon, but snowing by the evening?
Ok, not so funny.
Make up your mind, weather!

*Sometimes I question if I was really born as a brunette...


*That we still have Christmas decorations up (not our tree, but decor here and there).

This isn't funny. this is just sad.
This weekend it will all be gone, at last.

*Billy and Rocky (he just woke up for this pic) taking an afternoon nap together.
Pillow over head and all.

oh, hello Rockster's devil eyes. 

*Overhearing a girl in the dressing room at Forever21 yelling because she can't afford any of the clothes and saying "I need a damn job" ...why yes, a job would be a good thing. I just chuckled remembering the days when I was younger and would get an allowance but didn't have enough (that I thought) to spend on cute clothes.

*That I have an awesome giveaway planned for when I get to 900 followers.

...wait, what did I just say?
Yup. it's true.
I'm 30 away!

Help get me there, friends? Tweet? Blog about it? I'll give you an extra entry for the giveaway!

I can't wait for this one.

What was funny that happened to you this week?!

Have a good weekend!

...and I hope I don't lose followers for my rapping video.
Just sayin'...


  1. hahahaha i've never seen a rapping Reindeer!!!!!!

  2. Haha love the video!!

    Hubby and I still have our tree up, but we have taken the lights off the house lol

  3. Now we just need our runway walk!! I don't know what happened to that little gem!

  4. Hahahaha oh my gosh..best video ever. I am loving it. You are gangsta. I think we need to meet up and create our own video. Wahooo for almost being at 900--you rock :)

  5. You're hilarious. Way to put a smile on my face! High Five!

  6. 1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that video. Cracks me up. Such a serious reindeer rap you have going on. HA!

    2. I question this blonde/brunette statement as of yesterday's convo(s)

    humoiurs. juniors. Oh hey..humorous!

    3. I called you out on the Christmas decor last week. Get that shit packed already!

    4. Billhead and Rocko Taco are SO precious. Men and their naps...pssh...that sounds heavenly...

    5. I'll only help you get to 900 if you tell me what you're giving away.


  7. hahaha loving the rap. But I have got to say, the outfit makes it about 100 times better :)

  8. You are the most gangster rapping reindeer there is! I think YOU need to go on tour. Can I be a back up dancer? Done and done.

  9. Love the video! You're too cute! Your text is way too funny!

  10. i mean...why wouldn't you rap in antlers and a onesie?

    i like to think i have some rapping skills hidden inside me. well, only for two songs. maybe i'll be brave and post my own rap vlogs. :)

  11. We sadly still have some Christmas stuff up to (no tree just like you though).

  12. Oh my god I just died at that video!!! You're too much, girl! I think you get extra gangsta points for rapping in reindeer ears! Loves it.

  13. LOL. You should post more videos!

  14. Rapping in a onesie... totally normal!

    Loved this!

  15. The Vlog I made on Wednesday with my girlfriend... I posted it today. I totally laugh every time I watch it!


  16. Haha, you are too cute! Love the video.

    Have a great weekend lady!!

    A Day in the Life and Mind...

  17. The video is hilarious and I think you should start a link of for rap videos. No one can sing baby got back better then I can. LOL

  18. You sound like me with the xmas stuff! I finally got that out of my house! Happy friday lady!

  19. You are the best. Love that rap, if that doesn't give you 900 I don't know what will!!!

  20. Classic!

    I'm a new follower....so you're one step closer to 900, biatch :)

  21. Literally cracking up and Chris just walked in our bedroom and said "What are you listening to? Are you watching a rap video?" bahahahahaha

  22. bahahaha that video just made my night! hilarious!

  23. i love the video. =] haha. I am having a giveaway on my blog, I thought you might be interested in. Check out my blog for more information.

  24. Oh my gosh. Love the video! Rapping, reindeer antlers, onesie... seriously? What's not to love?

    Only 20 away from 900! So close!

  25. i am absolutely IN LOVE with that video! haha you are a straight up OG (original gangsta)

    there will definately be some rapping when we unite together! haha

    billy and rocky snuggling....so adorable! i need a puppy


  26. hahahah who knew you were such a rap guy?! "who understands those rap guys anyway?"

  27. hahah love it. was billy driving during this?

  28. um your video....hilarious! you totally owned that!

    i hear the funniest things in dressing rooms! best places for girl convos!


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