North Meets South

Hey y'all!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Stephanie from BEAUtiful mess! For those of you who do know me, well...I guess I don't need to do any 'splainin...you already know of my awesomeness. ;) I'm a Texas newlywed(ish) who loves to travel, work out, get mah tan on, and anything pink. Oh! And that would be my sweet, sweet husband, Beau, and I of course I love him too. (Or BBFT, as Katie calls him.)

Moving right along...

So this mushy little affair between Katie and I has been quite obvs for quite some time now. Things are getting pretty serious and we've decided to take this lovefest to the next level.

Thaz right, Keep Calm & Carry On-ers! Third base...here we come!! Miss Katie and I will be meeting for the first time in February!!!


Scratch that...we aren't just "meeting". We'll be vacationing. Together.
 With our husbands. In the BEAUTIFUL Naples, Florida!!! 
Now that's not just any ol' blog meet up!

"Reunited and it feels so gooooood!" 

Ok, so we won't be "reunited" because we've technically never met but we have shared many texts, emails, group chats, G-chats, phone calls and Facetime dates (all at the same time, to be exact) to know just about any and everything about one another. Many.

In saying this, I must admit...there are several thoughts that have crossed my mind knowing that in less than 40 days, my husband and I will be hopping on a plane to go halfway across the country to meet an almost complete stranger and her husband. I mean, it's only normal to be a tad bit nervous, right?

And it will all start the moment we meet at the airport...

Will it be one of those run up to each other, start hugging/crying/laughing all at the same time kind of thing or will we do the ass out/awkward hug/nice to "meetcha" kinda thing? What if I'm more excited to meet her than she is me?

(Kidding. Who wouldn't be excited to meet me?! I can get down with the best of 'em!)

What about when we get to the condo? How will the sleeping arrangements be? Will she be the big spoon? I hate being big spoon. Should we sleep pole to pole OR hole to hole?

What if my husband secretly falls in love with her? I mean...she is a beautiful brunette with the most stunning blue eyes I've ever seen. AND she's an athlete. What guy wouldn't  love all these qualities in a girl?!  Psssh....not happnin', Katie. Sorry Charlie. You know I'm rowdy...

 Do you SEE what I'm talkin' about?!
What if after a day they decide they don't like us? Would they have the heart to kick us out?

Better yet...what if we don't like them? Would we just leave? How rude?! (Talk about an extra awkward blog post that would ensue if that happened...)


What will she think if I fart in front of her? What if my husband picks his nose in front of them? Will we confirm their suspicions that we really are rednecks?

Will she hold my hair back if I end up praying to the porcelain God one night? That IS what all "real" friends do, right?!

What if some chick tries to hit our husbands? Will Katie have my back? Will she go for the hair pull or do I?

What if she's some 7 foot tall, Sasquatch-like man who's been posing as this Ohio-State lovin' sweetheart and is waiting for me at the airport ready to slit my neck and eat my eyeballs?? This IS 2012. Things like this DO happen. (Ok. Maybe only in movies but still!!)


Ok so maybe I've exaggerated juuuust a teensy bit 
Katie and Billy seem pretty normal by the looks of things.
Don't they? 
(Trust me. If Katie is a total whackjob you will ALL know about it.)

To say the least, excited is an understatement. Expect an obnoxious amounts of photos come mid-February. Things are gonna go dowwwwn on these blogs of ours. ;)

...want to read MY (as in the owner of this blog) take on this blogger vacay?
I get to take over her blog and it gets good.
real good {are they swingers??}.

Read it HERE
(and leave me some love over there!)


  1. OMG. You two are hilarious. Can't lie though... I'm a little jealous. :)

  2. ugggh! i hate you guys soooo much! i'm still holding out for some sort of miracle that brings me to FLA in Feb.

  3. This is funny and so exciting!
    What an adventure!! Have a blast

  4. aw, this sounds like so much fun. i want to go to Naples. the first tiem i met lindsey when she picked me up in dallas we didn't hug (b/c we aren't huggers), we just were like "what up?" put my bag in her car and we headed straight to get a drink. when we met in new orleans we did run and hug only b/c she was drunk already at the hotel bar.

    so excited for you guys!

  5. Oh my word...this is too funny! The two of you are going to be BFF for sure!

  6. HAHAHAHA Y'all crack me up! can't wait for the amazing recap to follow!


  7. Super great. Love it.

  8. i died laughing through this ENTIRE thing! OMG steph I just love you lol

    pole to pole or hole to hole...ARE YOU SERIOUS hahah I cannot breathe

    i know for a fact the 4 of you will LOVE eachother!!

    and if she is a sasquatch man, make sure beau beau brings his bow and arrow!! haha kiiddding! ;-)

    ahh y'all are going to have such a blast and im excited for the amount of pics and vids I better be getting :-D


  9. Too funny!! You gals are going to have a blast in Naples!! :)

  10. Cant wait to get to naples. I think its funny that both of you guys are thinking the worst possible things. I think it we are gonna have a blast wether their crazy or not.


  11. I'm one of Stephs followers and just found your blog. You two are such cute besties and you are adorable!!! I had my first blogger meet-up this summer and we both had the same thoughts going through our heads... and so did the husbands of course! But it turned out great and you will have so much fun. I'm jealous :)

  12. OMG spit out my coffee when I read "should we sleep pole to pole OR hole to hole"!!!

  13. This made me laugh from beginning to end... Can't wait to read the re-cap after your amazing trip!

  14. You two are going to have a great time. I am sure of it! :)

  15. lol! you guys are funny!! Happy vacation. How fun!!!


  16. When I first moved to Columbus someone asked me if my husband and I were swingers. I was so unsuspecting at that point and said I didn't think so. Way to leave the door open a crack. I was mortified to find out what they meant later.
    In my defense I was 20.
    And from Indiana.

    But if ya'll are swingers I'm not judging.

  17. I think my fav part was "Trust me, if they are whackjobs you will ALL KNOW ABOUT IT" hahaha
    as I stated on the other blog...I'm jealous. Florida? Each other's pretty faces? Hookahs.

  18. I so cannot wait to hear about this trip afterwards! You two ladies are hilarious!

  19. I love this! I was cracking up!! You all will have such an awesome time! Can't wait to hear about it!

  20. Hahaha this was hilarious!!! HOW FUN! The four of you are going to have a blast, no doubt about it! :)

  21. I literally just died laughing...I love y'all. the end!

  22. LOL too funny... Love Naples! you girls will have a blast!! :)

  23. "Should we sleep pole to pole OR hole to hole?" - no you didn't! hahahahahahah

    omg you freaks are going to have so. much. fun. I'm soooo incredibly jealous. Like it's not even fair.

  24. OMG this cracked me up. You both are going to have an amazing time!!


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