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First, I just want to say thank you to everyone
who commented on my blog posts the past 2 days.

I received an overwelming amount of feedback on my Vegetarian Lifestyle: My Staples post and am thrilled to know many of you would like to see more health posts/vegetarian recipes.

The most asked question I got was about how me and Billy handle dinners since he eats meat and I don't...
Do we do two seperate meals or how do we make it work? 
I wanted to address this today in case I didn't respond directly to all of you who asked. 

I know where all of you are coming from who have boyfriends or husbands who don't consider it a meal unless there is meat on the plate. Billy loves meat. That being said, he is open to my meatless meals and he doesn't mind cooking once in a while just for himself when he does want meat. One thing that helped my case, that I recommend to each of you, is have them read the chapter in Skinny Bitch on meat. I read it outloud to Billy while on vacation and he was floored. No joke. He then understood a little bit more why I wanted to give up meat, and said he would try meatless meals once or twice a week.

When Billy isn't eating a meatless meal with me, I typically just eat whatever he wants to eat, but leave out the meat and add a salad or a different side. Sometimes this means making two seperate meals and that has worked just fine for us. We still make a point to eat together at the same time, I just cook mine and he cooks his. If your significant other doesn't do much cooking, I would suggest just making a piece of meat for him on top of what you prepare. It's really not all that hard that some of you may think it is! I promise.

..and with time, you'll find what works for you
and get the hang of it.

Moving on...

I thought I would share where I find most of my recipes and some of my favorite websites for vegetarian dishes.

(click link to follow my boards)
Use the search bar at the top and type in "healthy vegetarian lunches" or "vegetarian dinners"
(has non-vegetarian recipes too)
**all about Clean Eating!
Not sure what Clean Eating is? Read here.
wonderful tips and useful info
over 6,000 vegetarian recipes
and many, many, blogs!

Here are a few links to my favorite vegetarian meals:

Clean Eating Recipes

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers
(I make these allll the time)
great twist to your traditional ground beef stuffed peppers!

Pinned Image

Black Bean Burgers

Healthified Winter Veggie Pasta

(only 200 calories)

Pasta gets a bad rep.
My tip?
Always make it whole grain pasta and watch your portions.

and a yummy pescatarian dinner...

Pinned Image

(whole foods recipe)

Can you tell that we love mexican inspired meals?
nom nom nom.

Another veddy veddy easy vegetarian meal that I make when I'm in a rush 
is a vegetarian stir fry!
(use low sodium soy sauce, veggies, and brown rice...voila.)

Note: I'm no profesh here. When I first started this lifestyle I googled and printed every pescatarian recipe I could find and put them in a binder. Just an idea.

I hope this inspires some of you to try a
meatless monday!
(or tuesday, or wednesday...)


  1. I wanted to tell you-I haven't ate one bit of meat yet in 2012...I figured you would be so proud :) Thank you so much for being an inspiration to me to eat better..and I appreciate these links so much, I have been trying to find some good places for recipes! You are the best girlfriend :)

  2. I have really really really been considering going meatless for a while. I believe I will try it a couple days a week and see if I can catch the hang of it. From what I hear, going meatless has so many benefits (like clearing up problem skin and evening out the hormones in your body) and I really would like to benefit from them all!

    Thank you for posting some of these meal ideas. I will definitely be using these when I start this out!

    Have a great thursday pretty girl!

  3. I recently gave up milk and switched to almond milk after reading one of Raven's blogs and I really need to read the Skinny Bitch book after hearing both you and her mention it! Living by myself I think it would be super easy to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle! Thanks for the tips :)

  4. thanks katie for all of this!!! Im very much interested in eating more healthy and clean...i'd LOVE to try a bunch of these recipes!

    you guys are just like Kurt and I. I dont eat AS MUCH meat as kurt does so sometimes we cook different meals but always make it a point to eat at the same time! :)

    you should follow the blog Peas and Crayons! One of mah GURRRLLSSS!! plus she puts out fantastic veggie, healthy, CLEAN recipes! looove it. Shrimp wontons...HELLO!? delish!

    xoxox you ROCK

  5. I've tried almost all of these and completely agree!! These are some good one. Pinterest is amazing. Have you checked out Food Gawker. If you haven't you sould

  6. Thanks for the tips and the insight. I eat mostly veggie meals with the exception of chicken here and there. And my hubby is usually fine to eat meatless meals...I don't even think he notices half the time!

  7. Girl... I am starving this morning... so you posting pictures this early of food that I could just SMASH INTO... is not helping...

    Help me be a vegetarian again... wahh. I suck.

  8. YAY! Thanks for the links to recipes! Can't wait to try some of these! :) I'm so fortunate that Corby will eat anything (even meatless meals!)

  9. PF Changs for date night tonite? lol righ after the dublin city council meeting?

  10. Wow, I'm not a veggie girl by any means but those meals look amazing. I appreciate you being so honest in your evaluation of the lifestyle and sharing your thoughts.

    Thanks girlie! xoxo

  11. Thank you for posting this! I think you are my new pescatarian guru. I'm going to make it a point now to definitely do the pescatarian thing. You show me that it isn't too hard and that I don't have to starve my poor meat-eater of a husband. I'm printing like 5 of your recipes that I'm pretty sure my husband will eat.

  12. thank you for this post! I have made meatless dinners twice so far this week!

  13. I dont eat much meat as it is.. so I love a lot of these recipes you ahve provided. My husband and I cook together almost every night and make a lot of sepearate meals or the same main dish with different sides. My hubby has been recovering from vasculitis disease and has to eat a very low sodium diet.. so he has some things I don't eat and I eat a pretty healthy diet.. but is a little different then his... but we still make it a point to either cook together every night or one of us cook for the both of us, even if it's a little different :)

    Love the Vegitarian posts.. very helpful.. I am on board for Meatless Mondays!

  14. Oooo! I def want to eat more vegetarian dishes!!! Those black bean burgers and stuffed peppers look SO good!! Thanks for the inspiration!!! :)

  15. Can't wait to try some of these recipes. ESP the tacos! :) yum!

  16. I love shrimp. And that breakfast pita looks bomb as do those stuffed peppers. I've wanted to make stuffed peppers for the longest. My friend has a recipe, but it's with ground beef. Probably wouldn't work for a pescatarian, how would it??

  17. These are GREAT recipes and links! I'm not sure I could go cold turkey (ha) on meat ... but I could try for a weeks time, right?!

    Hard when I already have a gluten intolerance ... so I struggle finding food to begin with!

  18. Thanks for all the yummy recipes! I'm looking forward to making those tacos!

  19. I've been veg for over 3 years now. I guess I'm technically an ovo-lacto-vegetarian. My husband is a meat eater. What works for us is I make a huge batch of grilled chicken, chop and freeze it. Each night after I make "our" dinner, I thaw some of his chicken and add it to his meal. Saves a lot of time and energy. I actually just posted one of my favorite recipes today!
    Quinoa is the best!!!

  20. Love seeing all these recipes and that a lot of them are Mexican dishes, yum! I can't wait to try them!

  21. Girl after my own heart with these Mexican recipes! Ole! Glad you posted these...I need to try some! Did I mention I had veggie sausage for breakfast, with Greek yogurt. Yup, I'm fancy.

  22. Wow - all these veggie dishes look amazing! Especially the quinoa stuffed peppers! Yum! Thanks for posting :)

  23. These look delish!!! Although I am no longer a veggie ( I was raised a vegetarian my whole life. recently decided to try meat. I only eat fish, turkey and chicken. Red meat and pork still creeps me out!) but I would love love love to try these!! Thanks for posting =)

  24. Just read the clean eating link! I am going back and forth with that and becoming a Pescatarian {sp?}
    Thoughts?? And I did not see Popcorn on le Clean Eating Shopping List...OYE haha. This has nothing to do with food but I really miss your ace. Kay. Bye.

  25. Can't wait to check out some of these recipes! Thanks for sharing-- you're the best! I'm a big quinoa fan and need to get the BF to try it as well. Men and their meat... sheesh!

  26. I went vegetarian about 5 months ago. Im staying at home with my family for a month and none of them are vegetarian. We are making it work by having me cook them lots of new vegtarian meals (they dont mind missing the meat) also making meals where the meat can added at the end so i can take out some meat free dinner before they mix up theres. Its working well for us :) xx

  27. Awesome post! It's not that hard for my husband and in either. He's been very supportive. He will cook himself food all the time. Or I make things that I can take the meat out of. Like red beans and rice with sausage. I don't eat the sausage. Or spaghetti and I won't eat the meatballs. Tonight I made side dishes and he had pork chops while I baked a piece of fish! Very easy! Just takes creativity and planning.

  28. I love this post!
    I don't eat a ton of meat, and I might refer back to this when I'm making my weekly meals.
    Thanks for sharing

  29. So many tasty looking recipes! Thanks for sharing. :)

  30. I had no idea you were a vegetarian! Learn something new every day! Those meals look delicious actually! Mexican food is a big staple in our house as well. Yummy! :)

  31. the breakfast pita sounds so good and easy to make!! definitely incorporating that into my weakly meals!

  32. I beyond dubiety revalue your articles and blogs


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