You Said It Best


is the number of comments I received
on my adoption story yesterday
{maybe even more now}


I do believe those of you said it best...

I can't begin to thank each one of you who left a comment.
 Please know that not one went unnoticied and my heart was filled with complete and utter joy. I always knew that I loved blogging and the people I've met through it, but this just took it one step further. I really appreciate those who comment regularly on my blog (very thankful for you), but I have to say today..it's the ones that told me they don't typically comment on my blog, but were inspired to yesterday. Thank you. I hope you feel inclined to comment more often. I tried responding to each of you, but if you didn't get a response, it may be because you don't have your email address attached to your Blogger profile. Fix that asap. ;) 

I found myself with tears in my eyes most of the day....from getting long emails saying I inspired people to adopt and gave them hope in the adoption process..to daughters telling me they are inclined to meet their birth parents now. Absolutely amazing. It's safe to say I'm so glad I shared my story.

Pinned Image

I already had an amazing day
but when I came home to a huge package from Choboni on my doorstep, I was smiling even more!

Choboni sent me 12 of their oh so delish greek yogurts..

I eat these yogurts daily. My fav flavors are: blueberry, mango, and raspberry. I like to mix the regular flavor with Kashi granola for breakfast!

so, thank you Choboni.

I don't have much to share today, but I did want to show you the Lululemon bag Billy got me for Christmas. It's called the Still Groovy bag. I was thinking about not sharing this and being selfish keeping it to myself, but then what kind of friend would I be?! It is still on sale right now on their website, so go check it out!!!

Still Groovy Bag

they have it in black too, but I love this color.

I'm not kidding when I say this is the BEST gym bag I have ever owned.
It is big, has a ton of compartments (even a wet/dry bag), perfect for year round use, and the color is awesome! I'm pretty much in love with it.

just another reason for me to be obsessed with Lulu :)

What are you weekend plans?

Billy's cousin, Dave, is coming to visit for the weekend and it is Alicia's (follow her blog!) birthday celebration tomorrow night, so we are going to Sushi Rock for dinner then to a dueling piano bar!

Have a good weekend and for those of you
who got snow, be safe.



  1. :) Thanks again for sharing your story. You are so awesome I can hardly stand it.
    Can't wait for tomorrow!!! Party time and I get to take your Sushi Rock V-Card.

  2. Oh girl! You weren't the only one with tears in your eyes yesterday! So glad that you were able to share your story and that you got such an overwhelming and loving and supportive response! Love you sister!

    ps. I tagged you in a super nerdy/fun post today, so you should probably go check it out. And don't worry, it doesn't include baby pictures....yet!

    pps. share the chobani!

  3. I want that bag!! I got a new Under Armour gym bag for Christmas and accidentally ordered a size appropriate for a little girl :( so I've been on the hunt for a new one.

  4. I'm so glad you posted that post! :) You're such a sweetheart!!!

  5. That was an amazing story to share, thanks for opening up and feeling ok to share.

    I have always wanted to adopt a child when I have a family, and this is a great motivation, so thank you!

    That bag is super fantastic. I enjoy greek yogurt, but my only concern is the sugar count because of the fruit. That is one thing to watch out for.

    Happy weekend sweetie!


  6. Thank you for sharing your story! I shared it with my hubby last night and he thought it was amazing as well. His sister is adopted. She, unfortunately, didn't come from the best of circumstances beforehand. After finding out she was adopted and hearing their story, I told my husband that I would like to adopt as well. Your story inspired me even more with that dream. :)

  7. Favorite. Yogurt. Ever. Gosh, I'm so glad we have such similar taste in foods :) I could eat the pineapple flavor everyday. Oh wait, I already do ;)

    I'm so glad to hear about the joy in your heart after all the feedback you got. You absolutely deserve it! Have a beautiful weekend, Katie!! :)

  8. I loved loved loved reading your blog yesterday. I am so happy for you and being able to take that leap in meeting your bio mom not knowing if it was going to turn out bad or good. And your good friend being your cousin?? That was crazy. My husband and I adopted a sibling group of 4, and a 3 year process finally ended last January. There situation was not a good one as they were in the foster care system. We have recently become in contact with my older sons bio grandma on his dads side. His bio dad was deceased even before my son was born and we thought it would be good to have someone tell him or even send pictures of his dad to him. He is also African American and 3 of his siblings are white, and one is Hispanic- yeah diverse family we have. Lol. But we also wanted him to know that side of his family as well, to the best of his.knowledge. us being in Washington state, and they are all in Texas, he does communicate through emails,letters and phone calls.
    Ok- I've got of track. Anyway, in the future, if my kids wanted, I would love for them to get in contact with any of their bio family, and hopefully have it be a good reunion as it was for you. But for right now, its just us.
    Happy that you shared your story, and I look forward to maybe hearing more. :-)

  9. Thanks so much for sharing your story. My fiancée was adopted and his biological family was not in a good situation to be in contact with. If is so wonderful to hear your inspiration and reconnecting with your family.

  10. So happy you got so many positive responses, although I never had any doubt. Have a wonderful weekend friend!

  11. I tweeted you yesterday...but again thank you so much for sharing your story. I will definitely at some point in the future post my story, as its still unfolding. I love love love my parent for the wonderful thing they did in giving me to someone else and I love love love my mom and dad for raising me and giving me such an awesome life. And of course we know I love this bloggy :) Its a daily read for moi! ....but I'm scared of greek yogurt...or any yogurt that isn't yoplait custard style.

  12. So happy you got so many respones yesterday! Your story is beautiful! I shared it with my friend who adopted her daughter and is already starting her next adoption! Have a great weekend!

  13. You ARE and inspiration. Also, I really love your gym bag. I have a friend who works there, so I will most definitely be grabbing some good gear!

    Have a fabulous weekend,


  14. So glad you got a lot of positive feedback from your post yesterday girl! I definitely know it probably wasn't easy and if you are anything like me, its hard to share things like that with people. I tend to keep things in! I wish you well in the future with your birth mom and I am so glad that you are doing well!

    LOVE your blog and thanks for your sweet comment back at me yesterday about my own mom! It made me sad/happy all at the same time, so thank you so much!

  15. you already know i loved your post, but on a different note: do you recommend the chobani over like yoplait? im trying sooo hard to get into eatign yogurt again

  16. I have had that bag in my cart all day! I loved it when I first saw you tweet a pic of it. I like my gym bag now but it is just too small. My best friend said she was never going to listen to me complain about being broke again if I spend that much on a gym bag, but I think it would be a good investment since I would use it so much! Grrr I just can't decide!

    I also loved your adoption story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! I have often thought if I end up having trouble getting pregnant I would love to adopt so it was so cool to read your story! And it was a much needed reminder that I need to tell my mom how much I love her no matter how much she nags me because she won't be around forever to drive me nuts :)

  17. Loved your story, how awesome that you're related to your really good friend.

    I dated my best friends brother for ten years and we always thought we'd be sisters, but it didn't work out. I'm just glad our friendship was stronger and didn't end too.

    Your gym bag is adorable. Mine is just a small Nike one, not cute at all.


  18. I love Chobani! So yummy!

    That gym bag is so cute. Love it!

    I haven't read your adoption story yet, but I plan on doing that this weekend.

  19. Once again thank you for sharing :)
    I just tried that yogurt! love it!

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