Oreo Balls {Christmas Recipe}

UPDATE: There is a newer (and much prettier!) version of this blog post: HERE.
I will be taking this one down soon, so for the recipe go on over there!

It's oreo ball time, friends. How many of you have seen oreo or cake balls floating around on blogs and/or Pinterest?! I know I have. These little guys and I didn't exactly start off on the right foot though. Let me break it down for ya....

At first I was going to make the lovely Gingerbread cake balls I had been eyeing all over Pinterest, but after 3 (count 'em...3) failed attempts at finding Gingerbread in the 30 degree weather, I decided to move on to my 2nd best option: Oreo balls. Oh, I can't forget to mention that I decided to go get the ingredients after a 2 hr nap/food coma and was still slightly unsure of how much of each ingredient I would need to make 9 dozen cookies. I silently told myself that I'd just wing it and they would turn out perfectly. I mean who am I? Martha Stewart?! Not in this lifetime....

Looking back, I know the oreo balls had it out for me from the beginning since they were my 2nd best option. Who wants to be 2nd best? I digress. Anyways--since I had never made Oreo cake balls before and didn't have the recipe on me {someone tell me when the Pinterest app ACTUALLY works on the iPhone when you need it?! Yeah.}, I ended up having to call Ashley {Billy was at hockey} to have her pull up the oreo cake ball recipe I originally pinned and give me the ingredients. Bless her heart. I was about to kill someone in Walmart at this point because I had already been walking through each aisle aimlessly for an hour...like someone was going to put all the ingredients I needed in my cart for me. Well, girlfriend helped me out and set me up on the right path. I gathered up my things and was finally on my way.

Things were going wonderfully since the actual making of the oreo balls is very simple, until I realized I was way short on the candy melts to dip the balls in. It's 10pm and back to Walmart I go. Not fun. So....long story not cut short, I finally finished them around the midnight mark. But please--don't let this story defer you from baking these.....if you are at least somewhat awake and plan ahead of time, you will be fine. These are super easy to make and I'm happy to report that they were a crowd pleaser!

Oreo Balls
adapted from this recipe

-1 package Oreo cookies
-1 8 oz cream cheese, softened
-1 package Wilton Candy Melts or Almond bark
-6 Candy Canes {optional}

(I used 4 packages of Oreo cookies, 4 cream cheese, and 4 candy melts to make 9 dozen)

-Place Oreo Cookies in a large plastic bag and smash until it is the consistency of dirt

-Mix softened cream cheese into smashed cookies {I actually mixed them together with my hands because it was easier}
-Form into 1" balls and place on wax paper on cookie sheets. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.
-Melt chocolate in microwave according to package directions.
-Cover the balls in chocolate {I found the best way to do this was to use 2 forks and dip them}.
-Once all the balls are covered, refrigerate for 1 hour.

Voila. Time to ENJOY! :)

About halfway through the process, I got somewhat creative. I decided to smash some peppermint candy canes and mix some into the cream cheese/cookie mix and also sprinkle it on top of the balls right after dipping them in the chocolate! Makes them look a little cuter, I think. I do recommend using the red or green candy melts over the white chocolate...it looks thicker and prettier ;)

Note: This will make roughly 50 balls...

All bagged up and ready to be sent out!

Have you made oreo balls or cake balls before?!
What was your experience like?


  1. Those are so cute and sound so easy to make! I may need to make some for the holidays!

  2. I LOVE oreo balls, and make them every Christmas, but I've never made them in red and green! Love that! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! def gonna try and make them this week!


  4. I love oreo balls! They are perfect for any celebration since they can be color coordinated to any situation!

    They look delicious :)


  5. Okay, I was excited about these until I saw the cream cheese part and then I started having my doubts because well... I currently have a cream cheese aversion. Actually, it's a lot of the time, not just while pregnant. I can do cheesecake though and stuff, I just don't like it in frostings, etc, I think maybe it's too strong. Is the cream cheese really "present" in these or does it blend in?

    I might still try some for hubs, he loves him some cream cheese and oreos. He would probably die of happiness at the combination.

  6. I always make oreo balls for tailgating! But I mix the oreos, cream cheese and white chocolate (or vanilla) (our grocery stores don't seem to carry almond bark)refrigerate, then I roll them into balls and freeze. So mine are just black and white instead. I have always wanted to dip them in chocolate or something to make them prettier. I will have to try this!

  7. I LOVE Oreo balls, but I've never actually made them! Your recipe looks easy, and I love the red and green. I can't wait to try them.

  8. Those are so pretty. Must try them so my upcoming cookie exchange, I bet they'd be a hit.

  9. Those are so pretty. Must try them so my upcoming cookie exchange, I bet they'd be a hit.

  10. Those balls are making my mouth water {and that just sounded SO wrong!}. I totally want to make these stat!! Thanks for linking up today friend!!

  11. These look SO good! Well done. :)

  12. YUMMY! :) You should send a bag to MN. BAHAHAHAHA.

  13. Yum! I want to make some oreo balls!

  14. These look sooooo good! I wish I could bake.

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  15. I love your balls! har har...

    seriously though, I have never attempted these because I feel like I would totally fail. Yours are beautiful :)


  16. These look delicious! Must try out this week :)

  17. Thanks for the shout out homie!

    Umm that sounds horrible. I would be so pissed if I had to make a 10 p.m. wal-mart run, but totally sounds like something that would hapen to me. I love oreos though, so I may have to test these outs. Thanks for sharing Katie!

  18. okay so weird. i too made oreo balls last night. i discovered them in college (cause you dont need a stove/oven) and been makin em ever since. i remember starting out rough but now i have my system down to a tee. i used mint oreos this time..to be christmasy lol.

    next youll have to do nutter butter cookies, cream cheese, and chocolate coating. the bomb dot com i swear.

    im excited for your giveaway, btw :)

  19. you are so domestic. it makes me want to fly to columbus and punch you...and then hug you...and then eat oreo balls.

  20. Yum, those balls look delish. I feel that's a really dirty thing to say... and it makes me laugh.

  21. As you may of heard from my real wife I am not a fan of cake balls! But these oreo things look pretty damn good. Can you send some for my stocking.


  22. These look AH-MAZING!!!!! Yum! Thanks for posting the recipe:)

  23. Those look super tasty and I love that you used the red, green and white candy melts!

  24. LOL beau...i love that he comments!!!

    you are sucha betty crocka!! these look amazing. Look at u gettin fancy with candy cane smashing for a lil extra va va voom!

    i love balls. cake ones especially ;-) hehe!


  25. I entered the giveaway over at Lindsey's blog and I'm SUPER excited for the other 11 days! I'm a new follower (and new to blogger all together) and I love your blog! Can't wait to try and make these tonight :)


  26. yumm i have to try them

    I am going to look at the giveaway it sounds like so much fun

    follow me at

  27. They look SO good, better than mine did haha ... I need to try the green and red ... did they taste good!? I bet they were a hit!!

  28. Not ONLY are you getting a comment from me but you also got a mad shoutout in my post today you friggin' biatch.

    I know you like balls and all (esp brown ones) but you need to lay off of them for a while or you're gonna get a bad reputation.

    Or you could just stick some in the mail for me. Foreals. BYE.

  29. Sounds irritating! I started making cake balls/pops 2 Christmases ago and my first attempts were very frustrating but now it is so easy! Just keep practicing!

  30. Those look delicious! I haven't been brave enough to attempt any sort of balls, haha! I wouldn't mind taking any extras you may have though ;)
    p.s. Walmart SUCKS! The one by my house is crazy and there is a Target, Meijer, Kroger and Giant Eagle all within a mile or two on the same road…I usually choose them over Walmart!

  31. Great idea and so easy!!! I've been wanting to make a cake ball recipe, these look delicious!!!

  32. Thanks for the recipe! My fiance loves oreos

  33. i LOVE oreo balls! they are so delish. they have always been a tad bit messy to make but the end result is so worth the mess :)

  34. You are stunning!!
    LOVE the blog!

    follow eachother?

    *Happy Holiays!*

  35. oh my goodness those look delicious!

    also, I immediately had to follow you when I saw the Ohio State colors in your pic on Ashley's (Run With Me)blog. I'm a huge buckeye fan too! My best friend goes to OSU and another good friend is from Columbus, thats how I got hooked all the way out here in CA!

  36. How can you not love Oreo balls. I never thought of doing them in multiple holiday colors. I might have to do this! xo

  37. I've always wanted to make the cake balls...I think I need to try this recipe! Thanks for sharin!


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