Scenes from the Weekend

Who's excited for 12 Days of Blogger Christmas to start tomorrow?!
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If you have no idea what I'm talking about...
Read my post from yesterday to catch up! You don't want to miss it.

This weekend was filled with so much beauty...from just enjoying Christmas lights, enormous trees, family gatherings (our annual cookie exchange), to my friends choir concert and Christmas play that ended the weekend perfectly. I often wish Christmas time lasted longer because everything is so beautiful and everyone is so happy! Well, except the cah-razy shoppers at the mall that you run into every now and again. Billy and I spent Friday evening by going to Easton Town Center (gorgeous shopping mall in Cbus all lit up for Christmas) to get some Christmas shopping done and have a nice dinner together. Saturday was spent baking cake balls ALL evening since I had to make 2 extra trips to our store for missing ingredients (whoops!) and Sunday was my annual cookie exchange with my Mom's side of the family.

The cookie exchange is always a great time..I really value the time I get to spend with my Mom's family. Although, my aunt Peggy did threaten to smash the windows of my car if I didn't give her cut out cookies back (I played a little joke on her and hid them from her...obviously we take cookies very seriously in our family ;)) ha. I came home with 9 dozen cookies and a happy camper...that is until we got a call that Billy's grandpa suffered a bad stroke. They rushed him to the hospital yesterday and he has since not been able to talk since and doesn't recognize anyone. This is devasting for all of Billy's family...his grandma and grandpa are truly the "rocks" of the family. We will find out more today and later this week, but it seems pretty severe.

 Thank you to everyone for all your well wishes on twitter and facebook!

Here's our scenes from the weekend:

big tree at Easton

carriage rides

I tweeted this picture..but I wore this to my annual cookie exchange

(boots: urbanog, maroon skinnies, sweater, and belt: F21, scarf: gift)

In these pictures the sweater looks more pink, but it's actually more of a beige color.

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Oreo cake balls

My recipe (amd semi-long process explanation) will be posted tomorrow!

All the cookies I came home with

A picture from my friends church choir/Christmas play we attended last night...
It was so uplifting, motivating, and just awesome.
This picture is when they did a flash mob at the beginning.

What did you do this weekend?!
I can't believe Christmas is so soon...
these weekends are flying by (like they normally do!)

and don't forget that this starts tomorrow....

so stop by my girl Lindsey's (The Bargain Blonde) blog
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{Mine isn't until the 19th}


  1. I cannot wait for the Blogger Christmas!! So fun! It sounds like you had such a fun weekend! I'm sorry to hear about Billy's grandpa. Hopefully these symptoms are temporary and he'll regain memory soon! Keeping you guys in my thoughts!! xoxo

  2. looks like you had a fabulous weekend! Soon sorry about Billy's Grandpa. I'll be praying! My husband just lost his Grandpa last Wednesday, I know how precious they are!!

  3. Your outfit is adorable! You always look so cute! Glad you had a fun weekend!

  4. MUST have that oreo recipe! They look amazeballs!


  5. The oreo balls look AMAZE! And I adore your OOTD! Super cute!

  6. Love all of the festive pictures & the oreo balls look delicious! mmm

  7. So excited for the 12 Christmas Give-Aways!! So precious.

    And so sorry to hear about Billy's Grandad. Yall are in my prayers.

  8. You are so cute! I love love love that outfit! :)

    Those cake balls look YUMMY!

    Can't wait for the 12 days of Giveaways! :)

  9. Your holiday festive weekend looks amazing! Such cute outfits and delish little holiday treat- I love it! :)

    Definitely excited for the 12 days of giveaways... such a great idea!!

  10. I'll keep Billy's Grandpa in my thoughts and prayers.

    Those cake balls look soo good!

  11. ahhh, just love Christmas lights ... everything about Christmas is so perfect!

    loving your outfit too.

    i'm making oreo balls this week too! i only make them during Christmas so i am so excited to stuff my face with them!

  12. Looks like you had a nice weekend out and about! this weekend I studied for finals but had time to go out for breakfast with Santa with my family!


  13. Can't wait for your giveaway! What a cute idea!

    I hope you hear good news about Billy's grandpa. So sorry to hear about that last night :(

    How did I miss your super, stinkin' cute outfit for the cookie exchange?! I'm stealing your maroon skinnies...please and thank you!

    And we're currently accepting cookie donations at the Ritter household.

    That is all.

  14. So much fun!

    Praying for Billy's Grandpa!

  15. Sorry to hear about G-pa...I'll be thinking of all of you.

    Looks like another great weekend---those lights are gorg.

  16. sending love and hugs and prayers to you all and billys grandfather <3 <3

    your cakepops came out AMAZING!! I love making them except everytime I do, I get frusturated and have a temper tantrum haha!

    you are gorgeous!


  17. Sounds (and looks) like a great weekend! Sending well wishes Billy's grandpa's way. Hang in there!

  18. I'm so sorry to hear about Billy's grandpa. We will definitely be praying for him and his family. Great pic's of all the lights in Cbus. Are you really going to eat all those cookies? Geez, girl. You need to have a girls night or something with all those!

  19. lovely! I think I need to make these oreo cake balls! ;)

  20. I'm so sorry to hear about Billy's grandfather. Will be keeping your family in my thoughts! I love easton t Christmas time. Derek and I will be there on Friday for our annual dinner at ocean club, yum!!

  21. So sorry to hear about your husband's grandfather :( Thoughts and prayers being sent your way!

    I LOVE Easton this time of year, it's so pretty! It's super hard to convince my hubby to go there though b/c of the shopping crowds!

  22. Wow, looks like you had a nice time and love your OOTD as well! New follower :)

  23. i'm totally raising my hand for the best giveaway idea in history EVER!!!!

    you totally have me hooked on urbanog...just got my second pair of boots from them and i've told my best friend and sister to ge ton the site ASAP!

    and i have been on the mad prowl for some hunter or maroon skinnies! love them!

    cookie exchange? nom nom nom!!

  24. I love loveee your blog. I spent a lot of time reading past posts this weekend (due to being on bed rest) and we have the same blog theme. Come stop over if you want!


  25. ive never been to a cookie swap! i'm totally jealous.

  26. I just started following your blog and love it! You're too pretty!

    I love Christmas and also wish it lasted longer! It goes by too quick. I will be in Cbus this wknd/wk coming up. My dad lives up there (I live in KY) and I'm taking a lil pre-Christmas visit up there& going to Easton is always on my list of the many things I want to do while I'm there!

    Prayers and good thoughts for your husband's grandpa.
    <3 Emma

  27. sorry about your grandpa...i'll be praying for you. The 12 days of christmas looks awesome though! :)

  28. Sounds like a seriously wonderful weekend! Can't wait for blogger Christmas! :)

  29. I looove your outfit! So cute! And those oreo cake balls look mouth watering haha.

    SO excited about the 12 days of Christmas giveaways!

  30. Love your maroon skinnies. And the huge blue Christmas tree is gorgeous!

  31. Oreo Balls are my FAVORITE!!! Hands down... I'll fight over them!
    Loved your weekend recap, & that LARGE Christmas Tree - so pretty!

    If you find the time ... or energy head over to Stilettos & a fishing pole and join the Accessory Swap!


  32. oh my goodness! you got tons of cookies. good luck with those around the house! I came home from my cookie swap last weekend and had the toughest time resisting. Oh these holidays!

    And I like your outfit! Very holiday spirited!


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