Thanksgiving in {Half} Review + KEP Winner

How was your Thanksgiving everyone?

Ours was busy, but wonderful! I think we had a different birthday or holiday party everyday to go to.  We traveled to my aunt and uncle's house about an hour away from us on Thanksgiving and then spent the rest of the holiday weekend here. Me and Billy usually rotate holidays with our families {Thanksgiving with mine, Christmas with his, and next year we will swap them} since his family is 2 hours away. This year was supposed to be his side for Thanksgiving, but we decided to we will spend Christmas in Cleveland with them instead.

Although we didn't get much R&R over the weekend, it was great to have so many different parties to go to. I had every intention on sharing all the pictures I took today, but at the last moment forgot to upload the pictures. Minor detail, Katie..minor detail.

Here's a little sneak peak
but you'll have to wait for tomorrow for all the pictures & stories!

First up
A video of my niece, Mary Kate,
singing "Sexy and I Know It"

Isn't she cute?
If you're wondering, that's her sister and brother featured in this for the other .5 seconds.

Now...my Dad's side of the family loves to play euchre and every Thanksgiving they pick partners names out of a hat.

So, what do you get when you have 4 of my aunts
+ lots of booze
+ cards?

I'm not sure either.
but it was pretty entertaining to watch them battle it out.

Side note: my Dad and stepmom Judy
 are standing up on the left :)

The last party at my parents house since it sold. Oh how I will miss this backyard and view. Tear.  
{my Dad's 60 surprise party}

Rocky was tuckered out
 from all the Thanksgiving madness...

treated myself to a nice mani/pedi
went with a deep teal on my fingers
deep plum red on my toes :)

and finally...here is the winner for the KEP Designs giveaway!
I used Random Generator to pick the winner.

Congratulations to....

shine on...tales of a twenty-something

Meghan from Shine On

I will contact you shortly about which cuff you would like & to get your address.

Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway! :)

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of my Thanksgiving recap
I promise it'll be better than the first ;)


The La Mer wrap watches are back on Ideeli 
so if you didn't snatch one up before this is the time to get one...half off, ladies!
Click here to order yours
or for an invite.

I seriously love mine {black/rose gold; pictured above} and wear it everyday.
They still have this one available.

Get to shopping!!


  1. The video isn't uploading, so I'll be back to check it out. Looks like a fun weekend!!

  2. What a fun weekend! Love the new nail color!!

  3. Love the La Mer watches! Your nails look great! Love the accent nail! My new fave!

  4. 1. Hot nails.
    2. Hot watch.
    3. Love the view from your parents back yard.
    4. I think you picked the wrong Megan. :) i kid, i kid.

  5. Hi ... Love u ... That's all lol

    Oh and thanks for posting about ur watch cuS now I want one!!!

  6. Im totally digging this one glitter nail painted bizniss!! SO CUTE!!

    Uh and nice freakin backyard! Can I move in??

  7. Sounds like it was a great weekend! Can't wait to read more!! Your nails are gorgeous!! Oh, and the La Mer watch is sooo perfect. I'm loving the rose gold :)

  8. Great Thanksgiving weekend with you babe. Where was I when you and rock were passed out lol. Love you

  9. Check out my post from today. We're twinsies!!! I did the one glitter nail too. #Lovingit

  10. Miss Superfox, Oh how I miss you. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. That picture of you and rocksters... is ADORABLE. That must be framed! I miss you, can we see eachother this week? How is your bum leg? Can you spin again?! Let me know! I wanna work on my fitness with you mama.


  11. so glad you and head had a great holiday! can't wait to see the rest of the pics! and again, your niece is adorbs.

  12. I am so excited!! Thanks so much, Katie!!


  13. katie-stop being so cute. all the time.


    And wtf...WHY didn't you pick me for your giveaway. Whatevs.

    We're fighting.

  14. Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving girly!! xoxo

  15. hahahah i love everything about this post and that video is awesome. I have NEVER heard of euchre!?!?

    i just love that the house is on that lake..so gorgeous! i will buy that house. that way, you can come visit whenever u want and sleep over and pretend its home. and also ill be like 5 mins from you

    planning on doing the glitter nail ASAP!! you rock it gurrrl!


  16. Why hello watch... Black and goes on the wrist.. I WANT IT!!

    Looks like you had a great weekend!! So sad your parents are leaving that house, love the view!!!

    That pic of you and rocky is ADORBS!!

  17. Just found your blog from browsing Just Peachy and became a new follower :) I'm from Columbus too. I have a pomeranian named Jack Bear that looks kinda like Rocky :)


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