Halloween Weekend Activities {Sneak Peak!!}

Happy Halloween Weekend, y'all!

{Rocky as a baby bee}

By far, one of my favorite weekends of the year.

This week in the "K" household, we watched plenty of Halloween movies and I baked some 'ghostly' treats for the parties we are attending. Tonight is a costume party at my girlfriend Angela's house and then we are heading out downtown. Tomorrow is my girlfriend Jessie's birthday party & tailgaiting for the OSU vs. Wisconsin game. It is going to be a spooktacular weekend ;)

As you know from my previous post, miss A list celeb blogger herself Pink Lou Lou & cutie Jess are making the trek to Cbus for the Halloween festivites! Another BLOGGER meet up! loves it.  I'm THRILLED to spend the weekend with them & show them our city!

Here's a snipet into what I've been up to this week to prepare.......

Halloween weekend nails
{this color is actually Wet N Wild - Rustic.
I saw it at the grocery & loved it}

Ghost pretzel sticks I made to bring
to my girlfriends party!

Getting ready for the OSU vs. Wisconsin game ;)
{app used to make collage is "picture collage"}

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles
{recipe to come next week!}

Last but not LEAST...

A sneak peak of my Halloween costume:

Any guesses?!

What are your Halloween weekend plans?
how will you celebrate?

ps-I'm a firm believer that you're never too old to dress up!


  1. Those pretzels look super awesome! I'm sure you will have a FABULOUS weekend with those lovely ladies! I hope that you are feeling better with your knee!

    Are you Bat Girl!?


  2. Those pretzel sticks are adorable! Must do them next year

    Have fun this weekend!!

  4. Love your nails! I have zero halloween plans this year...I'll have to live vicariously through you!

  5. thanks for letting me know the recipe for pumpkin snickerdoodles was coming next week. i'll be on pins and needles. really.

    so jealous of your fun weekend. i'll be spending my halloween weekend on the couch with my leg iced and elevated. fun times huh?

  6. are you going to be bat girl! I've rocked that costume for the past 3 years...its a classic! Have fun this weekend lady!

  7. cute pretzel sticks :)
    r u going as cat woman??
    Me and my friend are dressing up and going as Laverne and Shirley

  8. I can not wait to hear about yall's fun weekend! I am sure that you girls will have a blast! Rocky looks so thrilled to be dressed up! haha!

  9. Rocky is looking super cute! Those cookies look really good!! :) Have fun this weekend!

  10. I LOVE your scarf!!!! :) :)
    Where is it from?!?!?!? I want it :)

  11. I need to download that app!! You look so cute for the OSU game!! Go bucks!!!

  12. Have a great weekend! Your baby bee is adorable. Can't wait to see a full recap of your costume. :)

  13. Haha, how cute are those pretzels and Rocky too? Sounds like you've got a fun-filled weekend planned out for ya! Have a blast and I can't wait to see pictures!! :)

  14. Can you send some of those cookies my way?? They look delish!

  15. Love the pictures with the scarf, question... are you in your work bathroom? Only ask but {Ratting myself out} it looks a bit like ours.
    {BLUSHING} :)

    HAppy Halloween Weekend!

  16. Have a great weekend? We're keeping it low-key around my household.

  17. that bumblebee costume is too presh. Sookie always eats anything we try to make her wear, so I have had to give up on halloween costumes for her. Please tell me you are going as batgirl.

  18. Love the nails, really want to try something like this! Have fun weekend.. my guess is a shark! :)

  19. omg omg omg. you know how much i love bees and how much i love rocky...the two together are too much to handle.

  20. Love the nail polish, love the ghost pretzels and my guess for the costume is catwoman?? hahaha???

  21. First - I'm so jealous that you're meeting blog people. I want to meet blog people. haha *hint hint - come to MN!*

    Second - Can't wait to see the costume! I'm guessing Bat Woman? haha

  22. Great polish ;] Love the picture of the puppy as a bee and how cute are those ghost pretzels!


  23. I can't even read this post without tearing up. I am so sad I can't come. Heartbroken :(

  24. Can't wait for the pumpkin snickerdoodle recipe! Yum :)

  25. We have that bumblebee doggie costume too ;) Tell Jess-speedy-gonazelez to slow down on her way home! You girls have a fun weekend...I'm boring...no Halloween planz! boo!

  26. Happy Halloween weekend to you!! Look at that lil bee! ;) That rustic polish is so pretty!! I need some!

  27. Love those nails! Totally festive and fun!
    Sounds like you have a great weekend ahead of you! Hope it is as fabulous as it sounds like it will be!!

  28. steeeeeeeealing that pretzel thing. how frackin cute!

    saw the facebook pics...OW OWWW you girls lookin' fierce!

    hope you have a blast and i cannot wait to hear about it!!


  29. How fun!! Have a great time with the ladies!

  30. Love the nails - they are so pretty!! The pretzel sticks also turned out super cute... good job! Have a great weekend!! xox

  31. ADORED your costumer - so clever and sauce-bomb!!!

    and i love that shade - totally going to stalk it!


  32. those snacks look so yummy! i wish i had found this post before my halloween party this past friday...

    i love your blog, i'm following


  33. All of our puppies are Bees this year. They are so cute!


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