Our Kinda Holiday...

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Billy as the Mad Hatter
Yours truly as Bat girl

Billy told you here
how serious we take Halloween..

go big or go home is our motto.

Well, Billy won $200 for Best Costume


I got my car towed for $150.

A $50 profit = I'd call that a success.
His outcome a little more positive than mine, but hey..

Full recap on the weekend events will be tomorrow.
But I will say this....it was epic. So many juicy stories to rat out on Jess about share and the Buckeyes took the WIN against Wisconsin. Who SAW THAT GAME?! Absolutely amazing I'm tellin' ya!

and look who was cheering on my Buckeyes all the way in Texas....

my love Steph from a BEAUtiful mess
 her awesome hubby Beau doing O-H!

they like to say it's because they need Ohio State to win so Houston would move up in the rankings....
but I know the real truth
...the Buckeye bug has hit 'em hard ;)


Today, I have a very heavy heart as I'm attending a funeral for one of my Mom's good friends. Both battled a strong fight with Breast Cancer for 13-14 years and are now at peace together and cancer free. Joy {the most fitting name for her} has continued to show me support over the years and always referred to my Mom as her source of inspiration. She was a wonderful mother of 3 girls and wife...truly a family that I look up to.

If you are blessed to still have your mother in your life, please hug her a little tighter for me today!



  1. I love that I read all of this like it's new news to me!! Haha VIProstitute right herrrr!

    I know today isn't easy for you so I'm sending a big ol' bear hug your way...Texas style...and I'll be thinking about you. LOVES you little bear!

  2. sending hugs/kisses/prayers for your moms friend. So sorry love :( keep your head up and you're so right...i feel blessed to have my mom during times like this <3

    cannot wait for the hallwoeen recap!


  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Love your costumes! :) loved that the bucks won! Prayers for your mom and you!

  4. Joy was a gorgeous lady, beautiful smile! Thinking of you and her family today. "Celebrate we will, for life is short but sweet for certain" - DMB

    Love you to the moon! Another epic weekend sissssay {except for my speeding ticet} HUGS! xoxo

  5. So sorry to read about your mom's friend. Cancer is such an awful disease that affects far too many people!

    On a positive note, yalls costumes look awesome! Sorry you had to give most of the winnings away to a dang tow truck company!

  6. I love these costumes. My husband and I spent a lot of time coming up with and creating our costumes too so I agree with your motto. :) Sorry to hear about your mom's friend. It sounds like she made the most of her time here on Earth and touched many people.

  7. Wow, he did more than BIG! Loved his MADD Hatter costume, AND your bat woman.

    Car towed... Do what? That really stinks!

    Steph is too cute!

  8. You guys look great! I love dressing up on Halloween but generally don't unless we have a party to go to which didn't happen this year *tear*. My most epic costume was when I was 7 months preggo with Olivia and I went as Juno. I'm sorry about the loss of someone so close to you and your mom. Hugs today.

  9. Congrats on winning the contest. Boo on getting your car towed.

    Thinking about you during this difficult time.

  10. holey shizz your husbands outfit ROX!!!!thats the best male outfit i have seen thus far!! i am showing the hubs this he will love it! we love to dress up too.like alot!! i usually throw a party.. one year we rented a houseboat major fun and one year we rented a cabin.. you look cute!!!

  11. p.s. wth happened to ur car?

  12. Billy's costume is absolutely amazing! He looks like he's right out of the movie! Total bummer about your car getting towed though :( But, hey you looked HOT! :)

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's friend. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. Stay strong, pretty lady!

  13. I am so sorry about your mom's friend! Stay strong! Will be praying.

    LOVE yalls costumes! Your husband does really get into it! Oh my gosh, he did a GREAT job!!

  14. so sorry to hear about your mom and her bff. i didn't know about your mom.

    in happier news, glad you had such a fun weekend. hooray for the hubs winning hte contest...use the extra $50 on more booze.

  15. Those Texans...they look like great people....whoever they are! ;)

  16. Billy's costume is awesome and you look grest! Love it!!

  17. Thoughts and prayers are sending your way to you and your family friend!

    Love your costumes! And Steph and her hubs! SO fun!

  18. Prayers for Joy's family, may she be at peace.

    Love both of your costumes...I have to say the Mad Hatter is incredibly done...wow. Happy Halloween!

  19. Love the Halloween costumes. You look adorable as usual. Sorry to hear about your mom's friend. Thinking of you today.

  20. awah i loved your blog today.. The pics soo cute and funny... And your end tribute made me almost cry at work... Soo touching... I will hug my mom VERY TIGHT next time i see her!!

  21. You guys looked great for Halloween! Sorry your car got towed! But that Buckeye game was amazeballs!!

    I'll be thinking of you and Ellen today! Give her a hug for me! Her mom was a beautiful lady! xoxo

  22. Absolutely love ya'lls outfits!!

    Sending lots of love and prayers your and your family friends' way today. So sorry to hear about the loss :(

  23. Love the costumes!

    Sorry to hear about your Mom's friend!

  24. Oh my gawd, Billy's costume is insane!! That is awesome!

  25. I told you this already, but I absolutely LOVE your husband's costume! :)

    My thoughts are with you today hun!!

  26. The game was awesome! The last 4 minutes, nail biting.

  27. great costumes, I am so sorry to hear about your mom's friend.

  28. Oh Joy was such a beautiful woman. Her smile was so inviting. I hope you find some comfort in today and celebrate her life and hard fight with cancer. Big hugs coming your way, I-70E style :)

    And onto your outfits and towing mishap. Billy rocked the outfit. You're such a cute Batgirl and a 50 dolla profit is better than nothing! I hope Billy sees that side of things! Ha!

  29. Wow awesome costumes! Sending love to you today as you mourn the loss of a friend. xo

  30. i've already gushed about how much i ADORE your and billy's costume...glad ya'll came out ahead.

    saw your tweet about your mom's friends earlier. wishing you sweet thoughts friend and lots of hugs!


  31. I can't believe your car got towed after Billy won $200!!!
    Makes for a funny story! one you'll never forget!!
    You guys look great!!

    So sorry to hear about your mothers friend. How comforting to know they are at peace together. Thinking and praying for you, sweet Katie ;)

  32. i'm the same way--i HAVE to win best costume. but i didn't do anything this year--i was outta town.
    Enter my Sift! Dessert Giveaway

  33. I just love your costume!!!! I am so sorry for your loss, May she rest in peAce and smile down on you with your beautiful mother. I will keep you in my thoughtsband prayers.

  34. Awe small world. Ellen is a friend of mine and my heart goes out to her family. Joy was blessed with great people in her life.


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