Show Us YOUR team! {and AMAZING Blog Friends}

I knew I had to participate in "Show Us YOUR Team" when my girly Kristin blogged about her Minnesota Goph's! and when she mentioned she knows OSU will beat on them next time they face eachother.

College football season is right around the corner and I'm counting down the days, so today I'm going to show you MY team {even though you prob already know this.}

My team is the Ohio State Buckeyes!!!!!!

{just look at that stadium..perfection}

I was born and raised a Buckeye here in Columbus, Ohio.

The whole city pretty much revolves around Ohio State football and I wouldn't have it any other way. There is so much team spirit here that it's contagious....

You see, weddings in Columbus are often PLANNED AROUND the Ohio State football schedule and it's considered a sin to have a wedding on the big Ohio State vs Michigan {our rival} gameday, which is always the last game of the year. You just don't do it. Each and every of my Saturdays are spent down on campus tailgaiting from 9am - however late I can make it out before hitting the sack.

Some say Christmas is their favorite time of year, I say football season is my favorite time of year. I absolutely love getting decked out in SCARLET AND GREY {our team colors} and heading down to the stadium. Ohio State has received a lot of negative press this year, but the love I have for my Buckeyes will never die. :)

I've been extremely lucky for the past couple years because my work can provide me tickets in to one of the executive suites, which have an AMAZING view of the field {see pics above & 1 below}, free food, & drinks.

{in the suite}

But we aren't above partying in the parking lots too....

even Rocky is a Buckeye....

and this looks like nothing but fun...doesn't it?!

I'm a pro cornhole player, if you are wondering.

Even the blistering cold temperatures in the winter
can't keep us from having a good time....

Last but not least...
just because I want to make it perfectly clear how much FUN tailgaiting at OSU is...
this is my best friend Lindsay (on the far right) who is a MICHIGAN fan and she is decked out in OSU gear because she loves OSU tailgaiting so much.

{sorry Linds - had to}

SO...Where are all my college football fanatics that want to come make a visit when your team plays OSU?!?

I promise to show you a good time!!!!

Now it's your turn to share with me who YOUR team is :-)


Alright, friends. Look what I got in the mail last week.

That's a surprise package from one of my very best friends Jess!
{who I met via this little blog}

you know, this gorg southern belle...

She used to blog on over at Polka Dots, Pearls, and Pink OH MY! but had a blog makeover and her new blog is The Kentucky Priss - which I must say, fits her a lot better. ;)

Anyways, she is an absolute doll and one of the nicest girls I've ever met. She is actually visiting me this OCTOBER for a weekend and I'm going to show her how we party during Ohio State football season! I. CANNOT. WAIT. {She is a Kentucky fan, but WILL be wearing OSU colors that day ;}

So, she sends me packages like whoa for no particular reason {how sweet?!}
 and I lurve them.

Here's what's inside.
Girl KNOWS my 2 favorite things this summer...

a black {with pink underneath} strapless lace dress.

So cute.


this adorable red romper
that is so so comfy.

Can you say Ohio State Red?!

Isn't she the best friend ever?

You should go to her new blog and tell her how awesome she is.
Thank you Jess - loveeeess you & can't wait for your visit.



  1. LOOOOVE IT :) And LOOOVE YOU sissssy-rooo booo hah! You are thee biggest OSU fan I know!!! I cannot wait to come up to Columbo and party with y'all!!! AND WEAR RED and have SANGRIA!!! :) eeeekkkk 45 more days until October! JUST SAYING :)))

  2. All your pictures are so much fun!! I looooove football season! Although football season in my hometown is all about the Redskins, and I prefer college football. Oh well! I've been a die-hard Tennessee fan for years :) But hey, if I'm ever in your town, I'd gladly wear OSU colors and participate in the fun!!

    And how sweet is the little care package??? The dress and romper are adorable! She's such a sweetheart!

  3. That pic of the puppy is the freaking cutest thing I have ever seen and I LOVE it! It should be framed! ADORABLE!

  4. We are huge OSU fans too! Both the hubby and I are alum, as well as both his parents. In fact, we had to have a Sunday wedding because it was during football season (we had to have the rehearsal on Friday even)!

  5. awh yay! i'm glad you mentioned jess I was wondering where she went??? and I def have to do a team post!

  6. OMG! You and Kris are cracking me up! LOL

    My school is playing U of M the week before my wedding, so we are going to talk SO MUCH SHIT to each other! And go to the game. And tailgate. Duh. HAHA :)

    That romper is so cute!

  7. Very sweet! I own that lace dress with the pink underneath. Wore it to a wedding. So cute. :)

  8. Just found your blog! New follower :)
    Even though I am the biggest Gator fan, ha !
    Hope you have time to check mine out too over @ http://arielle-ellesentries.blogspot.com/

  9. YAYYYY for the Buckeyes!!! Ya know, I am a bandwagon Buckeye fan. Y'all are fucking crazy with tailgating. It's insane. But I love it. Only on the cool fall days. When it becomes so cold my urine is slush, I no longer tailgate.

    Maybe I will run into you at a game this year!!

    OH ..... IO :)

  10. Hey lady! love this post! I just posted about my favorite team!


  11. Love this post!! Going to my first Buckeyes game this September and I cannot wait! And that romper is too cute!

  12. I love this post! Well I alllllllmost love it. I would TOTALLY love it if you were talking about the Gamecocks! :) Glad to see we are not the only crazy fans who would skip a wedding if it landed on our rival's gameday!!

  13. lovin' all the OSU photos ...goooo bucks!! :) so sweet of Jess to send you all those goodies, very cute clothes!

  14. O H --
    I didn't stand a chance not being a Buckeye's fan. My dad's family is from Ohio and I'm so jealous that he got to grow up in Buckeye country. I rep my SCARLET AND GREY on gamedays in NC!

    Just recently started following your blog and I love it.

    PS, it's nice to see a Michigan fan in the OSU colors...

  15. Love this post!! I would have never known about this link-up if it weren't for you - and I love any excuse to talk about my Sooners haha.

    Also loving the sweet package you got - so awesome!

  16. This really makes me ready for Buckeye Season! I cant wait to tailgate!

  17. So fun! Love the picture of y'all shotgunning the beers haha!

  18. I was once at the Phoenix airport right before a Buckeyes games and the terminal was swarming in red! Those are some loyal fans man! :)

  19. OH I'm so linking up for this today! Love your pictures; made me soooo excited for OSU fb! So jealous of your amazing suite tickets!

  20. I am soooo excited for football season!! Wish I had a big team to root for. My future children will be choosing colleges based on which football team I would like to root for. OSU perhaps?
    I have that black dress - so cute! I have never worn it. Need to before it's too late in the summer.
    Your convos with Jess are hilarious... Love love love it.

  21. amazing post!!! go buckeyes!! (not dating the guy anymore BUT i'll still come cheer on the boys with ya anytime!)

    that dress is amazeballs!!!! so sassy!

  22. Love it! Always wanted to go to Ohio!!! And I LOVE red (University of Utah is red too).

    PS: Those clothes are to die for honestly.

    Your blog is awesome my friend.

  23. Not sure if the Terps play Ohio State this year, but I love seeing lots of RED school spirit regardless :) Isn't it the best?! Love football season. And I looove that black dress. How sweet!

  24. I absolutely loved this post and would so love to do one of my own. I'm a die hard Duke Blue Devils fan although our football team is certainly nothing to brag about. I had to laugh at your comment about weddings being planned around the schedule b/c I vividly remember my Mom being so upset with me for checking the score of the SEC championship game during my cousin's wedding reception a couple yrs back!;)

  25. I really love your blog and your pins, but I am a HUGE FLORIDA GATORS fan!

    I can look past it though, and I totally relate on how much I love college football and how excited I am for the season to start!! There is nothing like it! I'll have to do a Gators post soon, you've inspired me!


  26. You sure don't play around with your Buckeyes! ;)
    Love the team spirit!!
    And what a fabulous blogging friend! How incredibly sweet of her to send you CLOTHES!! Love both pieces!

  27. You guys are such cute superfans:-) I'm a BIG OSU fan too... Oregon State, ahem! xoxo

  28. Great picks! Looks like you had a blast at the game! And what fun to get a surprise package in the mail!!! That dress is lovely!

  29. OK, first of all....the Gophers may suck but at least we don't cheat....oooooh! ouch! yup, I went there! :)

    Second, a Buckeye? Really? Your mascot is a NUT! A frickin' NUT!

    Third, we don't play you guys until the 2015 season and it's at our house! I'll clean up the guest room! You, Billy & Rocky are moving in for the weekend!!!!!!! :)

  30. I'm a huge Pittsburgh fan so I know how you feel when it comes to loving the sports. Hockey, football, baseball...you name it, I love it!

    Great pictures too!!!


  31. what a great post!!! I posted what my favorite team is (: although you miiiight not like it so much ;)

  32. Can't wait for football!!! I really like that black dress... I love the sweetheart neck!

  33. I am buckeye through and through. I just graduated from OSU this past spring. I used to get season tickets and that sadly ends this year. boo :( I still love watching at home and I am ignoring the bad press and am still believing we will have a good year. Also, just found your blog today and I am glad to find another blogger from Ohio.

  34. We should tailgate for an OSU game! Looks like you guys have a lot of fun!! How fun that you get to show Jess how real tailgating is done ;) And seriously, what an awesome friend for sending you those new duds! Cute!


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