Shake Your Tailfeather {Misc. Monday}

I'm so thankful for this past weekend. 
Billy was out of town for a bachelor party and as I missed him, the time to myself was wonderful. I got to experiment with new recipes and get stuff done around the house that I had been putting off, and I also did a project I found on Pinterest.

Super productive I'd say!

I'm linking up for Misc. Monday to share all my weekend randoms with ya'll.
I do think this is my 1st time linking up so cheers to that..

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. I got feather hair extensions in my hair. I had been wanting some for a long time, and am so glad I got them! I just love them, and now I want to get even more.

I got a yellow grizzly, natural grizzly, and a brown solid.

What do you think?

I'm inspired by Jennifer Love Hewitt's feather extensions and am really wanting to add some more colors...

Do you like the new feather trend?!

2. The Irish Festival is still one of my favorite weekends of the year. Next year I would like to go during the day so I can see more of the shops and listen to more of the bands, but this year was fun. I went with 2 of my closest girlfriends that I've been friends with since high school and we had a blast. I forced my g/f Angela to sneak up close to the stage with me under the tent to see my favorite bands perform for a few songs.

Here are some pictures of the night...

3. I love my husband.

I got home from work on Friday and found these sitting on our kitchen table. Even though he was going out of town, he stopped and got these for me before he left. So sweet.

I love them.
What girl doesn't?!

4. I made this yummy yummy yummy recipe I found on Pinterest.

{click the name for the link to the recipe}

They were soo good and I can't wait to make them for Billy!

5. I seriously love me some Trader Joes. I went and spent a bunch of moo-lah on cheeses, spreads, salsas, veggie kabobs, lentils, etc. and was like a kid in a candy store. Everytime I go in there I feel like I could stay for hours {yes, I feel the same about Whole Foods too.}

Who has tried this amazing salsa?

6. My love for Ryan Gosling hasn't stopped at The Notebook. Lindsay and I had a girl date Saturday night and we went to see the movie Crazy, Stupid Love. Such a cute movie...and some serious eye candy. GO SEE IT, LADIES.

I mean, not that good looking.

7. Fall fashion has sucked me in yet again. Every year when the stores first put out their fall clothes, I tell myself: "Do not do it, yet. Wait a bit" and......I always fail. I went and bought 3 shirts this weekend that I won't be able to wear for atleast a month or two, but on the bright side..they were amazing deals. So it was sort of like I had to. Right?

I did get this cute outfit though that I can't wait to wear....

Soft Satin Shirt
in Silver

 this black lace skirt..

top found here
skirt here

That's all I've got today for Misc. Monday!

Tomorrow I have something exciting to share :-)

What did you do this weekend?! Did you have a productive, laid back kinda weekend like myself? or what fun did you get into? Share with me!



  1. love your feathers. i have had mine in since march & they are addicting, i am always adding more colorful ones!

  2. I love your sparkly black top, where did you get that? and I love that long sleeve shirt from forev..did you get that at the mall? so cute!

    I hafta see that movie with Ryan!! He is so hot!

    I want those taquitos and your feather is really cute! :)

    Thats all .. hehe

  3. The feathers look great! I have really curly hair so I don't know if they would look right in my hair, but I like them a lot!

  4. Love the feathers! I've been wanting one in my hair for awhile... really cute. And those flowers are beautiful, too!

    I can't wait to see Crazy Stupid Love- definite eye candy alert! :)

  5. 1. Love the feathers. I love them, but have yet to try them.
    2. I love your black sparkly shirt!!
    3. I am sooo ready for fall fashion. Pinterest has me putting together sooo many outfits, but nowhere around here is really selling Fall trends yet because it is still so hot I guess. I'm going to need to start looking more..lol
    4. That recipe looks yummy!
    5. Last but not least I wish I had a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods near me :( Jealous!

  6. love the feathers!! I've been wanting some!! I actually found a tutorial on pinterest on how to do it yourself..Idk if I'm confident enough though..I'd prolly end up pulling all my hair out haha! ohh btw love your outfit from the festival!

  7. Just love your blog :) I want to try that recipe this week too! Love that black skirt, too cute!

  8. I think the feathers look cute on you! I love the look. It add such a fun pop to your hair!

  9. I think the feathers look cute on you! I love the look. It add such a fun pop to your hair!

  10. That was so sweet that your husband got you the flowers before going out of town!!

    And, I so wish we had a TJ's in Florida. I see his stuff all over blogs and it makes me so jealous. When I loved in Atlanta, I didn't take enough advantage.

    The taquitos look fantastic, and I love your yellow feather!

  11. Those feathers look great!! And so do those taquitos! Glad you had a great weekend!


  12. I love Crazy, Stupid, Love-I thought it was so cute!

  13. My hubs was outta town too, it's kinda nice when they're gone :)

    I haven't tried that salsa yet but it looks delish! Definitely adding that to the grocery list!

    I have the same problem with fall fashion...I have been trying to hold myself back...its not working very well!

  14. Okay, I am in love with your blog. &my sisters have those feather things haha :) I am seeing them everywhere, they are pretty cute! Happy to have found your blog :) New follower!

  15. I've been dying for some feathers! They are like sold out at every salon around here though :(

    Love that sparkly top..where is it from??

  16. Saw that movie last night and couldn't take my eyes off Mr. Gosling.....then I went home and promptly Googled him to see if he's currently single. :)

  17. I am dragging Mr. Edmondson to see that movie with me this weekend! Also, love the extensions and are your blingy top.

  18. I really want to see this movie! Look so good. :)

  19. I can't wait to see crazy, stupid, love! LOVE Ryan Gosling!

  20. That feather looks awesome in your hair! I definitely like the pop of color and I'm sure adding a few more couldn't hurt! I just got wayyyy too hungry after all that delicious food talk. Everything looks and sounds so yummy! I also love that outfit!! I haven't tried one of those silk shirts yet. I'm not sure if I could pull it off but I looove that look!

    Oh, and I knew there was a reason I just love ya so much... we both share a love for Ryan Gosling :)

  21. I love that skirt. I may have to buy me one :)

  22. Loving the hair extention girlie!! Looks like you had a fantastic weekend!! Let's get together soon!!

  23. You look hootttttt with the feathers :) love love love. Your weekend sounds fab girl...

  24. LOVE your feather extensions! I want some too! Your hubby is so sweet! And Ryan Gosling is seriously so hottttt!

  25. I LOVE your feather hair extensions!! Gives you some sass! ;)
    I can't wait to see Crazy, Stupid, Love!!

  26. girlfran, you are rockin that feather extension. i loves it! and i am so obsessed with mr. gosling as well after that movie. good lord he is gorgeous :)

  27. I'm really digging the feathers. They look great on you!

  28. Love your feather hair extension! I got an extra-long one put in and it cut off at like half my length, it looked ridiculous. I'm hoping they start making them longer. And your flowers are beautiful!

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  29. LOVE the feather extension! It looks great!

  30. Your feather looks so cute! Mine is pretty much hidden until I wear my hair up.


  31. I go back n forth in the feathers! Maybe I think I'm too old for em :) love the blue nail polish! Do tell what it us, I'm a nail polish addict!


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