Billy and Rocky Biking {and Irish Fest}


I must say, I just love that picture of Billy and Rocky that I put on yesterdays post. I keep going back to look at it...they are just adorable. 

I love even more that you all asked to see a picture of Billy holding Rocky while bike riding. I'm a woman of my word so I hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as I do!

Also, remember when you all tried calling me out on this post saying the Lululemon running shorts I buy look way too short? Well, I had to prove that I am not in fact a supporter of skank-a-licious shorts at the gym that are up my butt so here is some proof of that.

"I be lovin' this ride & the sunshine, ma"


So cute, right?

He is incredibly happy in the last picture and that's typically how he is the whole way. He even closes his eyes sometimes haha

Alright, now for the NON skank-a-licious short proof...

Let's not pay attention to the fact that I'm wearing..
purple shoes. orange socks. black shorts. and a bright neon yellow tee.
...I match.

Now you can go out and buy some Lulu speed shorts {mine are the Turbo ones} because they are the most comfortable pair of shorts you will ever own. I live in mine 24/7.

PS-I FORGOT TO MENTION..these shorts DO NOT ride up in the middle and that is my favorite thing about them.

This weekend is one of my most favorite events in our city..

The festival features Irish music, dance, shopping, culture, art and athletic contests on more than 27 acres. Live music and dance performances will be presented on seven stages and more than 100,000 people will attend the three-day event.



Here's some pictures from previous years!

yes, I did have really short hair..never again.

I will take a bunch more this year to show you..people get DECKED out in Irish gear and it is seriously one of the most fun weekends (even if I'm a little biased Irish gal ;))

What are your plans this weekend?!

STAY TUNED because next week I will be having a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Get excited.



  1. Betcha never thought I would be first to comment on your post of the day! HAH! :) I must say that Billy makes holding a pom-one-handed-on a red bike look masculine....and you are just thee sassiest in a pair of lulumon shorts!! Hope you have a great weekend at your Irish Festival!

  2. Ummm, those pictures of your hubby and doggie are TOO CUTE! I <3 them! My girl dog would love that but my boy would probably be terrified, lol.
    I like your short hair from the Irish festival last year...looks good! We're probably going Saturday or Sunday :)

  3. Ha! Rocky is so cute on the bike, I can't believe he sits still! it cracks me up that you consider that hairdo "really short" - mine's like an inch or two shorter and I consider that long for me (it grows soooooo sloooowwww)! Have fun at the fest, it looks awesome !

  4. How precious is Rocky ans his dad?! Too sweet!

  5. Ha, I love both the pictures of your man & the pup and of you pointing out that your butt is in fact covered. Way to prove em' wrong girl :)

    Have so much fun this weekend!

  6. Your workout outfit is all kinds of adorable. And yes...full butt coverage is very important!

  7. Yaaaay!! Love this photos!! I'll know I've found the one when my guy rides around with Chloë like that!! You've sure got a keeper!! ;) Have a great weekend sweets!!

  8. Point taken they aren't to short! LOL But on someone who's 5'8" maybe they will be? I couldn't find them on the website :( Maybe I don't what to look for..

    I'd be so afraid to drop Aspen while riding a bike! We did the whole basket bit when she was a small puppy on the front of my beach cruiser. but she got wiggly and I was afraid she'd jump out!

  9. OMG!!!! Way too cute. Rocky looks as if he is on top of the world. Luv that little guy..absolutely adorable.Jen

  10. Awwww little Rocky is so precious! That is adorable that he loves going for rides! I think you're good to go on the shorts... they're definitely not too short!

    Have fun at the festival! I so wish I could go... seems like the kind of thing I'm into! :)

  11. Too funny about the shorts... I am definitely considering a pair, they look extra comfy!

    When we take our dog Dee Gee on a bike ride, she is usually the one "giving the ride" HAHA!
    We put a harness on her & all 60 lbs of our big mama tries to pull US around! ;]

    Can't wait to see more details about your giveaway... YAY!!!

  12. i have a hard time finding my butt at times too.

  13. Sooo...I love the shorts. I bought a pair of running crops there for a million dollars and adore them. I would be willing to spend the money on the shorts if they don't ride up in the middle. I always have the problem of having to pull them down in the middle during the run...Does this happen to you normally and does it happen on these? I guess if it doesn't happen in other shorts then it wouldn't happen in these...

  14. Thats hilarious lol ...billy and rocky.
    Hope to maybe see u at the fest!!

  15. I looooove Lululemon's Turbo shorts!! They are my favorite! I only have 2 pairs but I want tons more so I can wear them instead of regular shorts lol.


  16. I will be at the Dublin Irish Festival with my redheaded hubby on Saturday! Oh, and my Irish MIL will be in tow also! Maybe we'll see each other in the crowds of thousands! That would be so random! Have fun! Oh, and cute pick of your boys biking :)

  17. Have a great time! PS- I love the bike pictures; adorable!

  18. Hahah- those bike pictures are simply amazing!! I imagine that would be hard maneuvering a bike AND carrying a precious pup around! I am impressed.

    And the Irish festival sounds like an absolute blast!

  19. I love your hair in the last picture!! it looks so cute, how do you get that poof?!

  20. I love those pictures of your hubby riding with the Rocky! Too ridiculously cute! That Irish Fest looks like a total blast! I'm seriously jealous, we have nothing like that around me. Enjoy! Have a great weekend!

  21. My pom loves the wind in her hair. I have a jeep and when the tops down shes in heaven. She will be going on her first boat ride soon and it going to be fun! Love the pics!

  22. I love the pics- makes me want a dog even more! Yours is adorable. I also love your Lulu shorts... I'm getting back into running and need a par as comfy as those! :)

  23. wow great pics! xo love your blog girl!


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