Oh, How Pinteresting! {Obsessions}

Fact: This girl is still a-d-d-i-c-t-e-d to Pinterest.

I'm obsessed.
and I know you are too.

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Because I can never just stick with one category I'm loving, I'm gonna mix it all up in one for ya..

DIY dry erase menu board
Why didn't I think of this?!

Chair from Urban Outfitters

Spring salad -
 Cucumber and Tomato with Marinated Garbanzo Beans, Feta, and Herbs

I have a huge obsession with front porches.
I really really want one that wraps all the way around the side of the house.
Ok, hubby?!

FOOTBALL SEASON is coming up!
These would be so cute for a party.

FALL outfits..cannot.wait.
 I have a serious boot obsession ladies.

DIY feather extensions.
For me, I know I could never make them look all that great {hair challenged}, but if you are good at stuff like this then I would totally do them yourself!

Sweet potato black bean burger.
Doesn't this look delicious?! Would you believe me if I said quinoa is in this too?
and it's vegetarian...bonus.

Chambray top with white jeans - adore this look!

I have been searching everywhere for a good inexpensive chambray top..any leads anyone?!

I think (...ok I KNOW) after seeing this pic the hubs and I need to get another pup.
SO ADORABLE! It's an aussie-poo.

Show me your favorite pins of the week!!

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**Are you wondering how the Goo Goo Dolls concert went last night?**

Well, even if you aren't, I will tell you...it was awesome.
Here's a sneak peak.

{this is sans hair extensions..wanted to show my normal length :)}

yeah, you.

-best friend Lindsay-

**LOVED all the stories on my post from yesterday. Thanks for CONFESSIONING, ladies.

Have a great day my dears.


  1. THose are some cute earrings on you!

  2. That house from Pinterest is a spitting image of my dream house!!(Except I want a red front door!) :)

  3. I have that recipe for the black bean burger bookmarked, I can't wait to make it. And that fall outfit is to die for. I love the golden shirt, gorgeous!

  4. Glad you had fun! How was sushi! :) That spring salad looks yum and I can't wait for Fall either! :)

  5. That orange shirt is awesome. I must know where it's from! I love that menu board too! You said it was DIY, but how do you do it? Same with the sweet potato black bean burgers, where is the recipe, where can i find it! Apparently I love everything you posted today

  6. i love all these pins! i also have a front porch obsession....i pretty much hate all houses that don't have one- they look so bare and uninviting!

  7. I love quinoa! I recently had a burger with it...so good.

  8. Oh you know you gotta get Hubby to get a little puppie.... lol

  9. That house is amazing! I love that outfit, too! I am so ready for fall!

  10. seriously love your fall outfit, i would totally wear that! i love wrap around front porches too, and that dry erase menu board adorable, maybe ill have to try to make that this weekend! great pins!

  11. Okay fuh-reaking LOVEEEEE the idea of the dry erase menu board!!!!!! Most genius idea EVERRR

    Belly B :)

  12. I love ALL of these pictures today! I am so into the chevron pattern lately... I just purchased a yellow chevron pillow from Etsy recently! :)

    That Aussi Poo is obscenely adorable. Even cuter than its name.

  13. Love all these pins! And those pics from the concert are fantastic :)

  14. I think we were separated at birth - seriously. I am also obsessed with Pintrest and have had two posts just like this one where I posted my favorite pins and what I was currently "smitten" over. I have a lot of the same pins on my boards! So weird. You can read my two posts here if you want to become more obsessed with things we both like: http://amandadennin.blogspot.com/2011/07/things-i-love-friday.html and http://amandadennin.blogspot.com/2011/07/smitten.html

  15. I'm loving all of the pins!! Cute pics!!

  16. Great post! I love that link up! I love the outfits & that chair!

  17. Okay I love the look of the Chambray top with white jeans..so stinkin cute. I can also not wait for fall-wahhhooo. It looks like you had a great time last night-cute pictures :)

  18. Dang it, now I'm obsessed with all of these pins too! I want the Spring Salad right now! And a porch that wraps all the way around the side sounds soooo inviting. But, you would of course need some comfy chairs so I can come over and we can enjoy some tasty beverages :)

    I cannot WAIT for Fall outfits. It's my favorite season for clothes and those colors look amazing together!! Last thing - I NEED that puppy. It's perfect. Glad you had a good time at the concert! Oh, and I totally loved our email session. Much needed :)

  19. Great pins!! I definitely want that chair!


  20. I want ALL of that food...and that chambray top...oh and the dog too! :)

  21. That pup is adorable!! And I'm loving the fall outfit, makes me excited for the season to get here :)

  22. I think I may link up too, considering I too am seriously obsessed. Love your picks! :)

  23. I pinned that menu board too...I need to make that ASAP!

    I love your navy one shoulder dress you wore to the concert...where is it from? I have been dying for a one shoulder dress and I can't find them anywhere!

  24. I'm just starting out with my pinning obsession. I love it. I love the strawberries!!

  25. I love that menu board! I was going to make one like that but I found a little magnetic notepad that has a box for each day of the week AND a shopping list for ingredients :) It was only $2 at Flower Factory!

  26. That puppy is amazing! Where can I get one?!

    Too cute--and I love your Pinterest...I'm the random girl who re-pins or likes all of your things!!


  27. That menu board it totally adorable!

    Someone should figure out a way to make pinning a full time job...

  28. Oh my goodness, that pup is ADORABLE! Now following you on Pinterest!!

  29. sweet potato burger? yum
    white jeans+chambray? Love!!

  30. The strawberries are so cute! And I love the white board menu board. So cute, and it would be so helpful to eliminate the disappointed fiancee when he finds out what we're having each night. :)

  31. Oh my gosh, those strawberries are precious!! I need to make those. And I would totally love that house to be my home one day. So loving that porch!

  32. I love all your pins!! I love that outfit for fall and I have something similar to that menu board pinned too!


  33. Oh my goodness I am loving ALL of your pins!! and I really want to make that dry erase menu! Its now on the top of my list! :)

    Glad you had such a great time at the Goo Goo Dolls concert! I love your hair! I am already ready for my hair to be long again! haha I wanna curl it like yours!

  34. Oh my goodness how cute are your earrings!!! Love your finds! I cannot wait for fall... I love boot season!


  35. There is so much to love about this post! that menu board is creative and I love the salad you posted! That fall outfit is gorgeous and something I would totally wear. I can not get over that cute pups little face!

  36. I love the DIY menu board...Hmm, possibly a weekend project? I get such a kick out of following you and your fun updates! (Found you through looking at Pink Lou Lou's blog) Ps- Love how your hair looked for the concert!

  37. The Goo Goo Dolls are one of my absolute most favorite bands ever. I'm so so jealous!

  38. Love the DIY board! Where did u buy the frame from?

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