Sweet Summertime {Kenny Chesney}

I love the summer.

~Kenny Chesney

This weekend we were blessed with beautiful pool weather and we soaked up every minute of it. Saturday was one of those days you feel like your in college again and now my body hates me today because of it.

Our good friends Jim & Rudy live at an apartment complex that has a huge pool, volleyball courts, bar, cornhole boards, music, etc. We were in the sun all day long and played about 10 games of sand volleyball...it was heavenly.

{OK, maybe not this heavenly..but still heavenly.}

Next thing I knew it was 7pm and we were going to the Kenny Chesney concert. Whatttt..? Did we have tickets? NO! But we had a plan. Don't you love unexpected plans that come together at the last minute? 2 of our friends had tickets and Me, Billy, and Rudy didn't, but our plan was to just go and scalp them. Our plan was to just buy any general admission ticket and then sneak down to the FLOOR where our friends Jessie & Jim had tickets. I've mentioned like 5 times before on my blog about sneaking down to better seats, so by now you guys all know I'm a pro and this plan totally worked.


We ended up paying $20.00 for our tickets and then our friends passed us their wristbands for the floor and next thing I knew we were 11 rows back jamming to Kenny Chesney until the sun went down {we'll be groovin' when the sun goes down...}. AWESOME! thank you Jessie - if you're reading!

{sorry for the bad quality-haven't uploaded my digi pics yet
so you get these iPhone ones}

{and this is a picture of a picture}

We had so much fun at the concert and Kenny was GREAT to see live! He put on a really fab show. I just love country concerts!!

Sunday was spent recovering and spending many hours at Whole Foods.
If you know me at all, you know I love this store.


 ....I would sleep there if they would allow me.

So, not many house projects got done this weekend, but I do have a DIY for you guys this week! :)

What did you do this weekend?

Have you ever been to a Kenny Chesney concert?

PS-True Blood premier last night...did anyone watch it?! Billy & I LOVE this show but missed it last night. Will have to watch ASAP!



  1. hi do you live in indy?
    bc he was totally at verizon wireless this weekend! :)

  2. Kenny was my FIRST concert!!! i had such a good time..:)

  3. Yes, I went on Saturday! lol Thats awesome you got on the floor! I thought he was so good and didnt want it to end :) I got some pics, but the zoom on my camera sucks...I kept standing on my chair (like a groupie) to get better pictures haha. Too bad I didnt run into you! Have a good day girl :)

  4. Ok.... you had the PERFECT weekend!! Seriously! I'm slightly jealous! :)
    And that apartment complex sounds amazing to have all of that!
    Sand volley ball sounds amazing right now! I know what I'm doing tonight :)

  5. ummm can i just tell you i am totally jealous. i love kenny!! he is my favorite!! have seen him like 5 times in concert. you are a lucky gal to get so close.
    sounds like you had a great weekend!! :)

  6. Looks like SO much fun!!! Concerts...especially when you're close...are simply the best! :)

  7. totally jealous you got to see Kenny! I bet it was an amazing show!

  8. I'm going to see Kenny in August at the Meadowlands I CANNOT wait! WOOHOO! So jealous!

  9. We really are too much alike-I am obsessed with Whole Foods even though there is not one around me. I constantly tell people I wish that I lived there, ha. Also-HUGE fan of Kenny. So jealous of your weekend-sounds fabulous. And you are most welcome for the shout out!

  10. I love Kenny and Whole Foods. I would live at Whole Foods or Trader Joes if they would let me. So delicious.

  11. Sounds like it was a fun weekend! Good job getting amazing seats! I, too, spent a little time at Whole Foods this weekend... mainly on the lotion/bath aisle testing all the amazing scents. Seriously, I don't think there are many stores that smell better when you walk inside than that place!

  12. How fun!! I sure do love a good Summer concert. I didn't see True Blood yet either...my good ol' buddy DVR is holding onto it for me...hopefully I'll have a chance to see it tonight!

  13. wow girl :) what a fun weekend and I so ADORE summer concerts- especially country and K. Chesney! so fabulous!! great blog! xo

  14. I've seen kenny @ crew stadium twice, and absolutely died both times! It was a blast, but we didn't wisen up about sneaking down to the floor the first concert. Your seats were awesome : )


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